What’s The Best Brush For My German Shepherd?

There’s no denying that the German Shepherd breed is one of the heaviest shedders out there, and as such, it certainly pays to invest in some quality grooming tools in order to keep their beautiful coat in tiptop shape.

In this guide, we’re going to show you some of the best grooming brushes on the market, all of which should work very well for maintaining a German Shepherd’s coat – so with this in mind, let’s get straight to it.

Which Grooming Tools Do I Need?

First of all, having a quality pin and bristle brush is a great place to start, and you can often purchase these in a convenient 2-in-1 combo which gives you a pin comb on one side and a bristle brush on the other.

Additionally, you’ll need a de-shedding tool that uses finer teeth to carefully weed out the loose and shedding hairs. In fact, this tool will be essential for maintaining the coat of a heavy shedder.

Furthermore, you’ll definitely benefit from investing in a de-matting tool which helps you to stay on top of any matted hair that forms in your dog’s coat. Frequent grooming should help to keep these matted clumps at bay, but you’ll still need the right tool to get rid of the clumps that do occur, especially if you own a long-haired German Shepherd breed.

Finally, you may wish to invest in some hair detangle spray, which is very useful for those long-haired dogs who are prone to getting their coats in a tangle. However, these sprays are somewhat optional, even though they’re definitely a useful thing to have in your dog grooming kit if you’re dealing with a long-haired dog.

How Often Should I Brush My German Shepherd?

If possible, it’s great to brush your German Shepherd daily, as this will greatly reduce the amount of hair you find lying around the house as well as how much hair you need to collect from your furniture.

However, if daily grooming isn’t on the cards, you can usually get by with just 3 times a week, especially if your dog isn’t shedding too heavily.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be using de-shedding tools so frequently because you don’t want to ‘overgroom’ your dog and leave them with thinner coat patches or bald spots.

Quick-Fire Tips For Grooming German Shepherds

  • Aim to brush daily if possible, or at least 3 times a week.
  • Consider a conditioner product to make grooming easier.
  • Always brush with the hair growth, not against it.
  • Remember to use a de-shedding tool for long-haired coats.
  • But don’t use the deshedder more than you need to, as too much use can cause bald patches.
  • Don’t press hard with the deshedder, otherwise, you risk hurting your dog.
  • Be mindful of tangled hair and work out the tangle slowly.
  • Consider a hair de-tangler spray if your dog’s coat often forms tangles.
  • Brush them outdoors in shedding season if you want to keep your home tidy!

The Best De-Matting Tools

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FURminator are a very well-known brand when it comes to dog grooming products, and their brushes often come highly recommended by most German Shepherd enthusiasts.

This adjustable de-matting tool is very effective for removing those shedding hairs, and the adjustability allows you to fine-tune the tool for practically any coat length you’re working with. It’s also very easy to use this adjustment feature, and the simple slide tab lock ensures the length doesn’t change without your intention to do so.

Additionally, it comes with a sturdy ergonomic rubber handle that’s very comfortable in the hand, and it’s certainly no great difficulty to use when you’re grooming your dog, so extended sessions are sure to pose no problems.

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Here’s a wonderful undercoat rake that’s available in a few different sizes, including 10 blades, 12 blades, and 20 blades, and it definitely benefits from the kind of quality craftsmanship that makes it well worth the money. Now, it’s worth noting that the 10 blade option is best for coarse or matted hair, the 12 blade is the most versatile for all coat types, and the 20 blade design is best-suited for fine and short coats.

It comes with a stylish wooden handle along with a full tang construction that gives it great support and longevity, while the stainless-steel teeth of the comb are nice and rounded to ensure your dog’s skin doesn’t get irritated.

The de-matting comb from Safari is perhaps one of the best rated de-matting tools available, and it definitely covers all the bases and gives you a reliable comb to work with. It’s very effective for removing matted hair in no time at all, and the design makes it easy to use on virtually any coat type without difficulty, so it’s suitable for both short-haired and long-haired German Shepherds, especially if your dog has a particularly long-haired or matted coat already.

A nice feature of this brush is how you can reverse the blades if needed, which means it can be used in either your left or right hand. It also benefits from a reliable construction that feels great in the hand, so it’s easy to see why it garners so much positive feedback.

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Here’s an effective de-shedding tool from Thunderpaws, and it’s a versatile option that works very well at stripping away the loose and dead hairs that may be resting in your dog’s coat. The comb offers you a 4-inch stainless steel comb that’s very sturdy and durable while giving you the ability to penetrate your dog’s coat just enough to get rid of the majority of loose hair.

It features a non-slip rubber handle that shouldn’t be uncomfortable to use, but the effectiveness of the tight comb teeth mean that this isn’t a brush you’ll need to use every single day.

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Here’s a fantastic de-shedding tool from FURminator which is perhaps the most popular de-shedding tool on the market right now, and it certainly ticks many of the key boxes you’re looking for. It comes in 5 different sizes ranging from extra small to giant, and it’s also available in two versions, either long hair or short hair.

The design is very sturdy and comfortable thanks to the ergonomic handle, and it uses stainless steel teeth to easily and safely remove excess loose hairs, as well as keep your dog’s undercoat in great shape. Importantly, it also comes with an ejector button that helps you to clear the collected hair quickly, so you’ll certainly have a much easier time when you’re de-shedding your dog with this tool.

Many buyers are thrilled with the overall performance and comfort offered by this tool, and you’ll rarely see a bad word said about it, so it’s always a worthy candidate if you’re in need of a de-shedding tool for your German Shepard.

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Here’s another quality de-shedding tool from a company called Andis, and it’s a favorite for many dog owners who appreciate the soft-grip handle and overall reliability of the brush. It uses a curved tooth design that ensures your dog’s skin won’t be scratched or irritated by the brush, and it does a good job of de-shedding without causing any damage to your dog’s topcoat.

Of course, the brush is well made and very sturdy to hold, which goes some way towards accounting for the higher price. But overall, this is a top brush that has a real premium feel, and it’s unlikely to let you down. There’s also a variety of other top grooming brushes from the Andis brand, so these are also worth a closer look as well.

If you prefer a nice, gel-filled handle on your dematting brush, then this design from GoPets is a fantastic candidate that might be the right fit for you and your German Shepherd. It does an excellent job of cleaning away the tangles and matted hair, and it’s also versatile enough to be used as a de-shedding rake or an undercoat comb at the same time.

Furthermore, the brush comes with a very nice silicone handle that’s gel-filled for added comfort, and this also makes it a nice choice for extended grooming sessions or grooming multiple dogs.

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A de-matting comb is a great thing to have when you own a German Shepherd, and this comb from Hertzko is a great buy. It comes with a strong and durable construction that feels like it’s built to last, and it’s also very comfortable in the hand thanks to the anti-slip handle along with the conveniently placed thumb rest.

Importantly, the comb features a rounded teeth design that ensures your dog won’t be hurt when you’re grooming the undercoat, and it also has a slight massage effect which can aid your dog’s circulation, while also making for a more enjoyable experience from your dog’s point of view.

The Best Grooming Brushes & Combs

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The FURminator brand make a wide selection of fantastic dog brushes, and almost all of them score great feedback from the majority of buyers. This particular dual brush offers you a pin side and a bristle side which means you can change the texture with a simple flick of the wrist, and this makes it very easy to follow the contours of your dog and give them a quick and effective grooming session.

Additionally, it does a great job of removing the tangles and loose hair, so it’s a useful brush to add to your dog grooming arsenal and it can be ideal for a number of different grooming scenarios.

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Here’s a detangling brush from Hertzko that’s ideal for getting rid of those loose hairs that are stuck in your dog’s coat, and regular use of a brush like this will go a long way towards gathering up those hairs that usually fall out all over your home and furniture.

Of course, the wide pin design also works well at detangling your dog’s coat, so if you have a German Shepherd who’s particularly prone to tangles then this brush is a great buy.

When it comes to using the brush, you’ll find that it’s very comfortable in the hand thanks to the anti-slip handle and the comfort-grip styling, so you won’t get any hand or wrist strain all too quickly.

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Here’s a simple grooming comb that doesn’t come with many frills or extras, but it certainly gives you a reliable and sturdy stainless-steel construction that gets the job done every time without any fuss. Just as you’d hope to see, it uses smooth rounded teeth that won’t be too uncomfortable on your dog’s skin, and it’s also available in a few different sizes, either 4.5″ or 7.25″.

Furthermore, it has a wide and a fine-tooth section on each part of the comb, which means you can quickly flip the comb-over depending on which kind of tooth you need. In most cases, you’ll want to begin with the wider teeth, followed by the closer teeth section as a finisher.

GoPets is another brand that is making some fantastic grooming products for dogs, and this double-sided brush is a reliable purchase that won’t let you down. It comes with pins on one side and bristles on the other, and you’ll be able to get great results with both sides when you’re brushing your dog’s coat.

The pins are fully rounded to ensure you don’t cause your dog any discomfort, and it uses a comfortable handle that’s actually filled with gel inside the non-slip silicone construction, which makes it remarkably comfortable to use for extended periods, making it a great choice for professional use as well.

When it comes to the bristles, you’ll find that the soft yet firm nylon construction will last for a very long time, and it has enough strength to reach your German Shepherd’s undercoat without causing them any discomfort.

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A pin brush is always a great choice for any dog owner who wishes to stay on top of loose hairs and dirt that can penetrate your dog’s coat, and this option from Hertzko works very well for this task.

It comes with rounded pin ends which ensure your dog’s skin isn’t hurt or irritated by the brush, and the comfortable handle also feels very nice in the hand, just as you’d expect from most brushes made by Hertzko.

Most buyers are very impressed by the quality of this brush, and it’s also very gentle on your dog’s coat, so it won’t disturb them if they tend to be on the sensitive side or simply don’t enjoy the brush.

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Here’s a very popular brush from Pet Neat which functions as an excellent de-shedding tool, and it’s suitable for many different dog breeds, including the German Shepherd.

The quality is very good, and it uses a 4-inch stainless steel comb that’ll help you to groom your dog quickly and reliably without any difficulty. Of course, the handle is also nice and robust, so it feels great in the hand while you’re grooming your pooch.

Here’s an affordable combination brush from Oster which gives you two different brush types in one product, and it’s certainly very convenient when you’re working with a larger dog thanks to the bigger size it offers.

It’s suitable for almost any coat type, so regardless of whether you have a short-haired or long-haired German Shepherd it can be useful to you, and the round-tip pins ensure your dog doesn’t feel any discomfort when you’re penetrating a little deeper into their coat.

The combo brush also has a somewhat ergonomic handle that feels comfortable enough in your hand, and for the price, it’s a great buy that’s unlikely to disappoint you. Several buyers note that it’s a very useful and versatile brush that works well for detangling their dog’s hair, and for the price, it’s somewhat of a bargain.

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Here’s a de-shedding tool from DakPets, and it comes at a great price while still offering you the features and general usability you’d want to see in a reliable de-shedding brush.

It relies on a tough and durable stainless-steel comb design that measures in at 4 inches, and this should give you plenty of comb to work with when you’re de-shedding your dog.

The handle is also pleasant enough to use, and it’s certainly functional enough for the occasional use it’s likely to receive because you’re unlikely to need de-shedding brush on a daily basis.

The Best Slicker Brushes

If you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable slicker brush, then choosing this option by FURminator is a solid choice. It comes in two sizes, either small or large, and the firm pins allow you to penetrate deeper into your dog’s coat, which is always a great feature to look for when you need to maintain your German Shepherd’s undercoat.

The unique design of the brush actually helps you to get deeper into your dog’s coat without putting undue pressure onto the dog’s skin surface, and it also does a great job of finishing your dog’s coat as well. The handle is chunky and sturdy enough to feel very comfortable and reliable in the hands, and you can generally count on this brush to last you for a long time, too.

This slicker brush from Hertzko is another bestseller that’s well worth a closer look, as it comes at a fair price and offers you a reliable self-cleaning slicker design that’s great for regular use.

The bristles of the brush can fully retract at the simple press of a button, so this makes your life easy when it comes to clearing the brush, and it’s certainly a nice alternative to picking all of the hairs out once you’ve finished. The handle is just as strong and durable as you’d expect to see from the Hertzko brand, and it’s also very comfortable to hold in your hands, too.

Here’s an interesting slicker brush from a company called Miracle Coat, and it relies on an angled design that allows the pins of the brush to slide into your dog’s coat with incredible ease, so you won’t have to try too hard to work it into your dog’s undercoat, and it won’t cause them any discomfort either.

The brush is a great choice for using as a finisher, and in this regard, it works very well indeed, so you’ll be delighted to see the lovely finish it can give to your German Shepherd’s coat. It’s worth noting that the brush comes in two sizes – either small or large – but you’ll definitely want to buy the larger version if you’re shopping for a German Shepherd.

Here’s another quality brush from Safari which gives you a self-cleaning slicker brush that’s a top choice for regular, everyday use.

It’s suitable for practically any type of coat you’re working with, and it’s a very easy brush to use that’ll still give you quick and reliable results that won’t disappoint. Of course, the design of the brush means that it tends to work very well for long-haired dogs in particular.

It relies on stainless steel pins which do an excellent job of weeding out those dead or shedding hairs, and you can also expect it to get rid of tangles and matted hair as well. The sizes come in three different options, either small, medium, or large – with the large being the best option for most adult German Shepherd dogs.

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Li’l Pals Slicker Brush” /]

If you’re shopping for a puppy grooming brush, then this slicker brush made by Li’l Pals may be an option you want to take a closer look at. It comes with a flexible pin design that won’t upset your dog’s skin or give them bad experience of grooming, and the design manages to do a great job or untangling your dog’s hair and reducing any matted areas.

Furthermore, the wide slicker brush style makes it very easy to groom your puppy even if they’re energetic or restless, and simply using long brush strokes in the direction of your dog’s hair growth will give you quick and reliable results every time.