What’s The Best Limited Ingredient Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

If you have a dog with a sensitive stomach or perhaps a dog who suffers from allergies triggered by food, then switching over to a limited ingredient dog food is often a smart decision to make.

While limited ingredient dog foods are sometimes harder to find, most well-respected brands have a few options that should meet the needs of your dog nowadays. Fortunately, when you pick a suitable option, you’ll soon be able to give your dog the dietary assistance they need to alleviate many of the sensitivity issues they may be having.

In this guide, we’re going to show you many of the best limited ingredient dog foods on the market, so let’s get straight to it.

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This limited ingredient food from Wellness Natural uses a simple, effective formula that many dogs seem to love. Specifically, the formula uses a single protein source as its base, and you can choose from either turkey, lamb, duck, or salmon – so there’s plenty of choice for your dog to enjoy.

Additionally, it relies on all-natural ingredients without any wheat fillers or artificial additives – which are often the triggers behind a range of allergies suffered by sensitive dogs. It’s also nice to know that the formula is made entirely in the USA, with only the best quality ingredients.

Overall, the Wellness Natural brand makes some exceptional products that receive great reviews across the board, and this limited ingredient version shouldn’t let you down.

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Another excellent brand of limited ingredient food is this option from Natural Balance.

You won’t find any artificial additives, preservatives or flavoring here – so it’s simple and reliable limited ingredient formula that should help to avoid triggering any digestive issues your dog may be dealing with.

What’s more, the formula comes with plenty of vitamins and minerals to boost its overall nutritional value, with several reviewers noting that their dog’s skin and coat health seemed to improve quite a bit after switching to the formula.

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Blue Buffalo has been a popular brand of dog food for quite some time, and their limited ingredient option doesn’t disappoint, so it’s a product that’s worth taking a closer look at.

The formula is free of grain, as well as containing minimal ingredients that could upset your dog’s digestion system, and the protein source is of reliably high quality as well.

There are a few different flavor options, with the primary choices being turkey, salmon, or lamb – but there are also a few select vegetables that are chosen for their overall nutritional value, and they won’t cause your dog any issues.

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Next, we have this limited ingredient food by Nature’s Variety. The food uses a single protein source of either turkey, duck, or lamb – so it’s easy to find a flavor that your dog will appreciate, and there’s also no use of grain or gluten that could upset your dog’s digestive system.

In general, this blend gives you an excellent limited ingredient choice, which also gives your dog the key additional nutrition they need without upsetting their digestion. For example, you’ll find plenty of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that’ll help to maintain your dog’s coat and skin, as well as green tea extract.

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This limited ingredient brand comes with a primary ingredient of protein, and you can choose between many different types of meat – such as duck, salmon, chicken, turkey, and lamb, so it’s easy to find a flavor your dog will enjoy.

The brand focuses on protein, but you’ll also find a limited selection of carbs and fats along with important supplementation such as chondroitin and glucosamine to support your dog’s joints, which is always good to see. Overall, this is another reliable choice that suits many dogs who suffer from digestive issues or allergies.

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The Rachael Ray limited ingredient recipe promises to feature just 6 ingredients, with the primary one being lamb to ensure adequate protein intake for your dog, along with plenty of delicious flavor that’ll make your dog eager to tuck into their dinner.

There’s no use of wheat, gluten, soy or corn – and you won’t find any cheap by-products or filler, nor is there any artificial flavorings or preservatives. In general, this makes it a reliable limited ingredient option that should serve you well.

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Our final suggestion is this formula from Nutro, which receives equally positive feedback from both professional reviewers and regular buyers alike.

It uses genuine Australian and New Zealand lamb to ensure a high-quality protein source, and you’ll also find additional antioxidants and vitamins (particularly E and C) which help to maintain healthy skin and coat for your dog.

What’s more, there are plenty of omega 6 fatty acids in the formula, along with zinc and vitamin B – all of which aim to maintain a healthy coat, among several other useful health benefits.

The Best Limited Ingredient Wet Dog Food

There’s no denying that most dogs love to have wet food as part of their regular menu, and it’s also an effective way to add further moisture to their diet.

Of course, wet food can be as equally tricky as dry when it comes to upsetting your dog’s digestion, so if you have a sensitive pooch, it’s a good idea to invest in a quality brand of limited ingredient wet food that won’t cause any problems.

With this in mind, here’s an overview of the top limited ingredient wet dog foods which should cater to the needs of your dog perfectly.

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The Wellness Natural Limited Ingredient wet formula is just as good as the dry, and it comes with a simple, single source of protein in the form of either duck, lamb, turkey, or whitefish.

There’s a strong focus on the natural, with only premium-grade ‘all-natural’ ingredients being used, along with easily digestible carbohydrates to give your dog a balanced nutritional profile that won’t trigger any issues.

The product is made exclusively in the USA, and it’s also pretty affordable, too. Most of the reviewers note that their dog takes very well to the food and it’s proven to be a popular choice for many dog owners.

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Another equally valid option is this one from the Blue Buffalo Basics line, which comes in both a salmon, turkey, and large breed options that are obviously the better choice if you have a larger dog.

The formula is entirely free of grains and gluten, and there’s also no use of poultry by-product meals which have a reputation for being lower quality than you’d want. Fortunately, the ingredients are very good here, and there’s no use of artificial additives that could upset your dog’s sensitive digestive system.

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This formula from Natural Balance comes in many different flavor versions, which include chicken, duck, fish, lamb, venison and wild boar – so there’s certainly something for every dog here. It also comes in two different sizes, so you can buy one that best suits your needs and overall feeding schedule.

The product gives your dog all of the balanced nutrition they need to stay strong and healthy while doing away with any artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives – and there’s no use of grain-based ingredients, either.

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Here’s another tasty wet food that’s formulated with limited ingredients in mind, and it only contains a single protein source to keep things nice and simple for your dog’s digestion system.

There’s no use of grain or gluten – nor will you find any chicken, beef, or fish – which can be sensitivity triggers for some dogs. However, it does come with many of the key nutrients that your dog requires, such as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which work to keep your dog’s coat and skin in healthy condition.

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Our last pick, but by no means least, is this formula from Merrick which is another well-loved brand that generally scores great reviews from most buyers.

The formula shown here uses real salmon as the primary protein source, and it’s entirely free of grain in every instance. What’s more, there’s no wheat, soy, or gluten which are other common triggers that can cause digestive sensitivity in some dogs.

Overall, this is a top formula that’s suitable for dogs of all breeds and all life stages, making it a versatile limited ingredient blend that delivers all of the key nutrition, vitamins, and minerals your dog needs without causing digestive problems.