What Are The Best Kong Dog Toys? Our Top Picks

If you’re looking for one of the best dog toy manufacturers around, then you certainly can’t ignore the Kong brand. As one of the oldest and most respected dog toy creators, they’ve built up a considerable range of fantastic toys that cater to all dog breeds, and most of them are very affordable, too.

In this guide, we’re going to reveal some of our favorite Kong dog toys – so if you’re planning to buy a new toy for your dog anytime soon, it’s well worth consulting this guide for some top recommendations.

All of these toys have received fantastic reviews from dog owners, and they’ve been enjoyed by countless dogs of all shapes and sizes. So without any further introduction, let’s take a closer look at these dog toys.

The Best Kong Toys For A Dog

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Our first pick is this incredibly popular toy known simply as the ‘Kong Classic’. This toy comes in a variety of sizes, making it suitable for any size of dog, and it was one of the first toys to allow treats to be stuffed inside – which certainly adds a whole new dimension of fun, excitement, and reward for your dog!

The unusual shape means the bounce can be very unpredictable, which only adds further to the enjoyment your dog experiences whenever you use this toy to play fetch. Its tough nature also makes it suitable for strong chewers, and like most Kong toys, there’s little chance of your dog being able to destroy the toy.

Overall, this toy has been recommended the world over by vets, trainers, and dog lovers – and it’s easily one of the best toys you could ever buy your dog. In fact, don’t be surprised if this one quickly becomes his new favorite! Many owners find this toy will keep their dog happy for hours and hours.

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These soft toys are great fun for puppies to play with, but adult dogs with a playful nature will also find great enjoyment in them.

They come in a variety of characters – 10 in total – which feature alligators, monkeys, elephants, rabbits, lions, and many more. While they aren’t suitable as a chew toy (they certainly won’t last very long in that regard) they’re excellent for dogs who aren’t inclined to chew so often or aggressively, and the squeaker inside helps to keep your dog engaged.

In general, they’re the ideal toy for a puppy – as the extra layer of material gives them just enough protection to withstand a mild chew or at least being carried around in the jaws of your puppy. Overall, it’s safe to say these are some of the cutest soft toys you could give your dog, and it’s something they’ll be thrilled with.

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The Kong Extreme toy is similar to the Kong Classic, but it’s designed especially for the most persistent of chewers, and its ultra-strong construction and tough rubber material will give ever the strongest, most determined chewer a run for their money.

In general, you’ll find that your dog will never destroy this toy – but they’ll still be able to enjoy the additional features it offers, such as the dispensement of treats, along with the unpredictable bounce due to the unique shape of this toy. It’s interesting to note that this toy is used around the world by many professional dog experts – and it’s also the toy of choice for many professional dogs who work with the police and drug enforcement agencies.

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This unique and interesting toy combines the best features of many different toys, to give your dog a unique experience that they’ll be sure to enjoy. The exterior of the toy is resilient yet soft, so it’s ideal for your dog to pick up and shake. Inside, you’ll find another ball that tumbles around, along with a squeaker to keep your dog further engaged.

One of the best features of this toy is its versatility, especially for dogs who like a good rough and tumble when they play with their toys. It’s also very easy for your dog to handle, with a wide range of points for them to get a good grip on with their teeth and jaw. Overall, it’s a great option for playing fetch, and it should last you for a long time thanks to its durable construction and design.

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Kong creates some of the best dog balls you can buy, and this one is no exception. If your dog is a little too strong of a chewer to enjoy a simple ball toy, then perhaps this one will serve you well. Due to the extra strong rubber construction, it’s highly unlikely your dog will be able to damage the toy in any considerable way – but it’s still soft enough for your dog to grip comfortably in their jaw.

Ultimately, this is a fantastic toy to play fetch with, and it’s unlikely to ever require a replacement. Overall, it’s the perfect ball toy for any sized dog thanks to the two size options of small and medium.

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This Kong toy is designed especially with puppies in mind, and it comes with a unique ‘soft’ texture that’s perfect for a puppy who’s teething. Of course, the toy still offers the unparalleled durability you’d expect from Kong, but the softer texture is very satisfying for puppies or smaller dogs who may struggle with some of the harder, ultra-resilient toys.

The simple toy can be used for hiding treats inside, which also makes it a fantastic training aid during the crate training process, as well as helping to relieve separation anxiety for puppies. Overall, it’s another great toy from Kong, and it certainly won’t let you down.

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These cute Kong toys come with a durable reinforced nylon covering, which makes them surprisingly durable, even with determined chewers – although they’re not particularly designed with chewing in mind. They’re great fun for playing tug of war and fetch, which makes them more of an ‘interactive’ option, but they also come with an internal squeaker for added engagement and interest.

Interestingly, these are one of the few toys of this style that are suitable for larger breeds as well as smaller ones, and the tough nylon reinforcement certainly goes a long way to keeping them intact while your dog plays with them. Of course, they don’t offer the same level of durability as some of the other toys in the Kong product line, but if your dog isn’t much of a chewer, they should last for a very long time.

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This stick-shaped toy offers many of the usual qualities associated with Kong toys thanks to the durable, non-toxic construction, and the protected recessed squeaker shouldn’t become a choking hazard later on down the line. The toy is a great option for playing fetch, and the unusual shape helps to make the ‘bounce’ quite unpredictable, helping to keep your dog engaged. Equally, this toy is suitable for larger dogs as well as smaller ones.

The user reviews are generally favorable, although it’s worth noting that owners of tough chewers have had less success with this toy – as it’s certainly not considered ‘indestructible’ if your dog is a very aggressive chewer.

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Here’s another super-cute dog toy that comes in the shape of a bear. While it looks similar to a child’s toy, it’s actually quite resilient to the wear and tear caused by a dog’s jaw, although it isn’t built to resist a strong chewer.

The toy comes with a minimal amount of stuffing (thus saving you from the messy cleanup process if your dog was to tear it apart), and it has an internal knotted rope that helps to keep your dog chewing rather than tearing, thanks to the natural instinct to chew that’s satisfied by the texture of the toy.

Overall, the toy is quite durable and has a lovely soft, plush feeling. It’s also suitable for medium to large-sized breeds, too. However, there have been reviews which show some disappointment with its durability when given to stronger dogs – but if you’re purchasing for a puppy, this is a great option.

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These tennis-ball-like boys are the ideal alternative to a standard tennis ball, and they come with several features that make them far more suitable for your dog than an actual tennis ball. They rely on a non-abrasive fabric that doesn’t damage your dog’s teeth, and they also have a convenient squeaker that’s recessed deep inside the toy and out of harm’s way.

Of course, one of the best aspects of this toy is the fact that they come in sets of 3 or 9, so you’ll always have a few spares handy. Fortunately, they’re also incredibly cheap, so it doesn’t matter if you lose a few over time. In general, these are great toys to have when training your dog to play fetch, too.

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The Kong Squeezz ball is an interesting choice, and if reviews are anything to go by, it’s also well-loved by many dog owners.

It comes with an internal squeaker (that’s safely protected in the internal recess) and it’s very easy to squeak – so even a smaller dog should find some entertainment value here. Also, it promises to have a fun, erratic bounce, which makes it a good choice for a game of fetch. This ball is available in three different sizes, making it suitable for most breeds.

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Here’s another excellent toy from Kong which uses a ‘wobbling’ design that helps to slow down your dog when it comes to rapid eating, and it also gives another level of entertainment thanks to its interactivity.

The design is very easy to fill with kibble, as you simply twist it in the middle to divide it into two parts. Of course, you can use most kinds of kibble to fill the toy, although you’ll need to ensure the pieces fit through the holes. It’s also worth noting that this particular toy comes in several different sizes, so you can purchase the smaller one of you have a smaller breed and the larger design will be suitable for medium-to-large breeds.

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Bone-shaped toys are always a popular choice for most dogs, and this bone toy from Kong is another great toy that won’t let you down. Coming with the color choice or red or black, along with multiple size options – it’s a good pick for any sized breed, and it also comes with Kong’s rugged natural rubber material – so it can withstand a fair amount of chewing.

Additionally, the toy can accommodate treats, which gradually fall out over time as your dog chews and plays with the toy, helping to keep up engagement. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the most popular ‘bone-shaped’ toys currently on the market, so you really can’t go wrong with this one.

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This Kong ‘Genius’ toy is another option you could choose if you’re looking for something that can withstand chewing, and it also helps to entertain your dog for longer due to its ability to hold treats (either specially designed ones or even the usual dry kibble).

The main unique feature of the ‘Genius’ line is how you can connect them with other toys to make interesting puzzles that are sure to boost the entertainment value for your dog, especially if you have an intelligent, curious breed who is likely to relish the challenge!

Of course, this bonus feature can be handy for those times when you need a toy to help relieve separation anxiety because it’s possible to make this toy quite complex for your dog to enjoy. However, this one isn’t best suited to those power-chewers, but if your dog is merely an average chewer, this toy shouldn’t pose a problem.

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Here’s a fun looking toy from Kong, and the beaver design is certainly quite original, and it comes in two sizes – either small or large. Like most Kong toys, it’s constructed of high quality, non-toxic materials – and there’s also minimal stuffing used inside, so you will avoid those dreaded clean-ups if your dog manages to tear the toy apart.

There’s also a squeaker inside the toy which is actually fully removable, so it’s perfect for when you want to wash the toy in the machine. It also comes with 4 replacement squeakers which are useful should you lose one or if your dog manages to destroy one. However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t of the ‘super-durable’ line of Kong toys, so it’s really best suited to puppies or gentler dogs.

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If you’re trying to teach your dog to fetch, then this is a great toy to have. First, it’s made from non-abrasive materials so it’s safe for your dog’s teeth, making it ideal for training purposes. It also comes in both medium and large sizes, so it’s a possible choice for any sized dog (but perhaps best suited for dogs between the 30 and 60 lb mark).

It’s an easy toy to throw thanks to the ‘throw rope’, but it’s also easy for your dog to hold in their jaws due to the ‘handle like’ design. Lengthwise, the toy comes to around 11 inches, so it’s a little larger than it may seem in the pictures. Keep in mind they aren’t designed as chew toys, so if your dog is left alone to chew on this for too long it may not hold up so well. But when it comes to training a dog to play fetch, this is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal.

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This toy shares many similarities to the earlier ‘beaver’ toy in both appearance and features. Shaped in the style of a moose, this adorably cute item comes with minimal filling, and it also boasts an additional layer of material which goes a long way towards boosting the strength and resilience of the toy.

While it’s not best suited for long chew sessions, it does come with a squeaker for added entertainment. Of course, it’s important to note that the toy comes in several of animal-themed designs, so it’s worth taking a closer look at each option and buying the one that you find the most appealing.

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Now, if you’re searching for something that’s extremely hard wearing and durable, this ‘tires’ toy is a great pick. It comes with the usual ‘Kong Extreme’ construction which means it’s built to withstand a strong chewer, and the unique tire design is sure to appeal to any dog who enjoys a good, rugged chew toy.

What’s more, you can even stuff this toy with your dog’s favorite treats which only adds to the entertainment and fun your dog will experience. Overall, this is an excellent chew toy for a dog who loves to chew and it should last you a good while, especially if your dog isn’t too intense with their chewing efforts (although even if they are, this toy should put up a good fight for quite some time).

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The next pick we have for you is this option designed especially for an older dog in mind. While it’s suitable for some light chewing, it’s made from a softer material, so it will be gentler on aging teeth and jaws. Of course, like most Kong toys you can place dog treats inside, which greatly adds to its appeal for virtually any dog.

Ultimately, this is a great toy for any senior dog, and even if your older pooch doesn’t play with their toys much anymore, this one is still likely to hold some appeal, making it a worthy option to consider. What’s more, the toy comes in several colors and a few different sizes.

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This fun ‘stuff-a-ball’ toy is a great way to make your dog’s favorite treats last longer, and it also comes with convenient grooves that you can use to hold paste-like treats, including Kong’s own treat spray that’s specifically designed for this purpose.

Of course, the toy comes in many different sizes ranging from small to extra large, so you shouldn’t have any trouble when it comes to buying the toy for your particular breed. Additionally, the ridges on the toy can help to keep your dog’s teeth and gums in better shape, while the toy is also very easy to clean thanks to its usual Kong rubber construction.