What’s The Best Canned Wet Dog Food? Our Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to invest in a new brand of quality canned wet dog food, but you’re not sure which brands truly live up to the hype? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s no denying how much your dog will enjoy quality wet food, and it’s always a great addition to a well-rounded diet. Of course, it’s also a treat your dog will appreciate, too.

But the broad range of options on the market certainly makes the prospect of buying canned food far more complicated, not to mention the risks associated with buying a poor quality product.

In this guide, we’re going to reveal several of the top canned dog food brands on the market right now, so you will have the guidance you need when it comes to choosing a brand that’s perfectly suited to your dog.

Tips & Advice For Buying Canned Dog Food

  • The most important ingredient to look for in your canned food will be a quality source of protein, which should hopefully be a reliable source of whole protein from meat such as lamb, beef, chicken, fish, or similar – rather than consisting solely of meat byproducts. It’s also best to keep away from unspecified or unidentified protein which may be labeled only as ‘poultry’ or other generic terms which don’t give you any specific indication of what you’re getting.
  • It’s often wise to avoid products that contain grain, as this could cause bloating, allergies, or excess weight gain. However, it’s possible to have some quality carbs in the form of brown rice or vegetables, depending on the nutritional needs of your dog.
  • The best source of nutrients, vitamins, and carbohydrates will come from quality vegetables such as carrots, sweet potato, and more. Quality brands of dog food tend to contain a quality source of veggies in addition to top-notch protein.
  • Finally, avoiding products that have excessive artificial ingredients such as coloring or preservatives is wise and it shouldn’t be too difficult to do, seeing as the canning process itself is often the best preservative for the food anyway. This means that most brands of quality canned food do not contain an excess of artificial preservatives or sweeteners.

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First of all, we have this canned food from Taste of the Wild, which comes with a well-balanced formula that doesn’t include any grains but does come with a quality source of protein in the form of duck and chicken.

Additionally, the formula uses plenty of vegetables and fruits to provide some much-needed natural antioxidants, which help to keep your dog healthy and full of energy.

Overall, this is a popular wet food choice that’s suitable for a wide range of breeds, and it also comes at a very reasonable price. While it may not be one of the most ‘gourmet-like’ options on the market, it certainly gets the job done at a price that any dog owner will be happy with.

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The Wellness Core brand is certainly a top choice for many, and both their dry and wet food formulas can give you everything you’re looking for in a quality brand of dog food.

This version of their natural grain free wet formula comes in a number of different flavors including white fish, turkey, chicken, beef and lamb, along with a specialized puppy and weight management formula which are also great buys in their own right.

The formula doesn’t pad the blend with any grain, but it does give your dog a well-balanced blend of additional vitamins and minerals that keep their coat in excellent condition and generally keep them in tiptop shape overall.

Again, the product is exclusively made in North America, and it scores exceptionally well in most independent reviews. Many dog owners find this to be an excellent option for smaller sized dogs, but it’s generally a solid choice for virtually any breed.

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This grain-free canned dog food from Merrick is a popular seller that’s available in a number of different flavor options, with the pot pie version being suitable for all life stages and breeds, making it an excellent and well-rounded choice for any dog.

It uses quality protein as the primary ingredient, and it also comes with a tasty blend of new potatoes, peas, carrots, and apples to give your dog a complete dose of many key vitamins and minerals that will keep them in great health.

Finally, the product is made entirely in America, with no low quality or inferior ingredients being sourced from anywhere else.

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The Addiction brand of dog food scores well in many independent reviews, and it’s another example of a respectable brand that many people may not have heard much about.

It comes with plenty of fresh vegetables such as peas and carrots, and it uses a grain-free formula that should be fine for most sensitive dogs. What’s more, the formula is considered well-balanced and suitable for dogs of all life stages

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This formula from Canidae focuses on salmon and mackerel as the primary ingredient, which gives your dog a healthy dose of quality protein, along with the important fatty acids that help to keep your dog’s skin and coat in great condition.

Of course, there are also several other flavors such as lamb, turkey, duck, and chicken – all of which are equally top products.

The formula is completely free of grain and manages to keep away from the ingredients that could upset a dog with sensitive digestion, so it uses a limited ‘ingredient’ approach in general.

The user reviews for this brand are positive overall, Most owners find that their dog quickly takes to the formula, although the fishy smell can be quite strong at times. Ultimately, this is another valid choice for any owner who’s searching for quality wet food for their dog.

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The ‘beauty’ formula from Royal Canin comes in packs of 24 cans at 5.8 ounces each, making it convenient for smaller portions and keeping the food fresh, especially if you’re buying for a smaller dog. It uses added vitamins and minerals, such as their exclusive blend of vitamin B and amino acids which go a long way towards keeping your dog’s skin protected and hydrated.

Additionally, it uses omega 6 fatty acids to further help your dog’s skin as well as support the health and shine of their coat. Again, the formula promises to be complete and balanced, making it a convenient, high-quality solution for anyone looking to buy a brand of dog food that’s suitable for adult dogs.

While the product does contain pork by-products, the formula is easy to eat even for a senior dog, with an almost pureed-like texture that easily breaks into small chunks. Regardless, dogs seem to love this formula, and they will certainly get very excited about dinner time when you’re feeding them this product.

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Here’s another brand of dog food that isn’t something you’ll often hear about, but it comes with quality ingredients that are fully certified for human consumption – which is always reassuring to know when you’re wary of feeding your dog low-quality ingredients.

The formula is certainly very tasty to most dogs, and they’ll be eager to clear their bowl every time you serve up this product. Many picky breeds will quickly eat up this food as well, so it’s a good choice in this regard.

It’s worth noting that some people have been concerned about the garlic content of this food, seeing as garlic can be toxic to dogs. But the small amounts of garlic in this product shouldn’t be a concern, as the garlic issue only becomes a significant problem with large doses. In fact, it’s even been suggested that small amounts of garlic can work as a natural flea deterrent.

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The Hill’s Science Diet brand is a popular option for many dog owners, with the majority of their products boasting approval from a variety of veterinarians and dog specialists. What’s more, it’s a surprisingly affordable formula to boot.

The composition is designed to maintain a healthy lean muscle mass for your dog, without causing excess weight gain. It’s also very easy to digest, making it suitable for senior or sensitive eaters.

This particular formula is designed for small and toy breeds, with a clear focus on giving them the balanced nutrition they need to stay strong and healthy. Several dog owners comment on how much the food was enjoyed by their dog, even if they were previously known to be fussy eaters.

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If you’re looking for an affordable wet food formula that doesn’t sacrifice too much in the way of quality, then Eagle Pack Natural is the answer you’re looking for. It uses a blend of natural ingredients which begins with quality protein as the first one, giving you the option of either beef, chicken, lamb, or turkey.

Additionally, you’ll find no use of artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives – and despite the lower price, it’s still proudly created in the USA and backed by the Eagle Pack guarantee. The formula is suitable for dogs of any life stage, and it gives plenty of vitamins and minerals that help to keep your dog’s health in great shape. Ultimately, this is an excellent choice for any budget-conscious shopper and it’s well worth the money.

It’s worth noting that this option has scored very well in professional independent reviews as well, beating out many of the biggest names in the dog food industry – so it’s certainly a great pick for any dog.

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This formula from Nutro Ultra comes in either 12.5 oz packs of 12 or the smaller 3.5 oz. packs of 24 which are very convenient for those smaller breeds, and you can rest assured that the quality won’t disappoint you or your dog either.

The blend is rich in omega fatty acids to support healthy skin and a shiny coat, along with antioxidants to boost your dog’s overall health and keep their immune system strong. In particular, you’ll find cranberries, spinach, carrots, pomegranate, blueberries and more.

It’s also worth noting that there are a few different versions of this product, with the senior, puppy, and weight management formulas being just as good as the more popular small and medium breed blends. The vast majority of dogs seem to fare very well on this formula, but there are a handful of detractors who’ve found this blend not to be ideal for sensitive dogs.

Blue Buffalo is definitely one of the better-known brand names in the dog food world, and while this canned formula isn’t the cheapest on the market, it packs some fantastic quality and it’s sure to be loved by virtually any dog.

As usual, it comes with Blue Buffalo’s popular ‘LifeSource Bits’ which contains a wide variety of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to support your dog’s long-term health. Importantly, it doesn’t contain any low-quality ingredients which are often found in cheaper formulas – so there’s no use of corn, soy, wheat, meat by-products, or artificial preservatives.

There are some healthy grains in the form of brown rice and barley, which gives your dog the carbohydrates they need to support their activity – and there’s also healthy veggies and fruit such as carrots, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and blueberries to round out the formula. Overall, this is another winner from Blue Buffalo that’s suitable for many dogs.

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Another great formula from Blue Buffalo is the Wilderness version, which focuses on giving your dog an ‘in the wild’ influence to their diet. Ultimately, this means there’s no grain in the formula, but it still comes with added vitamins and minerals to cover all of your dog’s nutritional bases.

Ingredient wise, it uses quality beef as the primary source of protein, along with beef broth, turkey, lamb, and a variety of healthy vegetables – so it certainly ticks all of the main boxes when it comes to shopping for dog food. There’s also a trout-based version of the formula which receives great reviews from across the board, so it’s another solid option if you’re looking for a fish-based formula instead.

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The Nature’s Logic brand offers a well-balanced formula that’s comprised of quality protein and vegetables, with no use of grains or synthetic vitamins at all. It relies on an all-natural formula that’s a great option for a sensitive dog, and it’s also a tasty option as well, thanks to the quality ingredients that any dog will enjoy.

Of course, even though the formula relies on natural ingredients, it manages to cover a broad base of nutritional requirements with plenty of dried fruit for vitamins and antioxidants, along with chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, and chicken heart to ensure all of your dog’s protein needs are met. However, there are a few different flavor versions of the product, which include lamb, beef, and more – all of which receive equally positive reviews.

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Here’s another popular grain free formula that uses a range of high-quality ingredients that shouldn’t let you down. It comes with quality ingredients throughout, contained in a pâté formula that features premium grade protein in the form of real chicken.

Additionally, it relies solely on natural ingredients, with no use of artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives – and it’s also made exclusively in North America to give you further confidence in the quality of the ingredients used in the blend. When it comes to different flavors, there’s plenty of choice for your dog to enjoy ranging from beef, duck, chicken, lamb, and whitefish.

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This interesting blend of dog food is another popular seller, and it relies on the use of avocados to give your dog all of the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids they need to maintain healthy skin and coat, along with many of the vitamins and minerals that can be so beneficial to your dog’s long-term health.

What’s more, it uses quality sources of protein as well, so it gives you an overall balanced formula that tastes delicious and covers all of the key nutritional bases your dog requires. Additionally, there is no use of corn, wheat, or artificial colors to hinder the quality of the product. There is also a range of flavors for your dog to enjoy which are mostly similar in terms of nutrition – apart from the primary protein choice of beef, chicken, turkey, or salmon.

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Limited ingredient formulas are often a wise addition to the diet of any dog who suffers from sensitivity or allergies, and it’s safe to say that the limited ingredient products made by Natural Balance are some of the best on the market.

The product comes in many different flavor versions, so it’s easy to pick your dog’s favorite from a wide range of meat options – and the limited ingredient nature of the product still manages to give your dog all of the balanced nutrition they need. Of course, there’s no use of grain, artificial preservatives, colorings, or flavorings – so it’s certainly a well-balanced, healthy formula that shouldn’t disappoint you or your dog.

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The Newman’s Own brand is well known for producing high-quality dog food, and their grain free canned food is no exception.

It comes with a 95% organic formula, with no use of artificial preservatives, colorings, or flavorings – and there’s also no grain used in the formula either, which helps to avoid excess weight gain or the triggering of certain allergies. Flavor wise, you have the options of beef, liver, or beef & liver together – any of which will be loved by most dogs.

The Best Canned Wet Food For Puppies

It’s safe to say that adding some quality wet food to your puppy’s diet will be very enjoyable for them, and it’s also a great way to ensure you’re meeting all of their nutritional requirements. However, it’s often better to select a wet puppy food formula that’s specifically designed for puppies, rather than giving them a formula that’s been made only for adult dogs.

We have investigated and researched a broad range of puppy food formulas and selected a handful of the best products, all of which should help to meet your puppy’s nutritional needs – so let’s take a closer look at what we have for you.

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The Royal Canin puppy food is a well-reviewed option that many dog owners love. It comes with all of the calories a growing puppy needs, along with crucial vitamins such as E, C, and Taurine which can bolster a growing puppy’s immune system and keep them healthy in their early years.

It also contains fish oil to support healthy skin and coat development, and the protein is also easily digestible for a young puppy. The primary protein used in the formula is chicken, but according to the ingredients label, it also contains pork by-products and pork liver.

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The Wellness Core formula is another great option that you can’t go wrong with, and the vast majority of their dog food products score excellent reviews straight across the board. This grain-free puppy formula is another affordable choice, yet it still offers all of the vital nutrition a growing puppy needs throughout the early stages of their life.

The food is backed by the Wellness Guarantee, and it’s exclusively made in the United States to ensure there are no low-grade ingredients that make their way into the product. What’s more, it doesn’t contain any grain or artificial additives such as flavorings or preservatives. However, to does come with the crucial DHA your puppy needs to support healthy brain and eye development.

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Here’s a small breed puppy formula that comes in either beef or chicken versions, and it ensures the quality is very high by leaving out the artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives.

Of course, the use of tender chicken as the primary ingredient gives your puppy all of the important protein they need throughout the early stages of life, and it also gives you dog zinc and linoleic acid that’ll go a long way towards supporting a healthy skin condition and a shiny coat. Another good thing about this product is the focus on quality whole and natural ingredients – which will usually please even the pickiest of eaters, which many smaller breeds tend to be!

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Nutro Ultra is generally considered to be a high-quality brand when it comes to dog food, and their special puppy formula is a solid option for a wide range of puppies.

It comes with all-natural ingredients to reduce the chances of sensitivity or triggering allergies, and it’s also reassuring to know that the product is exclusively made within US facilities only. On the ingredients label, you’ll find plenty of fruits and vegetables, along with a few healthy whole grains as well as pure sunflower oil to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

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Our final pick for a puppy is this excellent formula from Newman’s Own, which is specifically designed for puppies and active dogs. It uses organic turkey, organic chicken, chicken liver, and ocean whitefish to give your puppy a tasty and varied source of protein, along with brown rice and numerous vegetables for a quality carbohydrate source.

It’s worth noting that the protein source is completely organic, so it skips the risks associated with eating turkey or chicken that’s been influenced by growth hormones and antibiotics.