What’s The Best Leash For Dogs That Pull? These Ones Really Work…

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a calm, relaxing dog walk?

But no… your furry buddy insists on walking you, instead.

Rather than having a peaceful, leisurely walk in the park… it feels more like a grueling gym session as you struggle to keep control of your boisterous pooch.

Even though some behavioral training can teach your dog better walking ‘manners’… there’s still no harm in letting the latest no-pull technology give you a hand, too.

In this guide, we’re going to show you the best no-pull leashes on the market.

So let’s get started.

The 8 Best Leash for Dogs That Pull

Option 1: ThunderLeash

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The ThunderLeash uses an ingenious ‘leash-based’ no-pull system that’s simple yet effective.

It doesn’t require any head collars or straps… and it maintains the ‘clip-on’ convenience of a regular dog leash.

However: It can also wrap around your dog’s torso… so when your dog pulls… it applies gentle pressure in this area. The pressure creates a feedback loop that teaches your dog to stop pulling.

You still have the option of using it as a standard leash by clipping it to the D-ring on any collar.

But if your dog’s pulling, you can quickly convert the leash into a ‘no-pull’ solution by:

  • Switching the leash webbing to the ‘no-pull’ position,
  • Wrapping the leash around your dog’s torso,
  • Sliding the leash into the no-pull slot.

It’s a very simple system, but it works brilliantly.

The leash is available in several sizes to suit most dog breeds. And it uses a padded handle that’s comfortable to hold on any dog walk.

Option 2: 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness & Leash

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Here’s a no-pull harness and leash design from 2 Hounds Design, and it comes in a wide range of sizes (and colors) to suit any personality.

It uses a soft Swiss velvet lining strap that ensures it’s comfortable for your dog to wear (even if they pull), and it should rub or chafe any sore areas.

There’s an ‘action loop’ that rests between your dog’s shoulders, so your dog can walk straight without twisting. Of course, you can clip the leash to the front of the harness so it functions as a no-pull design as well.

Overall, it’s a reliable and comfortable design that’s well-constructed and should help to cut down on the pulling.

Option 3: PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar

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This headcollar from PetSafe comes in sizes ranging from ‘Petite’ (for dogs under 5lbs) all the way up to X-Large (for dogs over 130lbs)… so it’s suitable for practically any sized dog or breed.

The key no-pull feature comes from how the headcollar redirects your dog’s focus when they pull… so they instinctively stop the pulling. What’s more, the design doesn’t put any unwanted pressure on the throat, so it’ll remain comfortable at all times.

There’s further padding (made from neoprene) that keeps it comfortable across your dog’s nose, too. And it’s easy to fit: You simply clip it into place over your dog, leaving full range of motion around your dog’s neck and chest.

Option 4: PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness

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Another great option from PetSafe is this Easy Walk Harness. It comes in four sizes (and four colors).

It fits comfortably around your dog’s chest and clips on at the front, so your dog won’t be able to pull so easily. What’s more, the design lets you redirect your dog’s energy and momentum without any struggle.

The chest strap design means there’s no pressure on your dog’s throat.

And the quick-snap shoulder clips and belly straps and surprisingly simple to attach. It’s also very comfortable thanks to the breathable construction.

Option 5: Weiss Walkie No Pull Dog Leash

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Here’s an interesting no-pull leash from Weiss Walkie, and it uses a simple (and reliable) torso design to prevent your dog from pulling like a regular leash.

When your dog pulls, it’ll put pressure around their torso, so it naturally teaches them to stop pulling as much.

Ultimately, it gives you a safe way to alter the pulling behavior without causing any real discomfort.

It’s a simple design, but it does the job well.

And it’s also very sturdy and built to last.

In fact, many reviewers comment positively about its durability and construction quality.

Option 6: Leashboss Original

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For big, strong dogs, the LeashBoss Original is the best option.

It comes with two handles to give you excellent leverage and control over a bigger breed.

It allows you to maintain a firm grip at all times, which is perfect for those powerful breeds who sometimes feel like they’re walking you.

You won’t experience any ‘leash burn’ either, due to the comfortable handles.

The construction is rugged and durable, just as you’d expect from a leash built for large dogs.

It’s made from a nylon material that can take plenty of wear and tear. It also comes with a generous 5-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with this option if you have a bigger dog.

Option 7: EcoBark Pet Harness

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Do you have a smaller breed who sometimes pulls… but you can’t risk anything around their neck? If so, the EcoBark is a top choice for those tiny ‘escape artists’.

It comes in a range of sizes, but it’s well-suited for small dogs in particular.

The mesh design makes it comfortable and breathable… while giving lots of control and support when needed.

Construction-wise, it benefits from ‘anti-rub’ technology (especially around the chest area) and it features quality stitching throughout, so you can count on it to last.

Option 8: SPORN No-Pull Dog Harness

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Here’s a popular no-pull design from Sporn.

It’s available in sizes ranging from small to XL, and it’s made from a nylon mesh material complete with nickel plated hardware for extra durability.

The mesh construction means it’s comfortable on your dog’s chest, and it uses an elastic webbing which allows for smooth, easy movement without any unnecessary constriction.

The one-piece structure also makes it easy to put on… and the design gives you excellent control if your dog pulls. The pressure is applied under your dog’s legs enough to cut down on unwanted pulling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Best No-Pull Leash for Large Dogs?

For big, heavy breeds the Leashboss Original is a great pick.

It gives you two handles for excellent safety and control, and the heavy-duty construction means it’s built to last (even with a larger dog using it.)

What’s The Best Leash No-Pull Leash for Small Dogs?

For smaller breeds, the ThunderLeash should be fine. It’s simple, versatile, and makes walking much easier. (Just make sure to buy the right size.)

What’s The Best No-Pull Leash for Medium Dogs?

The ThunderLeash is also great for medium dogs, too. But any option in this guide should be fine for a medium-sized breeds in general.

How Can I Train My Dog Not To Pull?

Using a design like the ThunderLeash can help to train your dog to stop pulling due to the gentle feedback it delivers when your dog pulls.

Over time, you’ll find your dog naturally pulls less often.

But you can also teach your dog to walk nicely using basic positive training exercises.

Here’s how:

  • When your dog pulls, stop walking and stay still.
  • Wait until your dog relaxes and the leash is loose.
  • When the leash is relaxed, continue with the walk.

It takes time, patience, and consistency for these steps to work… but if you stick with it, you should find your dog pulls less and less.


Because your dog is no longer being ‘rewarded’ for pulling.

Instead, they have to wait.

This motivates your dog to keep the leash relaxed if they want the walk to continue!

If you combine these steps with a no-pull leash, you should have great results.

What\'s The Best Leash For Dogs That Pull? These Ones Really Work...