What’s The Best Dog Paw Balm? Our Detailed Review (2020)

Are you interested in taking better care of your dog’s paws? If so, investing in some high-quality dog paw balm is a very good idea indeed.

It’s safe to say that paw balm is one of the best solutions for keeping your dog’s paws soft, smooth, and well-protected, plus it can even go a long way toward healing wounds or sores, too. Furthermore, good paw balm is essential if you’re taking your dog out in hot or cold weather conditions, as the icy pavements or hot road surfaces can equally damage your dog’s paws over time.

In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best dog paw balm products on the market, so you’ll have a better idea about which products will make a real difference.

In A Hurry? Check The Top 3

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The Best Dog Paw Balm For 2020

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Pawlife’s Pad Rescue Paw Protection Balm has a trio formulation that features shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. These three main ingredients moisturize your dog’s dry, cracked, or sensitive paws or nose, especially during the winter season.

It’s good that it’s not greasy in texture, although you may sometimes have difficulty when it comes to scooping it out. However, it doesn’t leave marks on the floor or on the carpet which is a plus, so you won’t need to worry about cleaning up after application. During winter, applying a layer of this balm will prevent dryness and deliver proper hydration for your dog’s paws and nose.

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Baely’s Paw Shield’s main goal is to moisturize and provide relief to your dog’s paws, and in this regard, it works very well. It uses natural ingredients that’ll protect your dog’s paws and nose, especially if your dog is an active one, and it’s a useful option for a variety of weather climates. With its beeswax blend, it claims to protect your dog’s paws in both hot and cold weather.

Overall, it’s a nice product that should work well. The only potential drawback is that it smells so nice that your dog may end up licking it whenever you apply it, and this might prolong the healing process of the paws or nose. But otherwise, it’s a good option that many dog owners love.

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Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax offers some of the highest grade quality in terms of a dog paw balm, and it’s available to purchase in 60g, 200g, or 1lb sizes which offer excellent value for money.

It provides great outdoor protection for your dog’s paws, especially during the summer and winter with those hot or icy pavements. It’s also an all-natural 100% wax-based cream with added Vitamin E to moisturize and heal those cracked, dry paws. Importantly, it’s easy to apply and does not stain your floors or carpets. The product is also highly recommended by pet groomers who rely on the product for their client’s dogs.

One potential drawback is that the wax can stick on the floors, but a simple solution is to apply a thin amount, just like when you apply lotion, and wait for it to dry first. Giving some treats to your dog while waiting for it to dry can help as well, while also serving as a distraction to prevent your dog from licking their paws.

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If you are looking for an all-natural formulated balm wax for your dogs then VetPro Complete’s Paw and Nose balm is a good choice to consider.

Formulated by a veterinarian himself, Dr. Joseph combined sunflower oil, shea butter, aloe vera, and Vitamin E to give your dog’s paws and nose an additional layer of protection from those cold or hot surfaces.

Aside from this protective feature, it can also relieve your dog’s dry paws and nose and it gives just the right amount of hydration to these parts. It’s also great for moisturizing and softening your dog’s pads which gives them a comfortable stride.

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This healing salve for your dog’s paws, nose, and elbows is made by The Corner Handmade, and each tin contains the perfect combination of sweet almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and cera bellina wax which will give your dog a soothing and comfortable walk.

It’s a completely natural and handmade solution, and it’s a cost-effective option for someone who wants to stick to organic products for their dog. It has only a faint smell and does not have a greasy feeling, which is also great news.

The wax helps to deliver fast-acting results, and you could see a difference after a few days of application.

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Handmade in Marble Falls, Texas, Natural Dog Company’s PAWtection dog balm offers you an all-season protection formula that moisturizes and nourishes your doggo’s pads, while protecting them from cold, hot, snow, or salt surfaces.

It’s an organic, vegan solution that protects and soothes your dog’s paws from drying, cracking and peeling. Furthermore, it’s not greasy nor is the smell too strong, and it’s available in sizes which include 1oz, 2oz, or 4oz to suit any requirement you may have.

With its natural contents, it helps your doggo to prevent those paw burns and will give the relief your dog needs. The product receives a lot of praise and compliments about how effective it is, ranging from how fast the results are down to its versatility in all kinds of weather, especially during the winter and summertime. It’s also recommended especially for active dogs.

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This natural paw balm from Espree contains natural ingredients such as beeswax, almond oil, and aloe oil to name a few, which will give your dog’s paws natural protection from burns and blisters.

It should be able to give fast and effective results while providing comfort to your dog’s paws, and it’s also perfect for dogs who have sensitive skin. It can equally help to make the paws smoother which is another nice benefit.

Given the results, the only potential drawback is that it smells so good that some dogs end up licking their paws. Thankfully, it’s made from all-natural ingredients, but of course, you need some distractions for your dog to not lick it.

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BotaniVet KeraSnout Organic Pet Balm is tested and formulated by a Veterinary dermatologist, and the product relies on organic ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E, to name a few. Importantly, the product is certified to soothe and protect your dog’s paws and nose against dry and cracked skin.

Since this balm is odorless, you won’t need to worry about your dog licking its paws because it smells too nice. Though some dogs still might not be able to resist, so, distraction is key! It’s easy to apply, and even your fingers can feel the moisturizing and smoothing properties after applying it on your dog’s paws or nose.

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Wild Thera’s organic and all-natural herbal pet balm is another good choice when it comes to providing relief and healing for your dog’s paws and nose, so you can say goodbye to dry, cracked, skin and paw burns that leave your dog uncomfortable when walking and running.

What’s good about this product is it has no artificial ingredients, while everything about the formulation is plant-based and promotes healing and relief. It’s also perfect for hiking and traveling thanks to its lightweight and compact size. Furthermore, it has a pleasant enough smell, although it’s almost close to odorless. It should last for a long time on your dog’s paws and it doesn’t leave any greasy residue on the floor, carpets, or even on your hands.

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The Davis Pad And Elbow Protector is made in the USA, and it’s ideal for elderly dogs or rescue dogs who have lived in harsh environments. It comes equipped with ingredients such as Chamomile and Bisabolol to rejuvenate, soothe, and moisturize your dog’s pads and elbows.

The formula is recommended by vets, and it’s easy to trust the product to help soothe your dog’s elbow pads and eventually bring back the hair that was lost in that area. It’s also not very greasy, so you won’t need to worry about the product sticking on your couch, carpet, or floors. You may see some difference with a couple of applications on the affected site, and results should be visible after a few days or sometimes weeks.

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Hipipet’s all-natural pet paw balm is made with 100% organic natural ingredients such as olive oil, natural beeswax, and grape seed oil.

It’s suitable for your pet’s paws and nose, and it’s best to apply it both before and after you take your dog outdoors.

The formula should be capable of delivering highly effective results along with some comfort and relief that the balm gives their dogs, especially during harsh weather conditions. It’s easy to apply and has a great scent, too.

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Cooper’s 100% organic and all-natural paw wax is great for the protection and nourishment of your pet’s paws, and the product is proudly American made and family-owned from Ohio.

It uses all-natural ingredients, and you won’t need to worry when your dog licks their paws. The smell and the easy application are also a plus which makes this balm a highly recommended product. It also doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

The only potential drawback of this product is the consistency of the balm, as it may not be thick enough to cover and protect the paws against road salt, especially during the cold season. But other than that, it still gives the moisture needed for your dog’s paws.

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Top Performance’s Paw Defense Paw Protection Wax is another excellent choice if you’re looking for quality and cost-effectiveness. Each container has 60 grams of product which will last you for a month or two, depending on how frequent you are using this with your dog.

It smells good, it’s easy to apply and above all, it provides soothing relief and softness for your dog’s paws.

It doesn’t rub off too easily or stick on your floors, carpets, or couch, and it doesn’t leave a greasy, sticky feeling after application. The only possible negative is the consistency. For some people, it can be too thin and not recommended for long walks. But you can always reapply some after a couple of hours, depending on the condition of your dog’s paws.

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RELIQ’s Natural Mineral Paw Spa is something both you and your dog are sure to enjoy.

This soothing paw cream is made of natural ingredients such as natural honey extract, camellia, jojoba and meadowfoam seed oils.

What makes it special is the additional ingredient of bentonite clay which acts as a natural moisturizer which protects and relieves your dog’s paws.

After a few applications, most users of this product are amazed by how smooth and soft their dog’s paws are without leaving any greasy streaks. You can also use it on your dog’s nose and elbows as it will act as a soothing balm in this area, too.

Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about your dog licking the area where the balm is applied as it’s fragrance-free, so your dog won’t be distracted by the scent.

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This bundle from Bag Balm comes with an 8oz tin can and an on-the-go tube, so it’s perfect for your dog if you like to be outdoors. If your dog is suffering from chapped conditions such as cracked and dry skin, this type of product could be beneficial.

However, it’s not just useful for your dog’s paws, as it can also be used for their dry ears, nose, and elbows, too. Like most users of this product say, it works great as a moisturizer for cracked and dry skin, leaving it smooth and soft after a few days of applying it.

The only potential negative is the strong medicinal scent that your dog might not like. Otherwise, if you’re more interested in the results it gives rather than the scent, then this is highly recommended.