What’s The Best Dog Puzzle Toy? A Complete Guide

If you have a curious, inquisitive dog then they’ll really benefit from quality puzzle toys that will keep them entertained and engaged, as well as nurture their growing intelligence over time. What’s more, these toys are excellent for keeping your dog happy and challenged, which is often very important, particularly for certain breeds of dog.

With this in mind, we’ve set out to find a good selection of puzzle toys for your dog, all of which provide excellent quality and good value for money. So let’s take a closer look.

The Best Dog Puzzle Toys

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Here’s a tough and hard-wearing toy from West Paw that comes in two different sizes as well as several interesting and brightly colored designs. Durability is a key selling point here, so it’s a good toy to consider for those tough chewers.

When it comes to the puzzle feature, the toy can house treats in the middle, and as your dog plays with the toy they’ll be able to release these treats. In fact, it’s quite useful for pairing with your dog’s more expensive and enjoyable treats, as it’ll make them last much longer than usual.

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This interactive treat ball comes in several different sizes (which makes it easier to find one that’s suitable for your breed of dog), and it’s also fully adjustable, so you can vary the difficulty over time as your dog’s puzzle skills improve.

The treats simply fall out of the ball while it is being rolled around and played with, so it actually rewards your dog for keeping active. It’s also pretty straightforward to clean thanks to its ability to twist apart into two halves.

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The StarMark Bob-A-Lot toy is another classic interactive option that many dogs enjoy, and it also comes in two different sizes, either small or large. One of the great features of this toy is the fact that it can hold a decent quantity of treats, with the large version being able to hold a whopping 3 cups of food.

As the toy is moved around the floor it will rock and wobble, which allows the treats to gradually come out of the holes around the base. This does a great job of keeping your dog entertained for quite some time, and the anti-slip bottom prevents it from moving too far away during play.

This interactive toy comes in several different size options, so you can purchase whichever one best suits your particular breed of dog with no trouble at all. The difficulty level is in the intermediate range, so it’s a step up from the most basic of puzzle toys, but it’s still simple enough to occupy most dogs if you guide them through it.

The toy offers you a great way to enjoy a fun and interactive game with your dog, and it features simple ‘bricks’ that cover the treats which are easy enough for your dog to move to uncover the tasty treat hidden inside.

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Here’s an interesting and affordable puzzle toy that dispenses treats when it’s moved and rolled around, and this greatly increases the amount of entertainment it can offer your dog. The hard-wearing construction means it should last for quite some time, so it can usually take some chewing without too much trouble at all.

What’s more, the toy can help to keep your dog’s teeth in better shape, as the rubber material helps to reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar over time.

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Here’s a delightful plush soft toy that any smaller dog or puppy is sure to enjoy, and the puzzle element comes in the form of a hiding pouch that’s an ideal location to place a few tasty treats. As you’d expect, the smell of the treats will keep your dog occupied for quite some time, and they’ll be able to get the treats out as they play with the toy.

Additionally, the toy comes with a minimal amount of stuffing and a squeaker that adds another kind of interactivity. The toy is fairly durable as well, although it’s only suitable for light chewers.

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Here’s a puzzle toy that’s best suited to an intermediate skill level, although you can purchase a difficulty level that’s both easier and harder than this particular item. It uses a variety of lids that cover enclosed areas that can house tasty treats, and your dog will learn to operate knobs, switches, and sliding disks in order to uncover the treats hidden within.

Of course, there are also several ways to adjust the difficulty, so you can use the toy to gradually enhance the challenge that’s available to your dog.

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This peculiar looking interactive dog toy is another treat dispensing design, which is always a reliable way to keep your pooch entertained and engaged for longer than you’d think. Additionally, it’s also a hard-wearing toy that’s made from an ‘indestructible’ material in the form of thermoplastic rubber which is both durable and fun for your dog to chew.

Overall, this is a fun and colorful toy that adds a simple puzzle element and does a good job of entertaining your dog.

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While this item isn’t precisely a puzzle toy, it’s still worthy of a closer look due to its unique features and ability to entertain and challenge your dog in a unique way. The ‘snuffle mat’ is simply a feeding mat which will encourage your dog to forage and make use of their smelling skills to uncover their food.

Importantly, the item is entirely machine washable, so you’ll have no trouble keeping it clean, and it’s also suitable for dogs of any breed, size, or age.

Here’s another treat dispensing ball that comes in several different color and offers a variety of ways to entertain and interact with your dog. One of the unique features of this toy is the sounds it can make, and of course, the treat dispensing aspect also helps to keep your dog happy for quite some time.

The construction quality is generally very good as well, and it’s made from a non-toxic, highly durable material that promises to be ‘indestructible’.

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Here’s a cute and very affordable plush toy set that doesn’t have too much of a puzzle feature, but it can certainly entertain puppies and small to medium sized breeds. It comes with three squeaky chicks (although there’s also a hedgehog and mice variation of the design), and you can play hide and seek with the chicks and the borrow.

Of course, you’ll need to keep an eye on your dog when they’re playing with this toy, as it won’t take much of a tough chewer to do some real damage to it – but for the price, it’s a fun little set that can be fun to play with.

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Again, here’s another hide and seek set which as a bit larger than the previous option, and it features a fun chipmunk design that has plenty of character and interest. The larger design makes it easier to come up with creative challenges for your dog, and each of the chipmunks comes with an internal squeaker which gives them some added appeal.

This particular set is one of the few ‘hide and seek’ plush toy sets that’s actually appropriate for larger breeds of dog as well, so these toys aren’t just for the small breeds.

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Here’s a simple and charming ‘hatchable’ toy that comes in many fun designs, so it’s well worth taking a look through all of them and choosing the ones that appeal to you the most. You can stuff treats inside the toy to allow for a simple game that’ll appeal to most dogs, and it’s great fun to make your own games with your dog.

There’s minimal stuffing used in the design, and there’s also an extra squeaker included to add some more fun to your dog’s experience of the toy.

Nina Ottosson is another excellent brand that make some of the most interesting puzzle toys for dogs, and this option is always a good choice if you’re looking for a fun and interactive puzzle game to play with your pooch.

The toy features various lids that can house a few treats or pieces of kibble, and the item itself is pretty hard wearing and durable, as well as being safe to use in the dishwasher. Of course, one of the best features of this toy is that you can use it to train a variety of commands including wait, sit, go ahead, and many more.

This Nina Ottosson interactive game is known as the ‘Dog Casino’, and it’s a fun interactive toy that’s great for teaching your dog a range of commands such as find, sit, wait, and more. As usual, it also comes with top-notch construction quality that means it should last for many years without any worries in terms of durability, and it’s also suitable for dishwasher use for added convenience.

It’s worth noting that this game is harder than many of the alternatives on the market, so it’s best suited for an intelligent dog that already has some skill with puzzle games. Of course, if you’re patient, then you’ll be able to start a clever dog with this toy.

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The Domino game from Nina Ottosson is another interesting addition to the product line, and it comes with 5 treat chambers and 5 treat blocks which give your dog plenty of places to investigate when searching for their favorite treats.

Additionally, this game comes with an eco-friendly wood construction which makes a nice change from the usual plastic design, and it’s certainly a rugged and well-made item that should last a long time. You can also get many hours of fun and entertainment from this toy if you’re willing to join in with your dog, and it’s a great way to nurture their growing intelligence and puzzle solving skills.

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Here’s a fun hide and seek toy from the Outward Hound company, and it’s available in many different sizes as well as several different designs, so you don’t have to pick the squirrel design if you’d prefer something a little different. In fact, the bee, bird, and hedgehog designs are just as fun and creative.

The soft toys will be enjoyed by most dogs, and while you don’t want to give them to a tough chewer, you’ll find that they can be great fun thanks to their squeakers and ability to hide treats. There are also many ways to use this toy in an interactive way, with some buyers finding it a good solution for playing fetch, too.

Here’s a fun treat-dispensing puzzle toy that offers your dog plenty of mental stimulation, and like many puzzle toys, it rewards your dog for uncovering the treat that’s hidden under each peg. Of course, the toy is fairly simple in its construction, but it’s also a rather affordable option that makes it a good buy if you’re just starting out in the world of puzzle toys for your pooch.

If you’re looking for an advanced or intermediate puzzle then this may not be the right choice, but as a cost-effective introduction, it’s certainly worth taking a closer look at.