What’s The Best Low Fat Dog Food? Your Ultimate Guide

Is your dog struggling with weight gain? If so, it’s safe to say that this problem is becoming more and more common these days, but there’s a range of food options that are considered ‘low fat’ and ‘low calorie’ which can go some way towards helping your dog to maintain a healthier weight.

What’s more, the lower fat formulas can also help some dogs who may have stomach sensitivity or digestion issues, too.

In this guide, we’re going to share a variety of excellent low-fat dog foods that’ll help you manage your dog’s obesity with the aim of reaching a healthier weight. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at the options we have for you.

The Best Low Fat Dog Food In 2020

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The Wellness CORE Product line is perhaps one of the most popular and best-reviewed dog food brands on the market these days, and their reduced fat formula certainly doesn’t let the name down.

It comes with an entirely grain-free formula that’s good news for your dog’s digestion, and the reduced fat formula manages to lower the amount of fat in the blend without sacrificing essential fatty acids, such as the salmon oil that’s contained in the formula.

The flavors are still just as tasty for your dog, and the formula relies on real turkey and chicken for an enjoyable source of protein that your dog will certainly enjoy.

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Merrick is another highly respected name in the dog food world, and this healthy weight recipe is a good choice for any dog that needs to lose some weight.

The primary ingredient comes in the form of deboned beef, so you can rest assured that your dog will still find the blend tasty – and this protein source is also remarkably lower in fat content than many of the alternatives.

What’s more, the formula still manages to deliver a whopping 32% protein to keep your dog strong and healthy while they’re losing weight, and the addition of chicken meal, potatoes, peas, and sweet potatoes rounds the formula out nicely.

No ingredients are sourced from questionable sources such as China, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that the blend is made entirely in USA-based kitchens.

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Blue Buffalo has long been a top-rated brand that many dog owners love to buy, and this particular ‘healthy weight’ version of their popular Life Protection formula is a good choice for an overweight dog.

The formula contains the usual top ingredients you’d look for in a quality blend, but it comes with far fewer calories from fat, which aids your dog with their weight loss target. Additionally, the blend is made exclusively in the USA to give you peace of mind in terms of quality.

When it comes to the ingredients, you’ll find deboned chicken as the primary protein source along with healthy whole grains and healthy fruits that’ll give you dog the nutrition and antioxidants to maintain their health. Of course, the blend also uses the unique ‘LifeSource Bits’ that most Blue Buffalo food products come with.

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Here’s a weight management formula that’s made by the popular Organix brand, and it scores top reviews from most dog owners.

The primary ingredient comes from real organic chicken that your dog is sure to enjoy, and you’ll also find a blend of other healthy ingredients such as organic peas, brown rice, and salmon meal – which works to provide your dog with all of the key vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants that will benefit your pooch.

There are no ingredients sourced from China used in the blend, and it’s also made entirely in USA-based kitchens for further peace of mind.

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Here’s another excellent formula that’s specially designed to aid a dog’s weight loss goal, and it also happens to be one of the most ‘low calorie’ formulas on the market, too.

When it comes to the ingredients, this product makes good use of several different protein sources, namely chicken meal and salmon meal, along with garbanzo beans, peas, and oatmeal to provide a well-balanced formula that should keep your pet feeling full without overdoing it on the calories.

Interestingly, many dog notes note that their dog has managed to lose weight without too much effort by using this formula, so if you’re careful to provide the right portion size, you should see positive results whenever you’re relying on this formula to help your dog lose some excess weight.

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Here’s a somewhat costly formula that nonetheless delivers exceptional quality, and it’s also a good formula for a dog that needs to lose some weight.

The blend uses a combination of chicken, rice, and vegetables to supply all of the key nutrition your dog needs to stay strong and healthy, and it also comes with L-carnitine which can help to enhance your dog’s metabolism to help them burn off some of those excess calories.

Of course, the formula uses lower levels of fat than the average dog food brand, and the lower calories are a big component of its weight loss potential. There are also key additives like glucosamine and chondroitin to maintain your dog’s joints, along with several antioxidants that also support your dog’s health.

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Here’s another top formula from the Royal Canin brand that focuses on delivering a low fat formula that won’t upset your dog’s digestion. It does this by providing your dog with easily digestive protein along with complex carbohydrates that keep your dog full of energy without trigger allergies or digestive troubles.

Additionally, it comes with chelated minerals that are easy for your dog’s digestive system to absorb. What’s more, there’s a lower level of fiber content in the blend which aims to reduce the overall digestive stress your dog faces when they eat.

Interestingly, the blend claims to be the lowest fat dog food on the US market right now, and the claim certainly seems to be true. While this formula isn’t the cheapest option on the market, it’s definitely worth a closer look if you need a low-fat formula to keep your dog healthy.

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Here’s an interesting formula that’s one of the more affordable options on the market in terms of reduced fat blends, and it comes from a trustworthy brand that many people love.

It’s made using genuine pork, chicken, and fish to provide a range of tasty proteins for your dog to enjoy, but it also uses reduced fat to ensure your dog has an easier time with digestion.

There’s also a strong focus on the natural, with only the best premium ingredients being used for the formula. What’s more, there’s no use of what, corn, or artificial additives or preservatives, nor will you find any meat by-products which might trigger sensitivity in some dogs. So, while it’s a fairly low-priced option, it doesn’t’ sacrifice much in the way of quality.

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Eagle Pack make a range of quality dog for formulas at a reasonable price, and this particular version used a reduced fat blend that helps your dog to attain their weight loss target while still enjoying a tasty dinner.

The formula is comprised of genuine pork, chicken, and fish as the main ingredients, with fewer calories being used than the normal version, so it’s a good option for a dog that needs a low-fat, low-calorie formula for health or weight-related reasons.

Additionally, the formula is made exclusively in the USA for extra peace of mind regarding ingredient quality, and there’s no corn, wheat, or meat by-products that could upset your dog’s digestion system.

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Here’s an interesting formula from a lesser-known brand called Bil-Jac, and it’s certainly worth a closer look if you’re looking for a high-quality blend that won’t let you down.

It comes with a reduced-fat formula that’s great for your dog’s digestion and weight loss, but it also uses a tasty chicken-based recipe that your dog will enjoy. In fact, the product claims that 10 pounds of fresh chicken is used to make a single 15-pound bag, which shows the dedication to quality ingredients the brand has.

It’s also worth noting that the blend doesn’t contain any of the lower quality filler ingredients you may expect to see in a low-calorie blend, so it still provides much of the key vitamins and nutrition your dog needs even while dieting.