What’s The Best Dog Food For A Dachshund? Your Ultimate Guide

Finding the right dog food for your Dachshund isn’t always easy, especially when you consider the fact that they’re a smaller breed who are often prone to gaining weight or becoming fussy eaters. Of course, excess weight gain can contribute to a whole host of problematic health conditions which you’ll want to avoid whenever possible.

In this guide, you’ll find a selection of excellent dog food formulas, all of which are perfectly suited for feeding your Dachshund or Weiner dog. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a good idea of which brands are the healthiest and safest to give your dog, so without any further introduction, let’s get straight to it.

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The Wellness Core brand is a wildly popular formula that’s suitable for most breeds of dog, and this small breed version is a great pick for any Dachshund or Wiener dog.

It features all of the key nutrition that a small breed dog requires to stay strong and healthy, and it’s made using premium protein in the form of turkey and chicken without any meat by-products or artificial additives that you would prefer to avoid.

According to the nutritional information, there is a guaranteed amount of at least 36% protein in the formula, which makes it a reliable choice for any smaller breed, along with 15% fat and 5% fiber. Of course, there are a number of key vitamins included such as vitamin E, calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega fatty acids to maintain your dog’s skin and coat health.

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Another highly popular and commonly recommended brand is Blue Buffalo, and this particular small breed formula uses chicken and brown rice to provide a tasty meal for any smaller pooch. It uses deboned chicken as the main protein source and combines this with whole grains, veggies, and fruit to provide all of the calories and vitamins your dog needs to stay in good health.

The protein source is very good, and there’s no use of chicken or poultry by-product meals, nor will you find any artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives. There’s also no corn, wheat, or soy used in the formula either. Overall, Blue Buffalo is a top brand and many owners of small dogs find this to be a great choice that ticks all of the key boxes.

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Merrick makes several excellent dog food formulas, and this is an excellent choice that comes with smaller kibble pieces that make it comfortable for any small dog to eat.

It comes with at least 30% protein in the form of deboned chicken as the primary ingredient, and there is also chicken meal and turkey meal which further increases the protein levels. You will also find peas and brown rice which provides some healthy carbohydrate content that your dog will appreciate.

Interestingly, this is a potato-free recipe, so it’s a good choice if your dog has any sensitivity to this kind of starchy carbohydrate. In general, this is an excellent choice for any dog that weighs up to 30 pounds, so if you have a small Daschund then this formula shouldn’t let you down.

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Taste of the world is a very popular brand for dog owners, although some aren’t aware of the small breed version that is a better choice for any dog that’s on the smaller side.

The formula is great for a dog with sensitive digestion, and it comes with plenty of probiotics and prebiotic fiber which supports a healthy digestive system, along with tasty protein in the form of venison, lamb, duck, and eggs.

The formula focuses heavily on protein and healthy carbs, giving you a small dog all of the energy they need to fuel a busy and active day without causing excess weight gain. Additionally, most Dachshunds should take to the food very quickly, which is good news for those fussy eaters.

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This formula from a company called Nutro is another grain-free option that’s a good choice for any dog that tends to have a sensitive digestion system, and the unique blend of fruits and vegetables along with healthy farm-raised chicken make it very easy for your dog to digest.

The ingredient quality is generally very good, and the company also makes the blend exclusively in U.S.-based facilities using only the top ingredients available, so you can rest assured that it offers reliable quality in most cases.

Many owners find this is also an effective formula for weight management, so if your dog is getting a little on the fatter side, then switching to a lower-carb formula such as this one can be a good decision.

Of course, there is plenty of omega fatty acids to keep your dog’s skin and coat in great condition, and the focus on chicken as the primary ingredient means most dogs will quickly take to it.

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The Orijen brand is a great example of a company that focuses on ingredient quality, and even though this brand can be a little more expensive than some of the other others, it certainly delivers a fantastic brand that your dog is sure to enjoy.

It comes with a fairly limited ingredient base to avoid any unwanted digestive sensitivity, but the ingredients it does use are all sourced from premium locations, and you’ll find plenty of deboned chicken and turkey along with eggs, yellowtail flounder, Atlantic mackerel and other locally sourced meats.

There’s also plenty of healthy fruit and vegetables included in the formula which goes a long way towards rounding out the blend and catering for all of your dog’s nutritional needs.

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Eagle Pack makes several well-reviewed dog food formulas, and their small breed blend is very highly rated by the vast majority of buyers. It has a strong focus on using natural ingredients, and you won’t find any corn, wheat, or meat by-products, nor will you find any artificial preservatives or flavorings added to the formula either.

It makes good use of a smaller kibble design that will be greatly appreciated by any smaller dog, and the use of premium grade chicken and pork makes it very appetizing as well as ensuring your dog gets all of the protein they need to stay in good shape.

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Here’s a formula from Holistic Select that’s designed for small breeds in mind, giving your dog all of the essential nutrition they need to maintain a complete and balanced day-to-day diet.

The formula features plenty of probiotics and probiotics as well as natural fibers that help to keep your dog’s digestive system in good working order, and the premium protein comes in the form of sardines, chicken, and anchovies that meet all of the key requirements of a smaller dog.

As you’d expect, there’s no use of low-grade fillers or artificial preservatives and colorings, nor are there any meat by-products or wheat included in the blend. The product is made only in the United States to ensure its quality, and it’s generally a good choice for any dog that can benefit from the extra digestive support that this blend offers.

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If your dog is particularly sensitive when it comes to their diet or perhaps suffers from allergies, then using a limited ingredient formula such as this one from Natural Balance is a good choice.

The formula comes with much of the key nutrition your small dog needs, but it does so with a grain-free, limited ingredient composition that helps to remove many of the triggers that may be the cause of digestive sensitivity or allergies.

Of course, this means that there are no artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives – but it does feature quality proteins in the form of salmon and fishmeal, along with dried sweet potatoes that shouldn’t trigger any carbohydrate-based digestive trouble.

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The Royal Canin brand makes a wide variety of dog foods each specifically designed to cater to the nutritional needs of many different breeds. This Dachshund formula uses smaller kibbles that help to give your dog an easier time when it comes to eating, and they also help to reduce the build-up of dental plaque and tartar.

Another interesting aspect of the food is the flavors and aromas that are designed to stimulate the appetite of smaller dogs who may be somewhat picky about their food, so this can be a good option for any dog who tends to be a picky eater.

What’s more, the formula aims to give your dog all of the key nutrients they need to maintain healthy joints, bones, muscle tone, and more – but without giving too many excess calories which could lead to weight gain.

The Best Puppy Food For Daschunds / Weiner Dogs

If you have a small Daschund or Weiner dog puppy, then it’s a good idea to give them a suitable puppy formula that’ll provide them with all of the important nutrients they need without causing any health issues or sensitivity.

Of course, these breeds can often be picky eaters as well, but the formulas listed here will usually be highly appetizing to any puppy – so let’s take a closer look at some of the best options.

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The Wellness Complete Health small breed puppy formula is always worth a closer look, as it contains all of the most important nutritional requirements for healthy brain development along with bone and muscle development, all wrapped up in a tasty blend that should still appeal to the fussiest of eaters.

What’s more, it features high-quality proteins, fats, and easy to digest carbohydrates that’ll cater to your dog’s energy needs while giving them all of the protein they need to grow strong and healthy.

You’ll also find guaranteed levels of DHA which is important for brain development, along with many antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits that give your dog the most important minerals and vitamins that will ensure they grow up to be a healthy adult dog. The smaller kibble size is great for picky eaters, and the tasty turkey, oatmeal, and salmon combo is sure to tempt any puppy that tends to be on the fussy side.

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The Blue Buffalo brand certainly makes some of the best formulas on the market these days, so it’s always worth taking a closer look at what they have available.

This small breed focused formula doesn’t use any grain, but it does use protein-rich deboned chicken along with a range of healthy vitamins and minerals that are important for nurturing your dog during this important stage of life.

You’ll find blueberries, cranberries, peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots are used to round out the formula and give your dog all of the main nutrients they need in a tasty blend that they’ll certainly enjoy.

Importantly, it doesn’t use any chicken by-product meals, nor is there any wheat, soy, or corn – so there’s very little that could upset your dog’s sensitivity or put them off the food.

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Here’s an interesting formula that’s made by Diamond Naturals, and it’s also one of the more cost-effective formulas on the market, so it’s a good choice if you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to sacrifice too much in the way of quality.

The formula is specifically designed to cater for small breeds, and it gives your dog all of the important DHA they need for healthy eye and brain development. What’s more, it features omega fatty acids to maintain healthy skin and coat as well.

The main protein source comes from lamb combined with lamb meal, and it also uses ground rice and cracked pearl barley along with garbanzo beans for a tasty source of carbohydrate. The label shows that it comes with a minimum of 27% protein as well, which is always good to see.

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Last, but by no means least, we have this puppy formula made by Orijen. The formula uses impeccable ingredient quality to give your dog a tasty meal that they are sure to love.

Of course, it contains all of the key nutrition your small puppy needs during the crucial developmental stages, and the focus on natural ingredients makes it very tasty for even the fussiest of eaters.

In terms of ingredients, it uses a range of protein sources including chicken, turkey, eggs, and fish to make a well-rounded formula, and all of these protein sources are found in natural locations wherever possible, such as the wild-caught fish that are sourced from areas that do not contain antibiotics or anything questionable and unwanted.

There’s also plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to maintain your dog’s joints, skin, and coat – as well as antioxidants to give your dog a healthy and strong immune system.