What’s The Best Dog Food for Beagles?

Are you looking to purchase a new brand of tasty dog food for your beloved Beagle? If so, there are certainly many different options on the market these days, so it’s not always as straightforward as you’d hope when it comes to selecting the right formula.

Of course, a quality brand of dog food will go a long way towards supporting your dog’s health, particularly when it comes to their skin, coat, and joints.

In this guide, we’re going to present several of the top dog food options for Beagles, so let’s explore each one in better detail.

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Here’s another outstanding formula that’s a great pick for many different breeds, including the Beagle. This version is the ‘small breed’ formula which is formulated with tasty protein in the form of premium grade turkey and chicken, and it also doesn’t include many of the low-quality ingredients that can let down many other blends.

For example, there’s no use of corn, soy, wheat, or meat by-products, nor are there any artificial additives in the form of flavorings, colorings, or preservatives. In fact, this all-natural focus is a key feature of the blend that makes it a popular choice for many dog owners.

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The Royal Canin brand is well-known for making a series of ‘breed-specific’ formulas, and while some people may be skeptical, their Beagle version tends to score great reviews from most owners.

It comes with a formulation that should ensure healthy bones and joints thanks to the use of EPA and DHA, and the unique kibble shape is sure to appeal to any Beagle – especially if they’re not too thrilled with a conventional shape. It should also encourage your Beagle to actually chew their food without gobbling it down too quickly!

The main protein source comes in the form of chicken by-product meal, and the first ingredient is corn. However, the formula still packs all of the key vitamins and minerals your dog needs and it scores excellent reviews from buyers.

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There’s no denying that the Blue Buffalo brand is one of the most popular and well-known brands on the market these days, and fortunately, several of their formulas are a great choice for virtually any dog.

This particular formula is designed for small breeds in mind, and it comes with tasty deboned chicken as the primary ingredient, and this is paired with whole grains, garden vegetables, and fruit to round out the formula.

In general, the ingredient quality is very good, and you won’t find any artificial additives in the form of preservatives, colorings, or flavorings – nor will you find any corn, wheat, or soy.

However, the blend does come with hearty whole grains in the form of brown rice, oats, and barley to give your pooch plenty of energy throughout their day.

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The Merrick formula is another fantastic option that’s well worth a closer look if you’re shopping for a Beagle. It comes in several different flavor choices which include beef, chicken, duck, salmon, lamb and more. Interestingly, it comes with an excellent composition of 70% meat protein and 30% fresh produce which your dog is sure to enjoy.

Of course, it also comes with the key vitamins and minerals you’ll need for a balanced blend, along with omega 6, omega 3, chondroitin, and glucosamine. It’s also worth noting that the product is made in the USA, with no ingredients being sourced from elsewhere around the world, so this goes a long way towards reducing the risk of contamination and making sure only high-quality ingredients are used.

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Here’s an interesting formula from Nutro which is actually a weight management blend that’s a good choice if you’re trying to keep your Beagle from gaining too much weight.

It comes with a range of ‘superfoods’ such as chia, kale, and coconut to provide a host of useful vitamins, minerals, and general nutrition – and there’s no use of low-grade ingredients such as corn, wheat, soy, or chicken by-product meals. However, you will find premium quality proteins in the form of chicken, lamb, and salmon, and this also goes a long way towards keeping the blend tasty and enjoyable for your dog.

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The Orijen brand makes some excellent dog food products right now, and this particular formula is both well-reviewed and packed with all of the essential ingredients you’re looking for in reliable dog food.

It comes without any grain (which can sometimes cause digestive sensitivity and allergies) but it does come with some tasty protein in the form of deboned chicken and turkey, along with whole eggs, flounder, and mackerel.

Additionally, the formula uses a range of fruit and vegetables to give your dog some healthy carbohydrates which contain plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are needed to give your dog a balanced and nutritious diet.

One of the best-selling formulas on the market right now is made by Taste of the Wild, and it’s certainly a great formula that’s worthy of your consideration. It uses fish as the main protein source (although there are several different versions available if fish isn’t preferred by your dog) and the use of real smoked salmon makes it very tasty for most Beagles.

As you’d expect, it comes with additional ingredients in the form of vegetables and fruit which provide the much-needed vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your dog will benefit from – and it contains sweet potatoes, potatoes, peas, and garbanzo peas for some tasty carbohydrates.

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Here’s a small breed formula that comes with smaller kibbles that are very easy for your Beagle to chew, and it also comes with plenty of calories to keep your dog full of energy throughout the day.

There’s a precise blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats along with plenty of antioxidants support, as well as key vitamins and minerals to keep your dog in healthy shape. What’s more, there’s plenty of DHA which is essential for eye and brain development in your pooch.

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Here’s another top formula from the Wellness product line, with this version having a focus on ‘Complete Health’, which gives your dog all of the key nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy.

It uses quality ingredients throughout, and you won’t find any low-grade ingredients such as corn, soy, or wheat. Instead, you’ll find plenty of enjoyable protein in the form of deboned chicken and whitefish, along with several important vitamins and minerals which keep the blend very well balanced.

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If your Beagle is somewhat sensitive in terms of digestion, then using a limited ingredient formula like this product from Natural Balance is worth a closer look. It comes in a few different versions, although the small breed bites option is a particularly good choice for a Beagle.

Of course, there’s a strong focus on using as few ingredients as possible, and this also means it manages to avoid the use of many troublesome ingredients that can upset your dog’s digestion or trigger allergies. Additionally, it uses a smaller kibble size that your Beagle should find very easy to eat.

Beagle Nutritional Tips

Avoid unwanted additives. Many low-quality dog foods come chock-full with preservatives, colorings, flavorings, and various other additives that are usually best avoided. The products listed in this guide manage to avoid these low-grade ingredients, but if you’re shopping for a different formula in your local pet store, it’s important to check your chosen product doesn’t contain too many unwanted additives.

Quality protein sources. While your Beagle is likely to enjoy a wide range of different meat sources, it’s a good idea to ensure your chosen food product uses genuine meat in the form of chicken, lamb, turkey, or fish – rather than cheaper animal by-product meals Of course, ‘meal’ based ingredients are still okay to use in most cases, and they often have higher protein ratios anyway, gram for gram.

Ensure the formula is balanced. Your Beagle needs a range of nutrition in the form of protein, carbs, and fats – and you certainly don’t want to miss any key nutrients out. In particular, some formulas tend to cut out the fat content, but this can be counterproductive when it comes to keeping your dog’s skin, coat, and joints in good condition.

Watch for obesity. There’s no denying that some Beagles can have a proclivity for weight gain, but this can lead to a whole host of health conditions such as arthritis, joint problems, and even heart disease. With this in mind, it’s wise to ensure your dog’s calories are in line with their daily requirements, and you may need to switch to a weight reduction formula if your dog has already gained too much weight to be within a healthy range.