What’s The Best Hands Free Dog Leash? Our Detailed Guide

If you’re looking for a comfortable way to walk or run with your dog, then using a hands-free leash is an excellent investment.

Most hands-free leashes come with a number of unique features that make them far more convenient for runners, but they’re also very pleasant to use for general walking and hiking purposes for many people, too

In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at the best hands-free dog leashes on the market, so you’ll have a better idea of which leashes are worth your money. Keeping this in mind, let’s explore the top options.

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Here’s a very popular hands-free leash from Tuff Mutt, and it uses an easy glide belt clip, which lets the clip slide around the belt from side to side, giving you and your dog unparalleled freedom while walking and running.

It gives you around 4 feet of length, and the waist belt can fit anything up to a 42″ waist, making it comfortable and snug for most people to wear, and this security will give you some extra confidence when you’re out with your dog.

Of course, it also comes with two well-placed handles that give you added control when you need it, and these handles are certainly useful for giving your dog some extra guidance and ensuring you have control at all times.

Furthermore, there’s a bungee between the two handles, so there’s no constant tension when you’re walking or running, and it does a good job of absorbing any tension that comes from missteps. There’s also reflective stitching used for some added visibility, and it’s available in a few different colors, too.

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Here’s a premium quality hands-free leash that’s great for running, as the flexible bungee design does an excellent job of reducing any force or tension that can occur when you’re running, so you won’t feel pulled off your feet if your dog mismatches your pace occasionally.

The leash itself is made from weather-proof nylon, and the hardware is also very sturdy, which gives you some extra confidence in the longevity of the leash.

It’s worth noting that it’s available in a few different colors, as well as two different sizes – either 36 inches or 48 inches – which helps you to pick the right size for your breed, along with how much room you’re going to need when running with your dog. It’s also a great choice for a variety of uses, so even if you’re not a runner, it’s very comfortable for walking and hiking as well.

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The “Buddy System” leash comes in three different size choices, either regular, large, or X-Large, with each option coming with some further adjustability to ensure both you and your dog are comfortable while using it.

A nice feature of the leash is the quick-release mechanism which allows you to unlock the leash instantly in an emergency, and the leash also has a lot of freedom to it, so it doesn’t become tangled very easily at all. There are also two belt attachments and a collar attachment for reliable security.

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Here’s a hands-free leash from Kurgo which promises to give you 6 leashes in 1, and it’s certainly very versatile due to these features. The leash can be used in a hands-free manner around the waist, as well as using it as a double dog leash, over the shoulder, as a tether, as a 6-foot leash, or a 3-foot training leash.

It comes in a few different color choices, and each design features a reflective trim and a strong nylon webbing for added reliability. There’s an extra handle available for some further control, and the adjustable waist belt is comfortable enough while being worn, so it serves very well as a hands-free option.

It’s interesting to note that the leash comes with a lifetime warranty from the Kurgo brand, which gives you some added confidence regarding the quality and durability on offer.

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The Hertzko brand makes several well-reviewed dog products, and their hands-free leash is another excellent option that won’t let you down. It comes in either 36-inch or 48-inch designs, both of which make great use of a comfortable waistband that’s fully adjustable, thanks to the use of a Tri-Glide Adjuster that makes it quick and simple to fit.

The construction is also very good indeed, so it’s tough and durable enough to last for many years without any worry. It’s weather-resistant as well, so it won’t degrade all too quickly even if you’re out in the wet, cold, or extreme weather.

Of course, there’s an easy-grip handle that gives you better control over your dog when needed, and you can use this to keep your dog closer whenever you need to. Finally, it uses reflective stitching to give you better visibility in darker environments.

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If you’re looking to cycle with your dog, then you’ll know how tricky it can be to find a leash that works well during this activity. Fortunately, this option from “Walky Dog” is specifically designed to help you cycle with your dog, and it works very well indeed. The leash can be installed on your bike in just a few minutes, and the high carbon stainless steel design makes this part of the product very strong and durable. Importantly, it also has a quick-release feature for added safety.

Furthermore, the leash is made from a military-grade paracord which has a whopping 550 lb pull strength, so it has the resilience to deal with any pulling that occurs during your ride. But perhaps most importantly, it has an internal shock-absorbing system that helps to ensure your dog doesn’t pull your bike over, nor have your bike get too close to your dog and run the risk of injury.

This hands-free dog leash from TaoTronics is suitable for larger, stronger dogs of up to 150 lbs thanks to the dual bungee design that gives you great tension absorbing ability. Ultimately, this gives you far better control over any pulling, jerking, or lunging.

The use of an extra handle gives you better control as well, and you can also guide your dog with the handle positioned at the waist, which gives you further control without having to break your stride when walking or running.

The leash also comes with some useful reflective stitching, which means you and your dog will have better visibility during those twilight hours, and this is certainly an important feature to look out for.

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Here’s a highly-regarded hands-free leash that’s suitable for medium to large sized dogs, and it makes great use of a strong stainless steel hardware and rugged construction that makes it a reliable option in most cases.

The easy-grip handle feels great in the hand, and it gives you plenty of control, along with the bungee design that prevents any jerking or sudden stops that could be uncomfortable or risky for you or your dog.

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Here’s another hands-free leash that’s available in either 4 feet or 5 feet sizes, as well as several color choices. But most importantly, it comes with excellent neoprene padded handles that feel nice to hold, while the adjustable waistband will ensure you’re comfortable while wearing it with your dog.

The leash uses the usual bungee design which is ideal for taking the tension off the leash when you’re running or walking, and this key feature is something you’ll always want to look for if you’re searching for a hands-free leash that’s suitable for running.

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Here’s a bungee leash that’s suitable for dogs up to 180 lbs, making it a tough and durable option for walking bigger dogs. The design can also accommodate two dogs, and the 2 heavy-duty D rings are strong enough to give you confidence in how secure the leashes are, along with the strong neoprene fabric that is tough enough to handle some long-term use.

Of course, the adjustable waistband comes with a few extra features such as inner pockets where you can place your keys and cards, along with a water bottle, and a few other small things you may need to carry with you. There’s also some useful reflective stitching that increases the visibility of the leash when you’re out in those twilight hours.

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Here’s a stylish and reliable hands-free leash that’s designed with added comfort in mind, and it uses a quality extendible bungee which does a good job of absorbing any shock or tension that comes from when your dog becomes out of step with you.

The leash design is built to last thanks to its durable construction, and it even comes with a lifetime warranty for further peace of mind, so if it does wear too fast, you can always get in touch with the manufacturer for a fair replacement.

It comes with a measurement of 54 inches, allowing you for plenty of space to keep a relaxed jogging pace without too much worry, and the handle still gives you enough control when needed.

Here’s another high-quality hands-free leash that comes with two different handles, which gives you great control over your dog while still enjoying the freedom that only a hands-free design can provide.

It comes with an adjustable belt that’s made from nylon, and it can vary from 28″ to 48″ which ensures comfort for a wide range of waist sizes, allowing you to get a comfortable fit when running or walking with your dog.

It features some useful reflective stitching that gives you better visibility, and it’s also well-constructed, with dual-sided seams and reliable stitching throughout.

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Here’s a great hands-free leash that comes with a 3-in-1 design, allowing you to use it for running, hiking, or walking without any worries at all. Additionally, it comes with a convenient pouch that’s great for storing your phone or any other accessories that you need while you’re out with your dog.

In terms of construction, it’s made from a premium grade nylon, along with a heavy-duty box stitching that ensures the leash is tough, strong, and durable – so you can rest assured that it’s been built to last.

Of course, the leash features reflective stitching throughout to boost its visibility, and it also has a useful quick-release button, which is always a key feature to have.