What Are The Best Dog Frisbees In 2020?

It’s safe to say that teaching your dog to chase and catch a frisbee or similar flying toy can be a very fun and rewarding experience.

Not only is it a great game for you and your dog to enjoy together, but the extra running and physical activity can be a fantastic way to tire your dog out as well, especially if they’re a high-energy breed that truly needs the extra activity to stay happy and healthy.

In this guide, we’re going to highlight many of the best dog frisbees and flying disc toys, so let’s begin.

The Best Dog Frisbees In 2020

Here’s a fun dog frisbee that’s easily one of the best on the market right now, and it scores incredibly positive reviews from the vast majority of buyers.  One of the best features of this frisbee toy is how it flies in the air, giving you a smooth and pleasant flight that’s easy enough for your dog to follow and catch.

Additionally, it can float on water without any trouble, so it’s great for a variety of fetching scenarios, regardless of whether you’re playing at the beach or the lakehouse.

Importantly, it’s designed to be both soft and flexible, so it won’t cause your dog any harm or pain to catch it while it’s flying. It’s also available in two different sizes, either small or large, and a few different color designs that each have something unique to offer.

The West Paw Design company is perhaps best known for their tough and durable toys, and this frisbee toy is certainly no exception.

It’s available in two different sizes, either large or mini, which measure in at 6.5 inches or 8.5 inches depending on the one you pick, and you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with a 100% guarantee against dog damage – which just goes to show the impressive level of confidence the company has in their product.

Not only is the product very durable indeed, but it’s also soft on your dog’s teeth and gums, so it is unlikely to cause the kind of problem you may see if you were to use a hard plastic frisbee.

Furthermore, the design is easy for your dog to catch and fetch, and it will also float in water. In terms of design, there are a number of different colors and styles available, with one of the best options being the “glow in the dark” version, which is the ideal choice for low visibility games.

Here’s an interesting throwing toy made by the popular Ruffwear brand, and it’s available in a range of different sizes and different colors, all of which feature fun designs.

One of the key features offered by this disc toy is how water-friendly it is, and it’s made from a foam material that’ll float directly on the water’s surface without any trouble, which certainly makes it very easy for your dog to pick up out of the water.

Furthermore, the foam construction is firm enough to keep a solid shape without any difficulty, yet it’s also soft enough to not be a problem for your dog’s gums when they pick it up or catch it.

In fact, the construction quality is surprisingly good overall, and the outer coating is also fully abrasion resistant so it will serve as a useful fetching and catching toy for a long time.

Here’s another fantastic toy from the “ChuckIt!” brand, and it’s available in both small and medium sizes to give you some choice when it comes to picking the right option for your pooch.

The toy is considered “unsinkable”, which is great news for any dog who likes to fetch their frisbee toys from the water, and it also flies through the air in a smooth and predictable way which lets your dog learn to catch it in the air, too.

Of course, the soft design means the toy is gentle on your dog’s mouth, which is certainly an important feature in any flying toy that your dog’s likely to catch. The hole in the center of the toy also makes it easier for your dog to catch, pick up, and carry.

Here’s a tough and highly durable flying dog disc that’s been designed by world champions, and it boasts the ability to score record-setting distances when it comes to throwing and flight duration.

It uses a patented dual grip that makes it very easy to use, and it’s also puncture-resistant, so even if you have a dog with a powerful jaw it should still be able to withstand any punishment that your dog manages to dish out when they catch or carry the toy.

This particular flying disc toy comes in several different color choices, either lime or red, but there are also many variations to the design that come in many other colors, and there’s even a glow-in-the-dark option as well. Overall, most buyers are thrilled by the durability and flight ability of this particular frisbee, and it’s definitely a choice that’s unlikely to let you down.

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Here’s a high-performance flying disc toy that’s somewhat more costly than many alternatives, but you can definitely tell that it’s a rugged design that should last for longer than you’d expect at first glance.

The toy features a reflective trim that enhances the visibility and helps your dog while they’re chasing, and this makes it a solid choice for any low light conditions. It also benefits from a softer construction that’ll be gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums without compromising its overall durability.

In terms of composition, it’s made from a molded foam core that gives it excellent flight ability as well as ensuring it floats nicely in the air. Furthermore, the design will function for long-distance throws without any worry whatsoever.

It’s available in two different sizes, either small which measures 6inches or the large version which measures 9 inches, and it’s generally a good option for a dog that’s likely to have a good time chasing a long flight path.

The Kong brand is well-known for making reliable and cost-effective dog toys, and this particular rubber flyer is a simple yet fun flying toy that may be just what you’re looking for.

Of course, the toy is made from the classic Kong natural rubber that’s very durable, yet still soft enough to be gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums if they choose to chew on it a little. However, it’s important to note that it isn’t specifically designed to function as a chew toy.

It’s available in two different sizes, either small or large, and it’s a highly affordable solution for anybody who wants a cheap but reliable flying toy that isn’t going to let you down.

This interesting frisbee comes in three different size choices, either 7 inches, 10 inches, or 12 inches, which gives you enough choice to pick an option that’ll be suitable for your dog’s size.

Of course, the toy is just as durable as you’d hope, and it’s also flexible, so it won’t cause your dog any discomfort to catch it – making it a much better option than a conventional hard plastic disc that isn’t primarily designed for a dog to catch. It’s also worth noting that the toy will float in water, so you won’t have any trouble with letting your dog catch it in water.

Here’s a flying disc toy that’s made from a pleasingly soft rubber material along with hard-wearing nylon that’s made to a high standard. Of course, the construction means it’s a safe and durable option to try for most dogs, and it’s also available in a wide range of colors which gives you some further choice in this regard.

Importantly, the toy can float in water without any trouble at all, so it’s just as versatile as any quality dog frisbee toy, and the gentle and predictable flight of the toy means your dog will have a fun time catching it in the air, or simply picking it up after it’s finished its flight. It’s also a very affordable frisbee, which is always great to see in a quality dog toy.

Here’s a toy from the “ChuckIt!” company that’s somewhat different from the conventional frisbee, but it’s nonetheless a fun and exciting toy that most dogs will enjoy. It comes in a range of sizes that cover small, medium, and large, and the unique aerodynamic design gives it a different way of flying through the air, especially when compared to a standard frisbee toy.

What’s more, it uses a rugged multi-layered construction that’s durable enough to survive in the jaws of your dog, and it won’t cause them any harm to catch if they manage to grab it mid-flight. It also features raised sides that make it easy and comfortable for your dog to pick up from the floor if it’s already landed.

Another interesting aspect of this toy is the glow in the dark corners of the toy, which makes it easier to see in low-light environments.

Here’s a simple yet fun frisbee toy from the Aerobie company, and it’s made from soft and durable materials that shouldn’t cause you or your dog any trouble when playing games of fetch.

It’s also durable enough to withstand tears and punctures without too much worry, and the aerodynamic design means it has an excellent flight ability which makes it simple for your dog to catch and bring back to you. The bright color also helps to keep the toy highly visible for your dog, so you’ll be able to have plenty of fun while playing outside.

Here’s a nylon-based flyer from Nerf Dog that comes in a range of highly visible colors, and it flies just as well as you’d expect, which makes it great fun for your dog to chase and catch.

Specifically, it’s made from a thermoplastic rubber material that’s very lightweight, which goes a long way towards making it an effective flying toy. Furthermore, it can even be used for tug-of-war games without getting torn or damaged either.

Of course, it will also float in water without any trouble at all, so you can use it for water-based catching games, too. In terms of dimensions, it’s around 9 inches in diameter which is a good size for a wide range of different dog breeds.

Here’s an interesting frisbee flying toy that’s made of a tough nylon material that gives you unrivaled durability, and it also has a nice, plush outer coating that makes it very comfortable for your dog to carry and hold in the mouth when they bring it back to you.

In general, it’s best suited for medium to larger dogs overall, and it’s safe to say that the nylon gives it an extra boost of durability that makes it an acceptable choice for most stronger chewers. Of course, the unique shape of the toy gives your dog plenty of locations to grab onto it, and this makes it useful for the occasional game of tug as well.

If you’re shopping for a frisbee flying toy that’s suitable for a puppy, then look no further than this option from the Kong puppy lineup. The toy is made from a soft rubber material that’s gentle enough for any puppy to carry or chew on, and it’s designed specifically for dogs below nine months of age.

It comes in two different color choices, either pink or blue, and you can rest assured that despite its softer design it is still very durable indeed, which is just what you’d expect from the popular Kong product line. In terms of sizing, it measures in at 7 inches in diameter, making it suitable for most puppies up to around 35 pounds.

Now, if you’re looking for a frisbee like flying toy that can be used indoors, then this indoor squirrel flyer is an excellent option to consider. It’s made from soft materials that won’t damage your walls if it comes into contact with them, and it will also fly relatively slowly which gives your dog an opportunity to chase and catch it if they’re quick enough!

Furthermore, the lightweight design is surprisingly tough and resilient, so it’s unlikely to come apart too easily even if your dog happens to chew on it for a few moments after catching it.

The dimensions measure 2 inches by 3 inches by 9 inches, and its soft, textured design makes it an excellent option for most dogs. Additionally, it makes great use of raised sides that allow your dog to pick up the toy with no trouble at all.

This particular flying frisbee toy from Westport design is focused on providing an aerodynamic flight, allowing it to travel a fair distance while still being easy enough for your dog to follow and track along its path and ultimately catch.

It measures a respectable 8 inches, and the soft material shouldn’t cause your dog any trouble if they do manage to catch it in their mouth. It’s also easy enough for your dog to pick up while being tough enough to withstand most medium-strength chewers without too much trouble.

Most buyers find the toy to be durable enough, although it isn’t as heavy-duty as some of the alternative toys made by this popular toy manufacturer, which is something to keep in mind if you have a powerful chewer on your hands.

The Nylabone brand is perhaps best known for its popular bone-shaped chew toys, but they certainly make a wide range of other toys, with this flying disc being an excellent example. In fact, it even features a bone-like shape on the top of the disc which your dog can use to pick it up from off the floor.

It’s built to the same strong and durable standards as you’d expect, and it even features some added textures that make it more fun for your dog to chew on. Of course, it will float in water without any worry, and it’s also quite flexible as well.

The Tuffy Ultimate dog toy comes in a very wide range of designs, with various rings, shapes, and even ball-like designs that’ll work well as a fetch toy. However, this particular option is known as the “flyer”, and its disc-like shape means it will fly through the air without too much trouble, and it’s certainly fun for your dog to chase and catch.

The toy will float on water, although it will need to be air-dried afterward, and it’s also fully machine washable so there’s no hassle with keeping it clean. When it comes to the toy’s dimensions, it measures in at 10 by 10 by 2 inches, and it’s suitable for most dogs as long as they’re over 20 pounds.

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Here’s an interesting looking flyer toy that comes with a unique swirled marble color that’s very visually interesting and gives the toy a unique look compared to many other options on the market. In terms of measurements, it comes in at around 9.5 inches in diameter, making it suitable for most dogs from a medium to large size.

Importantly, it’s made from a natural rubber material that’ll be comfortable on your dog’s teeth and gums, and it’s also resilient enough to be puncture and tear-resistant, so it’s unlikely that your dog will be able to destroy the toy all too quickly. Furthermore, it’s made using FDA-approved recyclable materials, and there are no latex, BPA, or phthalates to worry about.

Here’s a cost-effective and durable frisbee toy that gives you a wonderful glide and flight, so your dog shouldn’t have much trouble when it comes to catching it, and it’s also very easy to throw, so you should get great use from it even if you are relatively inexperienced.

It’s on the slightly larger side at 11 inches, but the material is safe enough for your dog to carry in their mouth without causing any discomfort or injury, and it’s surprisingly durable as well. What’s more, it will float in water comfortably, so it can be used at the beach without any worry.