The Best Dog Igloo Houses Reviewed (2020)

If you’re looking for an interesting alternative to a standard dog house, then picking an igloo-shaped dog house or bed is a great option to consider.

Not only do these dog houses stand out due to their unique style, but they also provide excellent insulation for keeping your dog warm and cozy either indoors or outdoors. In fact, the extra protection can be ideal for colder climates. In this guide, we’re going to highlight several of the best dog igloo houses, so let’s take a closer look.

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The Best Dog Igloo Houses For 2020

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This igloo dog house from Iris USA, Inc is great for use as an indoor or outdoor space for your dog. It’s very easy to assemble and move around, yet there’s enough space inside for one medium size dog or two small dogs to sit comfortably.

One of the best features of this dog house is the adjustable air vent on top that gives your dog plenty of airflow inside. If needs be, this air vent can also be closed, especially during colder days when warmth is a priority.

Furthermore, the construction quality itself is sturdy and will definitely last for a long time. What’s more, there’s enough space inside to add a smaller dog bed as well, and this can be a great way to add some more comfort.

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HollyPet’s foldable cave dog house is ideal for your puppies and small dogs.

One of the cool things about this self-warming hideaway dog house is that it can also be transformed into a couch for some extra versatility. Suitable for both indoors and outdoor use, it features a handle on top of the dog house for you to move it around whenever you need to, making it a convenient and portable option.

Furthermore, the bed is fully machine washable and it will still maintain its shape after each wash. Most dogs like this style of bed because of the cozy and ‘safe’ feeling it gives to their dog, making it the ideal indoor or outdoor hideaway. However, some pet owners might find that the house is too small for their doggos so it’s wise to make sure it’ll accommodate your dog’s size first.

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Petmate’s Aspen PetBarn is a well-built dog house that provides plenty of protection from the elements, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes in a range of different sizes which means it can accommodate a variety of dog breed sizes without much trouble, and there’s also space for a few extra essentials such as water bowls or dog toys.

The design receives plenty of praise for its durability, in particular. The material is made from tough plastic that’ll withstand the cold weather, and it’s easy to put together, clean, and move around with ease. For added insulation, you can place a dog bed or a fleece blanket inside to provide additional comfort for your doggo.

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This cozy-looking pet igloo from Best Friends by Sheri should go a long way toward keeping your dog (or cat!) warm and comfortable. The sizing makes it ideal for smaller dogs, and it functions wonderfully as a private space for your little fur one to enjoy some alone time.

It’s made with pet-safe materials and the comfortable Sherpa fabric definitely lends plenty of style and comfort for your dog to enjoy. Furthermore, the hut is lightweight, waterproof and easy to move around. Also, it’s good for colder weather as the material provides plenty of insulation and warmth.

One pet owner mentioned how they liked the idea of collapsing the back part of the igloo and re-adjusting the removable bed to snuggly fit her chihuahua, and it’s certainly a top pick for small breeds. Although some people may find the outside can be too soft (in which case you may prefer a sturdier model), the dog house is still well-liked by most dog owners.

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Petmate’s Indigo with Microban igloo house is designed to fit larger dogs while providing plenty of insulation, so it can be used in both cold and hot weather without any worry.

Furthermore, it’s durability and sturdiness provides safety and protection to your doggo for the entire year-round for added peace of mind.

It’s easy to appreciate how the design is constructed, and it scores bonus points since it’ll last for a long time without any noticeable deterioration.

However, it may seem a bit smaller than it appears, so it’s worth checking the dimensions carefully.

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If you are looking for a cozy, plush, sturdy pet tent for your dog, then the Best Pet Supplies Tent could be a great choice for you. Designed to last for a long time, this tent is ideal for small to medium dogs who will love the soft, warm design that gives feelings of safety and coziness that they’ll certainly appreciate.

It’s easy to assemble and move around, and it’s even possible for your dog to do it by themselves, too. Most dogs will love to spend time inside a cozy house like this, so you may have to bribe your doggo to get out!

Unlike some other tent beds, this design can stand all by itself without worrying if the sides are going to collapse inward, which is certainly a great advantage to this style.

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This pet tent house from LAAMEI is perfect for small dogs and puppies. It’s designed to be comfortable and portable at the same time, which means you can take it with you whenever you’re on the road or traveling somewhere with your pet.

It’s easy to clean because the inner bedding piece can be removed, and you can easily wipe it clean or handwash without any trouble. It’s generally not recommended for machine washing, but some people may find that it’s worth the risk and comes out okay. The bed inside is also soft and comfortable which your little doggo will surely love.

This PetMate dogloo is ideal if you have puppies or small to medium-sized dogs. One of the nice features of this dogloo is the space inside which gives your dog enough room to move around.

Furthermore, it uses a sturdy and durable design which is especially useful when you’re using the igloo outside or in harsh weather. It’s also portable and easy to move around, making it easier for you to put it anywhere you want it to be.

It can be difficult to put together if you can’t get the top and bottom to line up so easily, but overall, these igloos by PetMate are a good choice if you’re looking for something reliable and durable.

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This pet house from ManxiVoo is perfect for you and your pooch if you like traveling around, as it’s easy to take with you thanks to its collapsible feature. It comes with a soft bed cushion mat which is safe and cozy while giving your dog plenty of comfort to enjoy. This pet bed is also removable and washing machine friendly for convenient cleaning.

It gives your dog plenty of room to move around inside and the design ensures that it’ll stay warm and comfortable for your dog even if it’s a bit colder in the home. Pet owners are recommending this dog house for its quality, comfort, and value for money. It’s worth noting that it comes in three different sizes to suit a variety of breeds, along with several attractive color options.

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Petmaker’s cozy igloo pet house is perfect for puppies and small dogs, as it’s sturdy and comfortable enough for your little fur one to lay down and rest without any concern.

There’s also room to move around inside which makes it a comfortable, private space for them to enjoy. The cushion inside makes it homely and gives your pet the warmth they need, especially during the cold season.

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One of the great things about the K&H soft igloo style heated dog bed is that it adjusts according to your pet’s body temperature. It automatically turns itself on via the dog’s weight, which makes it very simple and easy to use.

If your dog is a chewer, then this isn’t for them due to obvious reasons. But otherwise, it provides a safe and warm place for your little fur one to enjoy, especially during the cold season. Additionally, the cover is soft and easy to wash.

However, you shouldn’t be disappointed if this doesn’t warm up in your hands, as it is supposed to warm up and adjust with your pet’s body temperature, so it shouldn’t be too warm for your dog. It also only uses 20 watts of power, making it very cost-efficient to run.