The Best Dog Grooming Tables Reviewed (2020)

Regardless of whether you’re grooming your dog at home or kitting out a professional dog grooming business, it’s safe to say that investing in a quality dog grooming table can make your life a whole lot easier.

What’s more, you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on a grooming table that offers you all of the extra convenience you need. With the addition of grooming arms, nooses, loops, and trays, you’ll find it a breeze to groom a dog all by yourself with the assistance of a well-designed grooming table.

Many of the best tables are also foldable and easy to store, so there’s no harm in buying one for home use. In this guide, we’re going to examine some of the best pet grooming tables on the market, so let’s take a closer look.

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The Best Dog Grooming Tables In 2020

Flying Pig Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Table
  • Flying Pig&Trade; Heavy Duty Grooming Table. 38&Quot;L X 22&Quot;W X 31.5&Quot;H
  • Table Surface: Bone Shape Texture Non Slip Rubber
  • Table Frame: Rust Resist Stainless Steel (Can Hold Up To 330 Ibs)

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Flying Pig Grooming’s pet grooming table is one of the most recommended options available, and it’s a good choice for any pet owner or grooming shop owner, too. It’s equipped with all the things that you’ll need, such as the bone-shaped non-slip surface top, a rust-resistant stainless steel table frame, and a storage basket underneath the table.

The unique design makes it easy for you to put it together, and you can take it apart by simply unfolding/folding the legs and removing the iron arm. It comes in several different sizes and colors to choose from, and the majority of pet owners recommend this grooming table because of both the sturdiness and the durability it offers.

Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table With Arm
  • Size: 30"L x 18" W x 32" H Color : Black
  • Table features strong goal post style legs with rubber capped feet, Includes adjustable grooming arm, adjusts to 40" high
  • Goal post style legs allow for easy fold up during transport and for added stability, Static Free surface

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Go Pet Club’s grooming table offers a sturdy design with ‘goal post legs’ and rubber capped feet to ensure excellent stability. It also includes an adjustable grooming arm to hold your dog’s leash for added security.

The materials are of high quality which helps to give some confidence in the table, and most owners say it’s a lightweight model that’s easy to move around. What’s more, the foldable feature greatly helps with storage.

The height of the table is also a plus, as it will help you to keep a comfortable posture while you’re grooming your dog. It also has a non-slip feature which helps make sure your dog isn’t slipping or falling off the table.

Master Equipment Round Pet Grooming Table
  • Non-Slip Table Top – The top of the grooming surface consists of a non-slip material, which will keep pets safe while you’re grooming them
  • Fits on Any Surface – You’ll lift this small, round grooming table and set it onto another object, meaning you don’t have to stoop over to...
  • Three Colors Available – Pick the color of portable grooming table that will work best with your dog salon’s existing décor, as this table...

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This pet gear from Master Equipment is a non-slip, portable grooming table that’s ideal for small to medium-sized dogs. Its non-slip feature secures your dog from slipping or falling off the table, and the sturdiness of the design helps to make it feel safe even when rotating.

Many people will find this design to be a real lifesaver, as the rotating feature means they’ll be less leaning and straining to reach all the different areas of your dog.

The design ensures that there’s no real hassle to assemble it, while the 18-inch diameter surface gives you plenty of room to work with when you’re grooming a small to medium size dog.

Master Equipment Adjustable Grooming Table
  • Master Equipment Adjustable Height Grooming Tables are perfect for mobile groomers and shop owners alike!
  • This exclusive patented table adjusts easily and quickly in height from 24" to 34½"
  • Locking pins on the legs to ensure even adjustment in 1" increments, and heavy-duty lever clamps with tension-adjuster screws lock legs in place

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If you are looking for a pet grooming table with heavy-duty construction, then this option from Master Equipment could it the right choice for you. It offers adjustable height and sturdy build quality that can accommodate weight of up to 200 lbs without any concern.

Ideal for your home, pet grooming shop, or even mobile pet grooming, this table is sturdy and durable to use while the locking pins work great for quick adjustment of height. In fact, the adjustability is often praised by dog owners as it makes it much easier to stay comfortable during longer grooming sessions.

However, for dogs who are a bit more hyperactive, it may be wise to purchase an additional arm clamp for your dog’s security and safety. While the sturdy construction makes it a bit heavier to move around, it’s generally a reliable choice that comes in enough size options to suit most dog breeds.

Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table
  • Color: Black, Size: 21.65" diameter
  • Grooming arm extends up to 28" high
  • Rotates 360 degrees, providing you with great control and greater flexibility, Can be used on any flat surface

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If your dog doesn’t mind being rotated 360 degrees, this adorable round grooming pet table from Go Pet Club is an interesting choice to consider. Ideally suited for small dogs, it can be used on any flat surface and it gives you complete control whenever you’re grooming your dog.

The design is both lightweight and easy to assemble, while the compact nature of the table means that it’s less hassle to move around when compared to many alternatives on the market.

It’s also highly convenient to use as you can simply put the table on any flat surface and you’re good to go. While it can sometimes have issues with stability if your dog is prone to move around a lot, it’s generally not too much of any issue with smaller breeds.

Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table
  • A Top Choice for Professional Groomers – Secure dog grooming arm designed for professionals featuring two 48-inch vertical posts and a 28-inch...
  • Versatile Design – Features an adjustable connector bar; Table not included but arm fits tables ranging from 36 to 48 inches in length for...
  • Includes Grooming Nooses – Comes with two black grooming nooses to keep pets safe, secure and in place while you bathe, dry, brush, clip and...

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Designed for professional pet groomers, Master Equipment is a great choice if you need a versatile solution that’s suitable for all kinds and sizes of dogs. It’s designed to give your pet excellent security and comfort while they’re being groomed and it certainly ticks most of the boxes in this regard.

But even if you’re not a professional groomer, you’ll still benefit from the unique, sturdy design that helps to keep you at a comfortable posture throughout the grooming process.

Furthermore, the addition of grooming nooses helps to keep your dog secure and steady on the table, and this is particularly important for dogs who are on the larger size or at risk of moving and slipping. There are also 12 different places where you can place these restraints for extra versatility and comfort when securing your dog.

Shelandy Pet Grooming Table
  • ① Grooming Arm height adjustable to 35"
  • ② The clamp fits table up to 1.96" thickness.
  • ③ The Large loops, Is 22" and 26" in length

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If you’re fond of grooming your pet on your own or you have a hyperactive doggo, Shelandy’s pet grooming arm could be the right choice for you.

It has two safety loops that help to keep your dog steady – one for the neck and one for the haunch – and these help to prevent your dog from falling off the table while also minimizing unwanted movement from your hyperactive doggo.

Most owners agree that grooming in this way makes it much easier due to these loops which provide a lot of extra security and stops your dog from getting too excited, or indeed, sitting down at the wrong times.

What’s more, the overall design is sturdy, durable and highly portable.

JY QAQA Pet Dog Grooming Table
  • 🐕 ADJUSTABLE GROOMING ARM: The grooming arm height can be easily adjusted by the clamp to meet your needs.It will raise the height of your pet...
  • 🐩 NON-SLIP PURE RUBBER SURFACE:The grooming table is designed stable and the table is ribbed rubber surfaced which can ensure the safety for...
  • 🐈 STURDY TABLE &FOLDABLE DESIGN:Goal post style legs provide heavy duty support for your pet and the foldable design makes it easy for storage...

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We all know that grooming your dog can be challenging, especially when you have to do it by yourself.

However, this pet grooming table from Jy Qaqa Pet comes with an adjustable arm to secure your pet, and this adjustability means you can keep it at your desired height without much trouble, making it much easier for solo grooming of your pet.

It’s also sturdy and durable enough to hold your pet safely with a maximum weight of 250 lbs. There’s a non-slip rubber surface that ensures your dog won’t slip and slide around on the table, even while they’re wet.

Finally, the design means it’s easy to store and move around so you can just fold the table and stash it safely for your next use.

Shelandy Professional Grooming Table
  • ① Dimensions (LxW): 31.5x19.5 inches ,Capacity Weight: 200 lbs
  • ② Includes everything you need : 30" height adjustable arm , dog Grooming Restraint ,sturdy clamp.
  • ③ High quality stainless steel material, Easy to fold and heavy duty

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Shelandy’s pet grooming table and pet arm comes with double leashes which ensures you’ll never have to worry about your dog slipping off or jumping from the table.

The double leashes and the padded non-slip surface makes sure your furbaby is safe and comfortable while you give them their much-deserved makeover, and this stability is great for those dogs who don’t like to stand still.

The design is suitable for all dog types and sizes with a maximum weight of 200 lbs, while the heavy duty construction lends some confidence in regards to the build quality.

Yaheetech Pet Dog Grooming Table
  • 🐶【Double Grooming Loops】Two grooming loops are attached to the arm to help you keep the pet in place on the table when you bathe, dry;...
  • 🐶【Dog Grooming Table for small dogs】This heavy duty pet grooming table is made of E1 MDF board, electroplated arm, quality plastic/metal...
  • 🐶【Non-Slip Waterproof PU Dog Trimming Table】 It features an easy-to-clean PU covered tabletop with antiskid texture to make sure your pet...

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The Yaheetech professional grooming table comes in two sizes for you to choose from, and it’s durable and sturdy enough to hold a maximum weight of 220 lbs.

It comes with a non-slip padded surface that’s waterproof and will keep your dog safe from slipping off the table, and the design ensures you’ll have an easier job of grooming your dog without the back pain.

The double noose design also helps to keep your dog safe and secure while they’re on-board.

There’s a basket underneath which is helpful for storing all of your pet grooming tools and this keeps them all within easy reach.

Polar Aurora Pingkay Foldable Grooming Table
  • 【Waterproof and Stable Rubber Table Top】Deluxe aluminum edging paired with a high quality ribbed pure rubber matting which ensures the pets'...
  • 【Mesh Tray & Adjustable Grooming Arm】Adjustable Grooming Arm length:36" Tools basket Included. Weight Capacity: 330 Lbs. Profession High...
  • 【Pebbled Rubber Surface & Space Saver】Our grooming table has unique dog bone shape and goal post style legs allow for easy fold up. Easy to...

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If you’re looking for a heavy duty professional pet grooming table, then this option from Polar Aurora comes in three sizes to accommodate dogs of any breed.

It’s an all-in-one grooming table which comprises of the table itself (complete with rubber padded surface), a mesh tray just underneath the table, and a grooming arm that’s easily adjustable to your desired length.

The design ensures that it offers great security and comfort during the whole duration of the grooming process, with the mesh tray giving you easy access to any tools you may need and the quality construction giving you confidence in its longevity.

Master Equipment Versa Grooming Table
  • Give yourself a leg up when preparing for competitions with the Versa Competition Table!
  • Unique design features an X-style frame with non-slip feet for maximum stability
  • Non-slip pawprint polypropylene tabletop is durable and easy to clean

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Ideally designed for pet grooming competitions and small dogs, Master Equipment’s Versa Competition Table is an excellent ‘on-the-go’ pet grooming table. The design is conveniently light and easy to fold and unfold, while the table itself is made to be sturdy and durable for you and your pet’s comfort and security.

Its non-slip surface ability is easy to clean and will keep your dog from slipping or falling off the table, and it’s particularly recommended for dog show enthusiasts with small dogs due to its convenience and ability to be easily transported.

Of course, there’s also an adjustable grooming arm that helps to keep your dog secure while they’re on top, and the adjustability ensures it’s a comfortable experience for both you and your dog during the grooming session.

The Best Dog Grooming Tables Reviewed (2020)