What Are The Best Dog Rope Toys?

Looking for the best dog rope toys? If so, you’re making a great choice because rope toys are fantastic for tug-of-war games, chewing, playing fetch, and more.

However, it’s important to keep a close watch on your dog with rope toys to ensure they don’t destroy the toy and swallow the fibers. In this guide, we’re going to reveal best rope toys on the market, so let’s take a closer look.

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The Best Dog Rope Toys For 2020

Pacific Pups Products Rope Toys For Aggressive Chewers
  • THESE ROPES SUPPORT US IN OUR EFFORTS TO SAVE DOGS FROM HIGH KILL SHELTERS – Pacific Pups Products Dog Toys were created to support Pacific...
  • PLASTIC FREE! ASTM F-963 CHILDRENS TOY SAFETY STANDARDS CERTIFIED & LIFETIME GUARANTEED–Your dog is guaranteed to have a great time with these...
  • INCLUDES FREE GIRAFFE DOG FLOSS TOY – our dog toys value pack includes this giraffe rope dog flossing toy for FREE! The giraffe flosser rope...

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Here’s a fantastic collection of rope toys from Pacific Pup Products which comes with a range of toys that suit aggressive chewers in particular, and even though they’re not indestructible, they’ll generally tougher than most. You also get a great selection of tug toys, flossers, rings, chew toys, and even a giraffe!

The toughness and durability of these toys are a great advantage for both dogs and owners, as you won’t need to worry about cleaning up after your dog has been playing with the rope toy, as these are durable enough to cope with most dog breeds.

Pets & Goods Dog Rope Toys (5 Pack)
  • SAFE MATERIAL - chew toys for dogs are made of tight, multi-colored cotton ropes which are natural, non-toxic and absolutely safe for your pet;...
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR PUPPIES AND SMALL-MEDIUM BREEDS OF DOGS - puppy chew toys will relieve the pain of inflamed gums of your teething puppy and will...
  • YOUR FUR FRIEND WILL NEVER GET BORED - sturdy, colorful dog chew toy will help your pet to forget boredom - just let the dog tug or chew these...

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These rope toys from Pets & Goods give you a selection of multi-colored toys in a pack of 5, and they’re made entirely from a durable cotton rope that’s non-toxic. The sizing means they’re best suited for small to medium breeds and puppies, and puppies, in particular, will benefit from using these toys while they’re teething.

The toys are on the smaller side which is worth keeping in mind if you have a bigger dog, but this is why they’re a nice pick for smaller breeds.

Achivy Dog Rope Toy For Aggressive Chewers
  • Extra Large Dog Rope Toy For Large Dogs - This super large dog rope is made with 36 inch long and 1.65lb weight, 5-knot design, it is heavy duty...
  • Strong Dog Toy for Tug of War - Tough dog rope that will withstand playtime and challenge with your aggressive chewers. This dog rope is a great...
  • Durable Dog Toy for Teething - Our big dog rope is made from 100% natural cotton, safe for chewing and playing, it will not only help to clean...

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Here’s an XXL sized rope toy that’s designed with bigger dogs in mind, and specifically those dogs that can be classed as aggressive chewers. It measures 36 inches long and weighs 1.65lb, making it a thick and durable toy. It also comes with 5 knots, making it a great choice for Tug of War games with your dog.

It’s a good choice for those stronger chewers who usually tear their rope toys apart too quickly, and you can rest assured this toy is much more solid and built to last.

Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Rope Toy
  • X-Large 36-Inch Cottonblend Color 3 Knot Rope Tug
  • Rope fibers floss dogs' teeth as they chew and play
  • Cottonblend Color materials

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This 3-knot rope toy is another great choice for games of Tug, and it comes in a 36-inch size, although there’s also a small, medium, and mini size to choose from as well. The cotton fibers give you the toy great durability and they’ll also help to clean and floss your dog’s teeth.

It’ll be important to keep an eye on your dog if they’re serious chewer as you don’t want them to shred the toy or swallow any of the pieces, as it may not always be able to withstand regular aggressive chewing.

Otterly Pets Rope Toys
  • FIVE HIGH QUALITY LARGER ROPES For Your Best Friend - Perfect for Tug of War, Toss and Fetch Games, and Teething Dental Health. Built Tough to be...
  • BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE MATCHING Custom Color Assortment Value Pack Set is Sure to Delight you and Your Dog. Variety Package Includes 1) 4 Knots 22.5...
  • WASHABLE 100% NATURAL COTTON FIBERS for Your Family Member's Health and Safety. Take Them Outside and do Jump Exercise With Your Hound Knowing...

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These dog rope toys from Otterly give you a 5-pack of quality, large-size toys that consist of tug toys, rings, and rope balls. The toys aren’t considered indestructible but they’re certainly chew-resistant so they’ll withstand most dogs chewing if they’re not too persistent or stong.

The 100% natural cotton fibers keep them safe and help to clean your dog’s teeth, too.The collection of toys gives you a nice selection of rope toys to try with your dog and find out which they like the best.

ZippyPaws Monkey RopeTugz
  • INTERACTIVE PLAY - Tug of war just got a lot more playful. The ZippyPaws Monkey RopeTugz integrates the fun of a squeaky chew toy with a durable,...
  • DURABLE - This toy features the same durable 2/3" rope used by rock climbers, so you can look forward to hours and hours of play with your best...
  • FUN COLORS - The Monkey RopeTugz is available in 4 vibrant colors: blue, green, purple, and red. Pick the perfect color to suit your dog.

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Here’s a unique rope toy that comes in a monkey design, and it’s a great option for playing Tug of War games. Furthermore, it comes with an internal squeaker that’s useful for getting your dog’s attention, and it’s also built to be durable enough to withstand these games as it’s made from the same 2/3″ rope used by rock climbers.

Durability is a key advantage of this toy, and even if your dog does manage to damage the squeaker or rip out the stuffing, it’ll still last as a reliable Tug of War rope toy.

Otterly Pets Dog Toys (Big Size 3-Pack)
  • Three LARGE Rope Toys for SERIOUS fun. Built to Endure Aggressive Tug, Toss and Fetch Games - Perfect for Dental Health of Your Family's Best...
  • 1 -> 23" Inch Long Folded Rope with 3 Knots, with a knot diameter of 3" Inches. 2 -> LARGE 4" Inch diameter rope ball. 3 -> A 13.5" Inch Handled...
  • Washable 100% Natural Cotton Fibers can help to Prevent Gum disease by Fighting Plaque Build-Up during play

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Here’s another combination of toys from the Otterly Pets brand which features a 3-knot toy, a ball, and a tug toy that gives you several options for playing with your dog. The cotton construction means they’re washable, as well as useful for keeping your dog’s teeth clean.

The bigger rope is generally quite durable, so it’ll withstand some moderate chewing from the average dog, and the set gives you reasonable value for your money as well.

Mammoth Pet Products Flossy Chews Monkey Fist Ball
  • Large 18-Inch Color Monkey Fist Ball with Rope Ends
  • Rope fibers floss dogs' teeth as they chew and play
  • Cottonblend Color materials

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This rope toy from Mammoth Pet Products comes in 4 different sizes and features a large monkey fist ball in the center along with knots on each end, which means it can work well as a chew toy or for playing games of Tug. It’s made from a quality cottonblend that ensures it’s fairly durable, too.

The rope ball design makes it somewhat more durable than the average rope toy, so it’ll function well as a chew toy for stronger chewers and bigger breeds without much trouble.

Petony Dog Rope Chew Toys
  • 🐾 100% SAFE & NON-TOXIC - These dog toys are made of cotton, they are healthy and non-toxic, so that you can let your pets play these rope...
  • 🐾 INTERACTIVE & FUN - Dog toys can be used for playing games between owners and dogs, and can also serve as an auxiliary tool for daily...
  • 🐾 TEETH CLEANING - Chewing help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar, effectively cleans teeth to promote oral health soothes discomforts...

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Here’s a colorful rope toy set of 4 that’s designed with small dogs and puppies in mind, and the tight cotton fibers ensure they’ll withstand some chewing when your pup is teething. They can also be used for playing fetch and Tug of War.

The quality is generally pretty good with these rope toys, so most buyers will find they’re worth the money thanks to the extra durability they provide, so your dog should get plenty of use from them.

Dogit Hagen Knotted Rope Bone Toy
  • Mint flavored dog chew toy
  • Regular chewing gently cleans teeth andmassages gums, reducing plaque build-up and preventing gum disease
  • Provides hours of fun and exercise

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Here’s an interesting dog rope bone toy that comes with the unique feature of being mint-flavored, which means it’ll not only help to keep your dog’s teeth cleaner, but it’ll also freshen up their breath as well. Furthermore, it comes in 4 size options which include small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The durable construction means they can stand up to aggressive chewers most of the time,
and the stiffness of the rope (due to the tight weaving) certainly helps the toy in this regard.

SunGrow Twisted Triple Knotted Rope Bone Toy
  • DURABLE MATERIALS --- The amusing pair of SunGrow Triple Knotted Rope Bones are ready to be played with right out of the package. Made with...
  • INTERACTIVE TOY FOR BONDING AND EXERCISING --- Perfect for playing tug-of-war and other games with your family dog, the strong and enticing...
  • PREVENT UNWANTED CHEWING --- Some dogs, particularly young puppies who are teething, will inconveniently chew on things such as furniture, shoes,...

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Here’s a two-pack set of knotted rope bone toys that come in a bright pink and white color, and the knots make them a good choice for playing Tug of War games in particular. They’re also durable enough for some light chewing, due to the tough, tightly woven cotton yarn that’s used for their construction.

The knots can withstand chewing from most small to medium breeds, but they may not be best for the most aggressive chewers. But if you like the colorful design, they may be for you.

PlayfulSpirit Rubber Ball On A Rope Toy
  • Playing with this dog toy is VERY USEFUL TO FULFILL NATURAL CANINE URGES to grab and pull on things with their mouth or to chew to keep their...
  • PERFECT SIZE with measures - ball diameter 2.4 inches makes it suitable for medium and larger size dogs. Rope length is 19.6 inches, which allows...
  • This toy is made of PET-FRIENDLY AND SAFE MATERIALS not to harm your pet. Non-toxic semi-hard rubber ball with strong and securely attached...

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Here’s a unique ball on a rope toy which can be great for playing fetch or Tug of War. The ball makes it easy for your dog to pick up, and it’s easy to throw for your dog when you’re taking them out for a walk.

It’s one of the most rugged and durable ball tug toys on the market, and both the rope and the ball should withstand some chewing from your dog, and the sizing makes it suitable for bigger dogs without any problem.

Mammoth Pet Products Rope Bone Toy
  • Medium 12-Inch 100-Percent Cotton White Rope Bone
  • Rope fibers floss dogs' teeth as they chew and play
  • 100-Percent Natural White Cotton materials

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Here’s a medium-sized cotton rope bone that measures 12 inches, making it a good length for most medium dog breeds. The rope fibers are useful for cleaning your dog’s teeth as they play, and it comes with a knot on either end which adds some chewing satisfaction, as well as making Tug of War games possible.

The use of an all-natural cotton blend ensures there are no toxic fibers in here, and it’s free of colorings and dyes. It also wins praise for its overall durability.

Suricata Toys Dog Rope Toy
  • HOURS OF SAFE ENTERTAINMENT - This tug toy is made of 100% natural cotton, measuring 36” with 5 knots and weighs 800 grams for tug of war and...
  • PLAYING TOGETHER AND BONDING TOGETHER - The best use of this rope is when you play together. It’s a great bonding tool and when played...
  • YES, IT’S SAFE - Made of 100% cotton, our rope is extremely strong and durable But be advised - if you just leave your do to sit and chew on it...

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Here’s an extra-large dog rope toy that measures 36 inches, and it’s designed to be strong enough to accommodate aggressive chewers who may ordinarily make light work of the average rope toy. It’s made from 100% cotton, but the tight weave gives it a lot of strength. Furthermore, you can put it in the washing machine to keep it clean.

It deserves praise for it’s durable, rugged construction so you can rest assured your dog won’t be able to destroy it too quickly, and the length means it’s fun for playing Tug of War or simply letting your dog chew on the knots and make their own fun.

Otterly Pets Rope Toys (Set of 4)
  • Four durable rope toys for chewing and playing - perfect toy for tug, toss and chew games and dental health
  • Cleans teeth and massages gums and can help to redirect bad biting behavior
  • Washable 100% natural cotton fibers fight plaque build-up and can help with preventing gum disease

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This set of four rope toys is suitable for small and medium breeds, and they’re surprisingly durable, making them ideal for your dog to play with over the long term. They’re excellent for playing tugging games, and
the toys are comprised of 100% natural cotton fibers which make them fully washable.

Chewing these toys will help to floss your dog’s teeth and prevent the buildup of excess plaque, and each rope toy is unique, using different colors and thicknesses to give your dog some variety.

Booda Fresh N Floss 3-Knot Rope Dog Toy
  • Flosses Dogs Teeth: This durable rope dog toy is wound with mint-scented dental rope to upkeep healthy teeth. The dog dental toy is designed with...
  • Soft On Dogs Mouth: The tough rope toy for dogs is non-irritating on gums & is made of wax-coated nylon. Ideal for dog teething for puppies &...
  • Pet Toys: Get ready for bonding & fun with your dogs & cats! Check out a variety of our pet toy products such as frisbees, perches & mirrors for...

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Here’s a wonderful three knot tug rope toy from Booda, and it’s available in three different sizes – either medium, large, or extra-large. One of the most interesting features of this rope toy is how there’s actual dental floss twisted into the rope, so this helps to give your dog a great dental health boost when they’re playing.

Furthermore, it contains baking soda which gives additional benefits when it comes to controlling plaque and tartar, yet this design still manages to be non-irritating and non-invasive, so it’s still suitable for dogs who are more sensitive in the mouth or gum area.

Kong Puppy Goodie Bone Treat Toy With Rope
  • TEETHING PUPPIES: The natural KONG Puppy soft teething rubber formula designed to soothe teeth and gums
  • APPROPRIATE CHEWING: This toy's multiple chewing textures promote positive chewing behavior by satisfying your puppy's natural instinct to chew
  • TEETH CLEANING: The all-cotton rope helps to clean teeth and gums for improved dental hygiene

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Here’s a cute rope toy that features a rope and rubber bone toy, which gives your puppy some options with how they chew. The rubber bone in the middle is ideal for teething, and the small size means it’s also suitable for the smallest of breeds.

However, the rope is gentle enough to not cause any harm to small dog’s teeth and gums, and it features high-quality construction that should be quite durable throughout the teething stages. It’s also a great way to engage in some fun games with a toy breed or small puppy.

Duoer Well Love Natural Cotton Rope Toys
  • Products Name - Please choose free gift that you can get the shown bag on the pictures,New and old packaging random delivery,Color random...
  • Products Introduction - Plush dog 13-inch,Dog Ropes tug of war ball 13-inch,avirulent insipidity soft rubber toys,soft and...
  • Product Description - Bright colors,with the bell,bite the rope,bones,voice,etc.,Dog Ball is one of the best tools for dogs to play at ordinary...

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This convenient 6-pack of rope toys makes for an excellent gift set, as it contains several rope toys along with some plush toys and a useful carry bag.

Each item is well-constructed and the rope toys give you a range of options for playing with your pooch. Many dogs will enjoy chewing on the rope ball, but there are several toys in here that can be used for playing games of fetch as well.

Zanies Crazy Eight Rope Pet Toy
  • Eight rope arms intersect with a hard knot
  • Ideal for games of pulling, tugging, and chewing
  • Made of durable cotton rope

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Here’s an unusual looking toy that’s great fun when you’re playing games of tug, and it will also occupy many dogs when they are left to play with it by themselves, too. It features a design that uses eight intersecting legs with a hard knot in the middle, so there’s plenty of places for your dog to chew and gain leverage.

The construction is very durable, and it benefits from a sturdy cotton construction that shouldn’t let you down thanks to the tight weaving and stitching.

Friends Forever Dog Rope Toys
  • MADE FOR FUN - Definitely attract pet's attention, great for Small and Medium dogs (not for large dogs) to play interactive games like tug of...
  • CLEANS TEETH - 100% natural cotton fibers fight plaque build-up, keeping your dog's teeth clean and preventing gum disease.
  • ADVANTAGE - Extra Thick fibers make for strengthened joint connections, help pets redirect bad biting behavior.

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Here’s rope toy set from Friends Forever which gives you several unique pieces, all of which have a similar color theme and reliable construction. Each item is tightly constructed and uses 100% natural cotton fibers which help to massage your dog’s gums and keep their teeth clean.

The wide array of toys means you’ll find several that are ideal for playing tug games, while others serve best as chew toys or for playing games of fetch. The set comes with a reusable bag that makes it easy to carry them all around with you and to keep them all in one safe place.

The Natural Pet Company Tug-of-War Dog Rope Toy
  • ADDICTIVE FOR DOGS! – As a dog owner, you’ll already know that dogs love to chew and will rip up anything in sight if they don’t have...
  • ATTRACTIVE MATERIAL! – The Natural Pet Company creates products with neutral tones, which are attractive to you as well as to your pet. No...
  • EXERCISE WITH YOUR PET! – Dogs are the most sociable of animals, so they need stimulation and interaction from you in order to truly enjoy...

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This particular collection of rope toys comes in a wonderful gift box, making it an excellent gift for any dog lover who’s looking to treat their dog.

The construction is very good, and it’s made using a pleasant looking design that focuses on neutral colors rather than using anything too bright. They make for excellent interactive toys, and most dogs will have a great time when you use these to play tug of war games.

Fetch Pet Products RopeBots Dog Toy
  • SAFETY: Not recommended for aggressive chewers. Tested using ASTMF963 standards to ensure quality and safety.
  • WHAT'S INSIDE: One regular squeaker and one large "honk" squeaker. Approximately 13 inches long.
  • EXTERIOR DESIGN: Double-stitched canvas encases squeakers while rope legs and arms extend from the toy.

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Here’s a fun rope toy that looks like a robot, and it uses quality rope and knots for the feet, arms, and head which gives your dog plenty of areas to chewing, while the main body contains a squeaker.

It comes in several color choices, and despite the fun design, they’re surprisingly durable thanks to the double-stitched canvas which contains the squeaker, and the rope legs and arms are also fairly tough.

Knivel Puppy Rope Toys
  • 🐶 PUPPY ROPE TOYS FOR SMALL DOGS - Pack of 4 Knot Dog Toys for Playing - Perfect Toy for Toss, Chewing Games and Dental Health. Whatever play...
  • 🐶 ECO-FRIENDLY For Your Best Friend - Washable 100% Natural Cotton Fibers Fight Plaque Build-Up and can Help With Preventing Gum Disease....
  • 🐶 GREAT DESIGN Beautiful and Vibrant Colors - This knot toy is specially designed to strengthen your dog’s gums and teeth - Pet Safe for...

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If you’re looking for some smaller rope toys that’ll be suitable for puppies and small breeds, then this collection from Knivel may be worth a closer look. It comes in a pack of four mini rope toys that are useful for teething puppies, and the soft cotton construction means it’ll help to clean those teeth, too.

The toys can be washed in the machine to keep them clean and fresh when needed, and they will usually come out just like new. Overall, these toys are an excellent choice for puppies as their first set of rope toys.

4LegsFriend Rope Toys
  • ROPE TOYS TO THE RESCUE – Does your big dog chew through tiny toys in a heartbeat? Treat them to toys that last with the dog rope toys for...
  • 4 TOYS FOR YOUR 4-LEGGED FRIEND – Get your dog’s tail going with the dog-toy set that comes with 4 toys! Whether your dog loves to fetch,...
  • DOG-PARENT APPROVED – Don’t risk a trip to the vet because of unsafe dog toys that are filled with chemicals. Keep your pet safe with the...

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This 4-set of dog rope toys can be used by bigger dogs or large breed puppies, and it comes with a knotted rope bone, ball, tug ring, and a rope with a center ball – so there’s something for every dog. The durability is very good thanks to the thick design, and the pack comes with a full satisfaction guarantee.

Some of the toys are best suited for puppies, while the others can be used as your pup grows older, so it’s a good gift set for any large breed puppy.

What Are The Best Dog Rope Toys?