What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide

For many dogs, the humble chew toy will quickly become their favorite thing to play with. In fact, no matter how many different toys your dog has, you’ll often find that they’ll return to the one that’s the most fun to chew.

With this in mind, it’s a wise idea to invest in a few quality chew toys that’ll keep your dog happy and entertained – especially when they need something to play with and keep them busy when there’s nothing else going on.

In this guide, we will reveal several of the top chew toys currently on the market, so regardless of which ones you choose to buy, you can rest assured that your dog will love to play with them.

# 1 – KONG Classic Dog Toy

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 3

This classic dog toy from Kong has long been a bestseller and for good reason. As a relatively cheap yet highly durable toy, it’s difficult to beat, especially if you have a dog that would be considered a strong chewer.

Of course, one of the great advantages of this toy is the fact that it lets you store treats inside, which will greatly enhance the pleasure your dog receives from playing with it, as well as boost the overall entertainment and engagement the toy can offer over a longer period of time. The use of treats means your dog will be able to burn up a lot of their excess energy on the toy rather than engaging in destructive behavior, too.

The toy is a favorite of many dog owners, as well as widely recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers around the world. Not only is it great for occupying your dog over longer periods of time, but it can also be used as an excellent toy for playing fetch, due to the unpredictable bounce it has when it makes the impact with the ground.

It’s also worth noting that the toy comes in several sizes which range from extra small to extra large, so regardless of the breed you have, you’ll be able to find a Kong Classic that’s suitable.

# 2 – Nylabone Dura Chew Souper Bacon Bone Chew Toy

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 4

Another well-established brand in the dog toy market is Nylabone, and they’re perhaps one of the biggest names in the business these days, with a wealth of positive feedback from dog owners around the globe.

This particular toy comes with a variety of different textures which will certainly please your dog, and it also has a unique bacon flavoring to keep them interested further still. However, it’s also available in several other flavors including liver, chicken, and peanut butter – so it isn’t too much trouble to find a taste your dog will enjoy the best.

What’s more, the toy is very durable indeed thanks to the durable nylon construction which makes it suitable for even the most powerful chewers – even those dogs who normally make light work of any toy you give them. It’s also a great choice for anybody who is looking for a reliable distraction to destructive chewing behavior.

Many reviewers are thrilled with how long these toys last a tough chewer, although it’s always important to discard the toy if it does start to break up over time.

Ultimately, this is fantastic chew toy that’s well worth purchasing, especially if you’re looking for a hard-wearing toy that will last your dog longer than average.

# 3 – KONG Jump n’ Jack Large Dog Chew Toy

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 5

This unique and peculiar-looking toy is another winner from Kong, and it’s particularly fun due to the unique shape which allows you to stuff food paste into the different cracks and grooves. Of course, this will keep your dog occupied for many hours, which is great for relieving boredom and giving your dog something fun to do.

Additionally, it will bounce around when thrown, making it a good choice for a game of fetch.

The toy is available in three different sizes which include small, medium, and large – and it’s also made from a very durable material, so it should last for a long time. Chewing on this material can also go a long way towards improving the condition of their teeth, too.

While it’s not as popular as some of the other toys from the Kong brand, it’s certainly a great investment that your dog will enjoy playing with.

In terms of safety, the toy is fairly durable thanks to the usual natural rubber construction that Kong favors, but it’s wise to keep an eye on your dog while they’re playing with the toy in case parts break off over time, in which case it’s best to discard the toy for safety purposes.

# 4 – Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 6

Benebone make some excellent dog toys, but this particular design is easily one of the best.

It uses a traditional curved wishbone shape which most dogs will quickly come to appreciate, simply because it allows them to securely hold the toy while propping one end upwards for convenient chewing.

Of course, the addition of bacon flavoring is especially enjoyable for most dogs, which encourages them to play with the toy even more.

Many owners find that it’s an excellent alternative to giving a dog a real bone, which can often pose a choking hazard once it has been whittled away.

Durability wise, the toy is made from super strong nylon which should hold up well, although the toy isn’t recommended for dogs heavier than 70 pounds.

# 5 – KONG Squeezz Stick Dog Toy

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 7

Yet another popular chew toy from the Kong brand is this Squeezz stick-like toy, which comes in both medium and large sizes, as well as in a pack of 2.

This chew toy features an internal squeaker which is safely protected inside, so your dog shouldn’t be able to get direct access to it. Of course, it’s always wise to observe your dog while playing with the toy and take it away if it becomes too damaged.

The addition of a squeaker helps to greatly increase the engagement your dog has with the toy – especially if you have a puppy, who will often find the squeaker very fun indeed.

The material of the toy is made from a durable, non-toxic substance, while the overall design means it will bounce rather erratically which makes it fun for playing fetch as well.

Ultimately, if you have a dog who loves playing with sticks then this toy is a great alternative, as well as being safer in many ways.

# 6 – Nylabone Dura Chew Regular Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 8

Perhaps one of the most well-known toys from Nylabone is this one, called the Dura Chew Wishbone.

As always, the wishbone design makes it very comfortable for your dog to hold, and it includes raised bristles which help to keep your dog’s teeth clean while they chew.

Thanks to the hard-wearing construction, this is a good toy to choose if you have a dog who loves to chew, and it will definitely help to relieve their boredom as well as provide them with hours of entertainment.

Overall, this is a great toy to purchase for your dog if you’re on a tight budget due to the affordable pricing, and it’s also tough enough to withstand those tough chewers. However, the toy can splinter over time, so you’ll need to keep an eye on its condition and be prepared to take it away and replace it once it’s become too worn for safe use.

# 7 – KONG Traxx Dog Toy

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 9

If you’re looking for a hard-wearing toy that can still hold up after a tough chewing, then picking a toy from Kong’s ‘Extreme’ line is always a wise move, and this Traxx toy is certainly a great choice.

As you may imagine from the picture, this is a very durable and rugged toy which is ideal for those tough chewers who would otherwise quickly destroy a lesser toy. Of course, the design is also very satisfying for your dog to chew, not to mention the fact that you can stuff treats inside, too.

It’s available in a variety of sizes ranging from small to large, and you can even purchase it in multipacks to make even better savings. Interestingly, it also happens to be one of the most affordable toys on our list as well.

At the end of the day, this is another fantastic option from Kong that’s also very affordable. But it’s worth noting that the toy can still be destroyed over time by a strong chewer, so it’s wise to keep an eye on your dog while they’re playing with it. Additionally, make sure you pay close attention to the size you pick – as many people have found the toy to be somewhat smaller than they were initially expecting.

# 8 – KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy

This bone-shaped chew toy is made from the popular natural rubber that Kong is known for using, so it’s fully nontoxic and incredibly durable.

It’s available in many different sizes, so it’s easy to find one that’s suitable for your breed of dog, and you can also save some money by purchasing a multipack – which is especially useful if you’re buying the toy for multiple dogs.

Many dog owners find the toy to be almost indestructible, making it suitable for long hours of entertainment. However, some owners have found the toy to crack under tough, vigorous chewing, so the toy may not be suitable for the toughest chewers out there.

# 9 – Petstages Large Dogwood Stick

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 10

Stick toys are always a well-loved choice, and this synthetic version is certainly a much safer alternative than giving your dog a real stick found out in the wild.

It actually uses a real wood blended with synthetic, non-toxic materials to add major strength to the toy, and it even comes with a natural wood smell that will keep your dog occupied – especially if they have a tendency to enjoy chewing on real sticks they pick up out in nature.

There are many different sizes available which include extra small, small, medium, and large – so you can easily find one that suits your pet, or even buy a wider selection of sizes to give your dog some additional choice.

# 10 – Benebone Chicken Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

Benebone makes a few excellent toys that are well worth purchasing, and this flavored wishbone toy is another item that many dogs will enjoy playing with.

The curved wishbone design makes it easy and satisfying for your dog to chew, and they’ll comfortably be able to prop up one end for easy chewing, which many dogs find very convenient.

There are also deep grooves along the toy which give your dog a satisfying biting surface, and the quality nylon construction means it’ll withstand some quality chewing without too much trouble at all.

Additionally, there’s flavoring and scent added to the toy which adds another level of entertainment and engagement. In fact, the real chicken and real bacon flavorings are a big part of the appeal this toy has for many breeds who quickly become enthralled by this particular chew toy.

Several dog owners mention how quickly their dogs take to this toy, and it often receives good comparisons to the similar Nylabone products, too.

# 11 – Nerf Dog Barbell Chew Toy

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 11

The Barbell chew toy from Nerf Dog isn’t the cheapest chew toy on the market, but it comes with a durable rubber exterior and a design that’s comfortable for virtually any dog to carry and chew.

As you can see in the picture, the toy comes in either a bright neon color or a blue color, and it makes use of easy-grip edges that make it very easy and comfortable for your dog to carry. Of course, it’s also a great toy for playing fetch as well.

The toy is very durable, and many reviewers are impressed by how strong it can be even in the jaws of the strongest chewers. For this reason, it’ll quickly become the favorite chew toy of any powerful dog – so don’t be surprised if they start carrying this toy everywhere they go!

Overall, this is another reliable toy that’s suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and it serves as a staple toy for any dog who loves to chew regularly.

# 12 – KONG Stuff-A-Ball Dog Toy

This ‘Stuff-A-Ball’ toy certainly gives you many ways to add treats, so it’s a great device for anyone who wants a toy that’ll occupy their dog for many hours.

It allows you to put treats and kibble inside the toy, and you also have the option of putting paste and treats in the outer grooves as well, so there are many ways to add to the entertainment value that it offers.

What’s more, the ridges on the outside of the toy are useful for cleaning your dog’s teeth and massaging their gums, which gives some teething relief for a puppy, or general entertainment for an adult dog.

Size wise, there’s a handful of options available ranging from small to extra-large, so it’s not too much trouble to pick a suitable size.

Keep in mind that it’s best to observe your dog while they’re playing with this toy, particularly if they have a strong, powerful jaw!

# 13 – Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell

This barbell style chew toy from Nylabone is available in three different sizes, either medium, large, or extra-large – and it also uses a variety of textures on the outer surface which helps to keep your dog’s teeth clean.

It comes with an interesting peanut butter flavor which many dogs will quickly learn to love, and the multiple different textures help to increase the entertainment the toy can provide.

Many owners are impressed by the overall durability this toy has to offer, so it’s often a big hit with those stronger chewers who normally make light work of their chew toys.

Additionally, the variety of bigger sizes makes it a good choice for those larger breeds who are often difficult to buy for. For example, some owners have found the toy suitable for dogs of up to 150-pounds, along with massive breeds such as Great Danes with no trouble at all.

# 14 – Nylabone Dura Chew Hollow Stick

Here’s another toy from Nylabone’s Dura Chew product line, which focuses on providing quality chew toys that are suitable for the toughest chewers.

The toy is actually hollow, which means you can stuff plenty of treats inside for added engagement and fun, and it’s generally a great toy for redirecting destructive chewing habits whenever they arise.

Many buyers find that their dogs are happy to chew on these toys for several hours, so it certainly has plenty of appeal to offer, although they can wear within just a few months if a dog happens to be a powerful chewer.

Of course, if the toy begins to break up and disintegrate, then it’s important to replace the toy to avoid any safety issues.

# 15 – Puppy Chew / Teething Rope Toy Mini Dental Pack

If you’re shopping for an affordable selection of puppy chew toys, then this starter kit is a great buy.

There are three different sets available which consist of plaited rope balls, knotted ropes, and more – so there’s plenty of variety to choose from.

Each toy is well constructed for the money, and buying them altogether as a kit is certainly a cost-effective way to increase the size of your puppy’s toy chest.

Additionally, the toys are a great way to give your puppy some relief to the pains of teething, as the soft construction of these toys helps to massage your puppy’s teeth and gums without causing any further discomfort.

When it comes to the sizing, these toys are best suited for small to medium puppies or even adult dogs who are on the smaller side.

Most dog owners are pleased with the quality this chew toy kit provides, although a few buyers note that the toys won’t last very long in the jaws of a strong chewer, which is to be expected.

# 16 – Nylabone Dura Chew Femur Bone Flavored Chew Toy

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 12

There’s no denying that many dogs love to chew on bones, but there’s certainly some safety risks associated with giving your dog a genuine bone to chew on.

However, this fairly authentic looking femur bone is a great alternative to giving your dog a natural bone, and it comes with the same hard-wearing construction you’d expect from a Nylabone product.

The chew toy is available in two flavors, either bacon or beef, and it also comes in two different sizes.

As you would expect, this is a much cleaner and safer alternative to giving your dog a genuine femur bone to chew, and it’s durable enough to withstand an average chewer. However, they di suggest it’s best suited for dogs over 50 lbs in weight.

It’s particularly well-liked by owners of bigger, stronger chewers who usually struggle to make their chew toys last very long at all.

# 17 – Benebone Peanut Butter Flavored Dental Chew Toy

The unique design of this toy makes it easy for your dog to grab and bite, and it also comes with a tasty peanut butter flavoring which many dogs will enjoy greatly.

Of course, the shape of the toy makes it easy for your dog to hold in their paws, and it can often be easier for many dogs to carry as well. Interestingly, Benebone has patented this unique shape of toy – so you won’t find many other design styles quite like this one.

It’s a generally reliable and hard wearing toy, although if it starts to crack, break, or suffer from deep teeth marks then it’ll be time to replace it.

# 18 – Tough Dog / Puppy Rope Giraffe Toy

This adorable giraffe rope toy will be well-loved by any puppy, and its soft construction makes it a good choice for a puppy who’s teething and needs some gentle relief that won’t hurt their teeth or gums further.

What’s more, the toy makes for a great interactive toy, especially for playing tugging games and the like. It’ll also help to keep their teeth and gums clean, too.

The toy is around 12 inches in length, so it’s definitely a reasonable size that makes it suitable for puppies of all types.

Most buyers have found the toy to be excellent quality, although it won’t last too long if you have a tough chewer with a powerful jaw. For this reason, it’s perhaps best suited for smaller adult dogs or puppies.

# 19 – Nylabone Just For Puppies Ring Teething Chew Toy

Another solid choice for a puppy chew toy is this keyring set made by Nylabone.

It comes in three different sizes, and the softer material used for its construction means it won’t upset your puppy’s teeth or gums, making it the perfect choice for a teething puppy.

The raised bristles of the toy will also help to reduce tartar build-up on the teeth, while the variety of chewing textures go a long way towards keeping your dog entertained while they chew on it.

Most buyers are impressed with the quality of the toy, and while it may not be tough enough to withstand the toughest chewers, it’s certainly durable enough for most puppies and smaller breeds.

# 20 – West Paw Zogoflex Tough Treat Stuffable Chew Toy

This strong and durable toy comes with plenty of resilience, so it should be able to handle most tough chewers.

In fact, the toy is even 100% guaranteed against ‘dog damage’ with the manufacturer’s guarantee, which just goes to show you the confidence they have in the durability of this toy.

What’s more, it comes with a unique treat-dispensing feature that any dog is sure to love.

You can either stuff the toy with treats straight away or you can freeze the treats inside to add some longevity to its appeal.

The toy is fairly small, but the design allows for comfortable holding in your dog’s paws, while they chew on their preferred corner.

In summary, this is a great toy that many buyers believe rivals the durability and quality of the bigger toy brands out there which everyone has heard of.

# 21 – Leeaw Dog Ball Soft Rubber Chew Toy

If you’re looking for an affordable treat-holding ball toy, then this product by Leeaw is a great buy.

It comes in a range of colors including green, red, yellow and blue – and the non-toxic rubber construction is tough enough to stand up to some fairly vigorous chewing without any trouble at all.

The soft rubber spikes are surprisingly gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums, yet they’re strong enough to hold treats and kibble, which your dog will definitely enjoy working to release.

Ultimately, this is a quality, affordable toy that any dog will find to be a great deal of fun.

Most buyers have found the toy to be surprisingly hard wearing – even for tough chewers – and it manages to keep a dog occupied for quite some time.

# 22 – Nylabone Big Chew Monster Toy Bone

It’s not always easy to find chew toys that are suitable for larger, powerful breeds – but this big toy from Nylabone is an option you won’t want to overlook too quickly.

It’s designed from super tough nylon that can withstand all of the bigger breeds powerful jaws, with many owners finding that the toy can withstand Rottweilers and the like – while any dog can also benefit from the raised bristles which remove plaque and tartar while they chew.

Ultimately, this is a reliable and hard wearing toy, making it one of the few options that a bigger dog will benefit from. The main selling point is the durability, and the unique bone shape is certainly satisfying for your dog to chew on.

Interestingly, some dog owners have been surprised by how big this toy really is, so it’s definitely designed for the larger breeds and wouldn’t be suitable for a small to medium sized breed.

# 23 – Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Textured Ring Dog Chew

This textured ring chew toy from Nylabone comes with a variety of different raised bristles and textures, which make the toy interesting for your dog to chew as well as giving them the added benefit of cleaner teeth, thanks to the reduction of tartar and plaque buildup that chewing this toy provides.

The material consists of Nylabone’s DuraChew formation, which makes it very durable and hard wearing, particularly for dogs that are stronger than average chewers.

Interestingly, many buyers find this to be one of the most reliable chew toys out there, and it’s one of the few toys that’ll still be left standing when everything else has been chewed to pieces.

# 24 – West Paw Design Zogoflex Hurley Bone Chew Toy

Here’s another tough chew toy that receives great reviews from most buyers, and it also comes in a range of different sizes and bright neon colors.

Interestingly, the toy will float on water, and it’s made from safe PBA and Phthalate free materials that won’t cause your dog any problem – although you obviously want to take the toy away if they manage to break off a piece!

Of course, the toy is highly durable in most cases, and it also comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer for added peace of mind. However, there are a few reviews which note the product can be destroyed by the toughest chewers – so the guarantee may come in handy at times.

# 25 – Nylabone Flavor Frenzy Dura Chew Bone Chew Toy

If your dog is a fan of Nylabone products, then this flavored chew toy is something they will almost certainly be interested in.

The toy comes in several different shapes, all of which feature strong flavors that will always keep your dog coming back for more, which makes this a popular toy for many breeds.

While the toy is made from Nylabone’s popular Dura Chew material, it still receives the occasional review from owners who have dogs that have made light work of the toy. However, it’s generally a long-lasting chew toy that should give you excellent value for your money in the long run.

# 26 – Expawlorer Cotton Dental Chew Rope Toy

Lastly, we have this delightful rope-constructed chew toy that’s best suited to puppies or smaller breeds, as it won’t necessarily handle tough, prolonged chewing from a bigger dog.

Of course, these rope-based toys are always a good choice for a puppy, and there’s a variety of different animal designs available as well, such as the elephant (as shown), or tiger, or a multicolored giraffe.

Most small breeds or puppies will enjoy the toy, and it will also help to keep their teeth a little cleaner thanks to the non-toxic cotton construction that’ll help to brush away plaque and tartar while they chew.

Many buyers find the toy is surprisingly durable and perfectly suitable for a puppy – but with persistent chewing, it will still deteriorate over time, as you’d expect from a cotton rope-based toy.

The Best Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers

If you have a dog that’s a heavy chewer, then you already know what a nightmare it can be when it comes to purchasing hard wearing chew toys that actually last.

Fortunately, there are several options on the market that can withstand the punishment that’s dished out by strong chewers, and they’ll still be equally satisfying for your dog to chew on, too.

After scouring the market for these toys, we’ve collected together several of the best options – all of which are perfectly suited for the toughest chewers out there. Of course, while many of the toys listed in this guide are already fine for strong chewers, these toys below are truly designed with powerful jaws in mind – so let’s explore the options we have for you.

# 1 – KONG Classic KONG Dog Toy

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 13

Firstly, we have the Kong classic toy – and even though it’s been listed previously in this guide, you don’t want to miss this one if you’re shopping for a strong chewer. After all, this has been a best-selling classic for a reason, and its durability is a true bonus.

It’s available in a wide range of sizes, making it possible to choose one that suits your breed of dog, and it also comes with several unique features that make it a fantastic toy.

One of the best features is the ability to stuff treats inside the toy, which will greatly enhance the appeal it has for your dog. What’s more, it’s unusual shape also makes it unpredictable when it bounces – which makes it fun for playing games of fetch, too.

# 2 – JW Pet Company Chompion Dog Toy

Next, we have the JW Chompion toy that’s very affordable as well as being incredibly durable. In fact, it’s a true powerhouse when it comes to standing up to a strong chewer.

It comes in three different sizes, and its rugged design makes it perfect for a dog that’s a strong chewer, giving them many hours of quality entertainment. Additionally, it has various spikes and grooves which help to clean your dog’s teeth while they chew, which goes some way towards keeping their teeth clear of tartar and plaque buildup.

The 100% rubber construction is also safe for your dog to chew and obviously lends a great deal to its longevity as a toy. Of course, you’ll need to be careful if your dog manages to break a piece off, although that’s quite unlikely for most dogs.

# 3 – Hartz Ruff Rewards Dog Toy For Strong Chewers

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 14

This bacon-flavored toy is designed to withstand the strongest chewers without any hassle, and it’s also well-suited to larger breeds that have a great deal of chewing strength.

It’ll contribute to your dog’s dental health to some degree, and the multi-textured surface will give your dog added stimulation that should increase the appeal of the toy.

Of course, the bacon flavor will also make it even more enjoyable for many dogs who need something extra to hold their attention when playing with a chew toy.

Overall, this is another reliable toy for a powerful chewer, and many owners find it a great addition to their dog’s toy chest.

# 4 – Nylabone Big Chew Monster Original Flavored Durable Toy

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Dogs? Your Ultimate Guide 15

There’s no denying that bigger breeds tend to come with greater chewing power, so it’ll come as no surprise when your bigger dog manages to destroy most of their chew toys in no time at all.

However, this ‘monster’ toy from Nylabone is the ideal solution, as it’s not only much bigger than the average toy (making it more enjoyable and satisfying for a larger dog) but it also comes with Nylabone’s famed durability, so you shouldn’t have any issues with how long the toy lasts.

The toy comes in a few different flavors, and the extra-tough nylon construction is certainly very entertaining for your dog – while still giving you the durability and reliability you need. The raised bristles on the toy will also contribute to your dog’s dental health, which is another added benefit.

Overall, this is a fantastic chew toy for a large, powerful chewer – and it’s one of the few toys that will give plenty of satisfaction to a bigger breed.

The Best Natural Chew Toys For Dogs

If you’re looking for a natural chew toy alternative for your dog, then there’s certainly a wide variety of options available, many of which your dog is sure to enjoy.

While you need to be careful when you’re giving your dog ‘natural’ chew toys due to the potential safety risks, it’s safe to say that many dogs will enjoy or even prefer an edible chew toy, so it’s well worth considering these options, if only as an occasional treat. With this in mind, let’s learn more about our favorite recommendations.

# 1 – Organic Elk Antler Dog Bone

First of all, we have this elk antler bone that’s always a popular choice with any dog.

These antlers are naturally shed by elk, leaving behind an excellent natural resource that’s a great treat for your dog to chew on.

What’s more, a quality elk antler is chock-full of important vitamins and nutrients, like phosphorus, zinc, manganese, calcium and more. Of course, there’s also no odor or mess left behind either, which is always convenient!

This particular company makes a range of different elk antler bone products that suit a variety of breeds and sizes, with the vast majority of them receiving excellent reviews across the board.

Most buyers find their dog will simply go to town on these bones and enjoy them very much indeed.

However, it’s always important to keep an eye on your dog when they’re chewing on something like this, and you’ll need to take it away before it becomes small enough to become a potential choking hazard.

# 2 – Emmy’s Best Himalayan Mountain Dog Chews

These tasty dog chews aren’t widely known about, but they’re certainly very delicious from your dog’s point of view, and they serve as a fantastic natural chew treat that your dog is sure to relish.

The chews use just four simple ingredients in the form of cow’s milk, yak milk, lime juice, and salt – with no artificial additives or preservatives – so just about any dog will be able to stomach these treats without any stomach sensitivity or digestive trouble.

The chews are made together in small batches in the Himalayan Mountains, so they’re not mass-produced in a factory somewhere. The product also comes in a convenient pouch that you can close and reopen with ease.

The chews receive great feedback overall, with many owners discovering that the treats become one of their dog’s favorite things to chew on out of all their toys and treats.

# 3 – Jumbo Smoked Shin Bones by Best Bully Sticks

If you’re looking for something a little different, then these beef shin bones are a tasty treat that any dog will appreciate.

It comes from only free range, grass fed beef – and it’ll give your dog plenty of calcium and other important nutrition. Additionally, it’ll help with your dog’s dental health by helping to scrape away tartar and plaque buildup throughout the chewing process.

The bones come in a pack of three which gives you better value for money, and they receive generally positive reviews from most dog owners online.

Specifically, most reviewers find they’re a great choice for small to medium-sized breeds, as larger breeds will often get through them much quicker. Of course, it’ll be important to pay attention to your dog when they’re chewing these bones, and you’ll need to take them away if they split, break, or become too small for safe chewing.

# 4 – Himalayan Dog Chews

If you’re looking for a tasty, all-natural chew treat for your dog then these Himalayan dog chews are a great choice.

Ingredient wise, they are comprised of a natural blend of ingredients which include cow milk, yak milk, salt, and lime juice – which gives them a very strong blend of protein, along with a reasonable amount of carbohydrates and no artificial preservatives.

These chews last for a surprisingly long period of time as well, so they represent reasonably good value for money.

It’s worth noting that you can buy these in mixed bags, or pick from a wide range of sizes and purchase options, so you should be able to find an option that’s suitable for your dog regardless of their breed or size.

Overall, these are tasty treats that your dog will love – but as always – safety is very important, so you’ll need to be careful that your dog doesn’t choke on the treat when it comes too small.

Tips & Advice For Buying Dog Chew Toys

If you’re curious to learn some of our key criteria when choosing a quality chew toy, then the following information should come in handy – especially if you’re shopping for chew toys in your local pet shop, rather than purchasing the toys recommended in this guide.

  • Safety is paramount when you’re choosing a suitable chew toy for your dog. There’s no denying the many horror stories that have been caused by unsuitable, low-quality chew toys – so if you don’t want to be visiting the vets for expensive surgery anytime soon, it’s wise to be careful with the toys you buy for your dog.
  • Observation is also very important when you’re giving your dog a chew toy. Try to keep an eye on your dog whenever they’re playing with it, and if the toy becomes damaged or pieces start to break off, you’ll need to take it away and replace it.
  • Be careful with squeaker toys as the squeaker can sometimes be torn out of the toy and be swallowed by your dog, with a range of dangerous implications. Equally, rope toys can have a similar problem when they become damaged.
  • Many ‘dental chew’ toys are designed to dissolve on contact with saliva, and these are certainly much safer for your dog. If you’re concerned about your dog swallowing the chew once it’s become too small, then stick to dental chews instead.
  • Pay attention to the size of your chosen toy in relation to the size of your dog. Bigger breeds need bigger toys, as smaller toys will be more likely to pose a choking hazard. Equally, if a toy is too big for a small dog, they may get little enjoyment from playing with it because it’ll just be too heavy or awkward for them to move around.
  • Inspect your dog’s toys occasionally to ensure they’re all in good condition and aren’t suffering from any rips, tears, or breaks that could cause a safety problem if your dog was to continue chewing on it.
  • Rotate your dog’s chew toys on a weekly basis, because this will give your dog some variety so they don’t become too familiar with all of their toys and lose interest, and it will also make the toys last for a much longer time. Of course, it’s always smart to make a variety of toys available at the time same time – so your dog has something to chew, something to interact with, and something that’s more comforting.