What’s The Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs? Our Ultimate Guide

If you’re in search of a quality dog bed for a larger breed, then you may already be aware of how difficult to can sometimes be to find an appropriate solution in the average pet store. Fortunately, there are many top dog beds on the market these days which are easily purchased online, and this allows you to access some of the better quality and larger sizes of dog bed, many of which offer a superior level of comfort compared to the average pet bed.

Of course, it’s also worth investing in something that comes with plenty of padding, or even memory foam, which will help to keep your dog relaxed and comfortable in their bed. As you’d expect, this applies even more to an older dog or a larger breed who has sensitive joints. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the best dog beds for large dogs.

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To start with, we have this fantastic orthopedic dog bed that comes in three different sizes, all of which cater to larger breeds. The Large version measures 48 x 30 x 7 inches, the Extra-Large version measures 52 x 36 x 7 inches, and the Giant size measures in at a whopping 60 x 48 x 7 inches. What’s more, it comes in three lovely colors which include chocolate, burgundy, and khaki – all of which look excellent.

The orthopedic foam used in this bed offers some of the best quality you’re ever likely to see, and the handmade craftsmanship that goes into making this bed far surpasses practically anything else available. Of course, it also comes with a machine washable, 100% microfiber cover which is very easy to maintain and feels soft to touch.

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Here’s another excellent dog bed from the Big Barker brand, which has much in common with the previous version listed in this guide. Of course, these means the bed is available in the same size options of Large, Extra Large, and Giant – and you’ll also find the same lovely collection of colors which features burgundy, khaki, and chocolate.

The biggest difference is that this is the ‘sleek version’, which is slightly cheaper in terms of cost and comes without the headrest that’s sued on the other option. It uses the same exceptionally high-quality orthopedic foam that’ll last for over a decade, and it uses a handy machine washable cover that also lends a great deal of softness and comfort to the bed.

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Now, if you’re on a tighter budget, then this orthopedic memory foam bed from DogBed4Less is a great option, just as the name suggests. It comes in a very broad range of sizes, with a large, extra-large, extra-extra-large, and jumbo size all being available – so you should be able to find something that perfectly caters to the size of your dog.

The bed features 2 layers of covers, giving you a heavy-duty denim external cover that’s fully machine washable, and it also comes with an internal zippered cover that’s waterproof, which protects the memory foam and keeps it in great condition. Overall, this is a surprisingly comfortable and versatile dog bed that any larger breed will enjoy laying on. Even though it’s not as expensive as some of the top dog beds, it certainly gives you great value for your money.

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If your dog loves to sleep on the sofa, then this dog bed may be the ultimate choice for you. It comes with a lounge/sofa style design that many dogs appreciate, and it’s certainly very comfortable. It uses a double layer of protection, along with a lovely memory foam that’s ideal for relieving arthritis and joint tissues.

Of course, the cover is very nice to touch, and the waterproof zippered cover is ideal for keeping it in great shape (and preventing the foam from being damaged in the case of an ‘accident’). The anti-slip base prevents the bed from sliding around (which is always useful for a larger dog) and the cover is also fully hypo-allergenic, too.

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Here’s a lovely dog bed that comes with gel-infused memory foam that helps to keep your dog cooler in the summer, as well as a plush crate memory foam layer that keeps your dog warm in winter.

It comes with a washable bed cover that helps you to keep the bed clean and fresh, and the foam is also lined with a waterproof cover which greatly adds to the protection and longevity of the foam. In terms of sizing, it comes in three different sizes, with the Large and Extra Large sizes being the most suitable for a bigger breed.

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The Majestic Pet brand makes a range of excellent dog beds, several of which cater to larger breeds without any trouble at all. This particular item comes in a whopping 42 x 60-inch size that gives your dog plenty of space to rest, and it features a measure washable zippered cover that does a great job at protected the stuffing underneath.

Several dog owners say that the bed serves their larger breed well, with even the largest of breeds such as Great Danes finding the bed comfortable.

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If you’re looking for an affordable larger bed for your dog, then this option from Brindle is a great choice. It comes in a very wide range of sizes, with several of the larger sizes being perfectly suited to larger breeds. Now, the foam isn’t and deep and thick as some of the very high-end beds on the market, it’s still ideal for most dogs, and it’s certainly more affordable for most people’s budgets.

It uses a 3-inch orthopedic shredded memory foam fill which helps to keep the bed supportive for any dog, and it comes with a 3-year warranty for added peace of mind. What’s more, there’s a range of nice colors to choose from, which include stone, teal, red, and khaki.

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Here’s another fantastic dog bed from Majestic Pet, which comes with a faux velvet polyester cover that feels very nice to touch, and will surely be appreciated by your dog. It comes in a wide range of pleasant colors, with around 10 interesting options to choose from. It also uses a denier waterproof base, and the cover is generally very easy to clean and maintain.

When it comes to the sizing, you have two large sizes to pick from, either Large or X-Large, so you should be able to find something that works for your dog without much of a problem.

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Here’s another bed from the DogBed4Less company, which gives you a heavy-duty bed in the form of a large ‘pillow’, which doesn’t offer the same kind of rigid structure as many beds, so it’s preferred by the kind of dog who likes to snuggle up and get cozy in their bed.

It comes in an extra-large design that measures in at 55″ by 37″, and it features comfortable shredded memory foam as the filler, which provides a great deal of support and comfort for your dog. There are two layers of zippered covers which give you the comfy denim exterior, along with a waterproof internal fabric that keeps the filling in great shape.

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Here’s a stylish looking dog bed from Integrity Bedding, which comes with a 3 layer design that offers great comfort to any larger breed. It uses a 5-inch thick polyurethane foam that keeps your dog comfortable, especially if they suffer from any arthritis or joint problems.

What’s more, it features a useful built-in wrap-around bolster that gives your dog somewhere to rest their head, and there’s no denying that this useful feature is very much appreciated by many breeds. The bottom uses an anti-skid surface to keep the bed in one place, and the faux fur cover is very easy to wash in the machine, or perhaps spot clean when the occasion requires.

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The bagel design is always a popular option when you’re shopping for a new dog bed, and this solution from Majestic Pet is certainly worth a closer look. It comes in many different sizes, with two of them being suitable for bigger breeds. The Large size measure 40″ by 29″, and the X-Large version measure in at 52″ by 35″.

Color wise, there are many lovely options to choose from, including red, burgundy, green, black, beige. The bed is comprised of a soft poly/cotton twill and the filling uses high loft polyester fiber to keep it soft and well padded. Ultimately, this is a reasonably good dog bed that your dog will find comfortable, and it’s also fairly affordable as well, given the size.

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Here’s a lovely quilted dog bed that’s almost like a mini mattress, and it uses a quality orthopedic foam that lends plenty of comfort and support to your dog. It uses a convenient ‘easy case’ cover that can quickly be zipped off for cleaning purposes, and the measurements can accommodate most larger breeds, with a size of 47″ by 39″ by 4″.

There are three different colors available, all of which are quite stylish and subdued. You can choose from mocha, tan, or blue. Most buyers have found that the bed holds up very well even after several months of use, so it’s certainly a quality item that shouldn’t disappoint.

Here’s an affordable and versatile dog bed from Milliard, which comes in two larger sizes, with the Large size measuring 40″ by 35″ and the Extra-Large size measuring in at 46″ by 35″. It uses a 4-inch-thick memory foam construction that gives great relief to your dog’s joints, particularly if they’re suffering from conditions like arthritis.

The quality of the orthopedic foam is very good, and you can expect it to hold up well over time. In terms of the cover, it is very good quality and should fare well over time, and it also features a non-slip bottom that’ll keep the bed steady when your dog lies down or gets up from the bed.

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Here’s another excellent dog bed that measures in at around 36″ by 28″, so while it’s not the largest dog bed on the market, it still offers plenty of space for a larger breed or perhaps multiple smaller dogs at the same time. It uses premium quality construction materials to ensure the bed will last for a while and stand up to regular use, and it also uses a solid memory foam base to give your dog the comfortable support they need.

The eternal cover is easy to remove, which makes cleaning a breeze, and there’s nothing stopping you from placing the cover in the washing machine for added convenience. The low-key gray color is ideal for blending into most rooms, and it’s generally a stylish and affordable option for anyone looking for a quality dog bed.

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The bagel design is always a useful option for any dog, and many larger breeds seem to love them, too. This bed from Majestic Pet comes in a range of larger sizes that are all suitable for bigger breeds, and you can choose anything from the 32 inch, 40 inch, or 52-inch options that should give your dog all the space they need to stay comfortable.

It comes in a range of gorgeous colors, such as chocolate, rust, sage, stone, gray, or navy velvet. Of course, this makes it easy to find a color that matches your room without standing out in a negative way. It’s stuffed with premium high-loft polyester fiber fill, and it’s washable in an oversized washer on a gentle cycle.

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If you’re looking for an affordable elevated dog bed, that you could perhaps use outdoors in the warmer weather, then this design from Coolaroo is always a great choice. It comes in several larger sizes, with a large size and an Extra-Large size that should give you plenty of room to cater for most larger breeds, and it also keeps your pet a solid 7 inches off the ground.

The fabric is constructed from a breathable high-density polyethylene, so it does a great job of eliminating and hot spots, and it’s also very hard wearing, so it should last your dog for quite some time even with regular use. Interestingly, the bed is surprisingly lightweight as well, so it’s easy enough to move to your preferred location.

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Here’s a highly affordable option that’s perhaps one of the lowest priced options in our guide (depending on the size you pick), but it still manages to deliver the basic features most people are looking for in a quality dog bed. It uses a soft plush surface that your dog is sure to appreciate, and it also features a non-skid base that’ll keep the bed in one place no matter how often your dog lies down or gets up.

It features a zippered cover that can be removed fairly easily, and the waterproof liner also helps to keep the bed fresh and clean. In terms of sizing, there are a few sizes that will meet the needs of a bigger dog. The Large size measures 39″ by 28″, the Extra-Large measures 49″ by 35″, and the Extra Extra Large measures in at 60″ by 43″.

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Another excellent manufacturer of dog beds is the Dog Bed King USA company, and this is a fine example of the X-Large dog beds that cater well to most dog’s requirements. It measures in at 40″ by 28″, so there’s another room for most big dogs or multiple smaller ones, and the imitation lambswool material is soft enough to make your dog greatly enjoy sleeping and lying in it.

The bed comes with a foam bottom protector which helps to keep the bed cozy and warm, and the elastic hem makes it very simple to remove the outer cover and place it in the washing machine or easy cleaning.

This premium quality bed from LaiFug comes with a Large size that measures in at 46″ by 28″, and it uses a blend of memory foam that offers plenty of support for a larger breed. The bed uses a 2-inch support layer of base foam along with 2 inches of high-quality memory foam that has a higher level of supportive properties that helps to alleviate the pain and discomfort a dog may have when they’re dealing with arthritis or joint issues.

The design is certainly very sleek and modern, so it’s blend in comfortably with any room you choose to place it in, and the protective cover keeps the foam in great shape. There’s also a waterproof inner cover that is quick to remove and will keep the foam in good condition despite the occasional accident.

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The dog bed from Carhartt comes in a soft, stylish design that should keep your dog comfortable and relaxed for a reasonable price. It uses a 100% cotton canvas exterior cover that’s easily removed for washing purposes and uses recycled nylon along with polyester padding to keep things comfortable.

The design comes in two different colors, either brown or dark brown, both of which look very stylish and should blend in with your décor well. In terms of measurements, this bed weighs in at 40″ by 33″ with 4″ of depth, that should be enough to keep your dog at ease when lying down.

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This luxury pet bed from Snoozer comes with a lovely cave design that gives your dog some extra warmth and privacy, and it’s safe to say that many breeds of dog appreciate being able to snuggle up in a cave-like bed.

There are a few different sizes available, with several of them being suitable for larger breeds. The Large size measures 35″ by 35″ while the Extra-Large version measures 45″ by 45″. It comes in a very wide range of colors as well, so there are certainly many options to choose from in this regard.

Each bed design is lined with a Sherpa material to offer plenty of warmth in the colder months, and it comes with a heavy-duty brass zipper that’s easily used to remove the cover for cleaning purposes.

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Here’s another Extra-Large bed from the Majestic Pet brand, and it gives you a highly affordable bed that’s well-suited to a bigger breed or multiple dogs. It comes in a whopping 42″ by 60″ size that gives you plenty of space to keep a larger dog happy, and it also uses a machine washable external cover that’s made from a lovely poly/cotton twill.

There’s an inner stuffing bag which should last you for quite some time, and it’s filled with lots of high loft fill (which of course, cannot be washed by itself).

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Lastly, we have this option from Dog Bed King USA, which is a reasonably affordable bed that’s available in several sizes, with the 42″ by 28″ being the best choice for a bigger breed. The bed features an elastic seam on the bottom which makes it easy to remove and reattach the cover, and you can easily place the cover into the washing machine to keep it fresh and clean, then placing it on the line to dry.

On the interior of the bed, you’ll find an imitation lambswool material that’s very soft and cozy, and it’ll certainly keep your larger breed comfortable. Overall, this is a nice dog bed at a reasonable price, and while it doesn’t offer the high-end memory foam found in the more expensive options, it’s a good bed for the money.