What’s The Best Dog Shampoo?

Having a clean, fresh, and tidy dog is certainly preferable to the alternative, but it’s important to have a quality shampoo that’s suitable for your dog. Of course, it’s also essential to use a shampoo that’s designed specifically with dogs in mind, because otherwise, you’ll run the risk of agitating your dog’s skin in some way.

It’s worth noting that a dog’s skin pH level is different from humans, so using a shampoo that’s intended for human use isn’t a wise thing to do. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of quality dog shampoos, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to find one that will be perfect for your dog.

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The shampoo from Furminator is a great choice, work focuses on reducing shedding, as well as supporting a healthy coat and skin. The product is further enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as papaya leaf extract and calendula extract.

The formula is also quite affordable, and it should last for a reasonable length of time, depending on how much shampoo you need to use each time.

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If your dog is suffering from itchy skin, then this soothing shampoo formula from Pet Head is a great product to choose. It uses an effective combination of oatmeal and aloe vera to give quick relief for your dog, and the addition of wheat protein, tea tree oil, and chamomile extract will go a long way towards soothing your dog’s skin further and conditioning their coat.

It’s also worth noting that that the formula is free of parabens and petroleum derivatives, and carefully balanced to accommodate the pH level of your dog’s skin.

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If you’re looking for an all natural shampoo formula that is entirely soap free and fully bio-degradeable, then this product from Earthbath is an excellent choice. The formula is very gentle and safe for virtually any dog, even the most sensitive ones. However, the formula is also very effective, and you’ll soon have a wonderfully fresh smelling dog after using the product.

The product also comes in a broad range of options, which include oatmeal based shampoos, tea tree, orange peel, green tea and more.

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Here is another excellent natural pet shampoo coming from Wahl. The shampoo is available in a broad range of different scents, and there’s also a flea and tick version, along with a puppy specific version as well.

The product doesn’t use any harsh chemicals at all, which makes it excellent for most dogs in general – and it also promises to give you up to 70% more baths thanks to the concentrated formula – which ultimately means this product is excellent value for money.

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This scented shampoo from fresh ‘n clean is another incredibly affordable option, and it comes in a range of sizes – some of which are very large indeed.

The scent is, however, pleasant, and the shampoo does a good job of leaving your dog’s coat smelling nice and fresh for quite some time. It also helps to remove matted hair and tangles, so it’s a suitable choice for long-haired breeds, too.

Overall, the fresh ‘n clean brand is well respected, and there are several different versions of the shampoo available, all of which score excellent reviews and perform very well.

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This dog shampoo from OxGord is designed to relieve dry and itchy skin, and it also does a good job of removing pet odor as well. In general, this is thanks to the medicated formula that primarily relies on Aloe Vera to provide excellent relief from itching, which your dog is sure to appreciate.

A nice perk to this product is that it’s a shampoo and conditioner all in one, while still using natural and organic ingredients that shouldn’t upset your dog’s skin.

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This lavender and mint scented shampoo smells incredible, and also relies entirely on natural ingredients with no soap products at all – making it an excellent choice for your dog. The product uses botanical extracts and natural conditioners, which makes it a great shampoo and conditioner combined.

Even though the product does not contain any soap products, it still builds to a rich lather, and it will also rinse out of your dog’s coat quickly and easily – which makes the bath time experience quick and easy. Additionally, the lavender scent may go a long way towards easing your dog’s anxiety if they are not particularly comfortable with bath time in general.

This oatmeal based shampoo and conditioner promises to give your dog’s coat a wonderful shine, all thanks to the natural, concentrated ingredients used that’ll quickly improve the condition of your dog’s coat – as well as relieve any discomfort or itching they may feel.

What’s more, the formula is truly multipurpose – allowing it to cleanse, condition, and moisturize your dog’s skin, making it an excellent choice in general.

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This dog shampoo from Burt’s Bees is a fully hypoallergenic formulation, which also includes additional sheer butter for moisturizing your dog’s skin, as well as honey for improving the health of your dog’s coat. It uses a gentle, soap-free cleanser that shouldn’t cause any issues, even with sensitive skin.

It’s generally an excellent product that’s well worth the money – especially if you’re looking for something with added moisturizing benefits.

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Our final pick is this excellent oatmeal shampoo from a company called Perfect Coat. It comes with a wonderful French vanilla scent that smells fresh but without being too overpowering, and it primarily relies on oatmeal and Liposomes to cleanse and soothe your dog’s skin.

In particular, it’s an excellent choice for when your dog is itching and scratching because it will quickly give them the relief they need, as well as support a healthy and soft coat.