What’s The Best Puppy Pee & Potty Training Pad? (+ Floor Trays & Holders!)

If you’re looking for a convenient way to house train your dog then using puppy training pads can be a very effective solution, especially if you’re not going to be at home to let your dog go outside.

While some people may not be fans of the potty training pad concept, there’s no denying how effective it can be for transitioning your dog to peeing outside, and they also provide busy owners with a reliable of keeping your dog peeing in the same place rather than all over the house.

In this guide, we’re going to examine some of the best puppy training pads and potty pad holders, so you’ll have everything you need to get started with this method of house training. Keeping this in mind, let’s get straight to it.

The Best Puppy Pee / Potty Training Pads In 2020

# 1 – Bulldogology Premium Puppy Pee Pads

What's The Best Puppy Pee & Potty Training Pad? (+ Floor Trays & Holders!) 3

These premium grade puppy pee pads from Bulldogology come in a convenient 24″ by 24″ size, and they also feature an adhesive sticky tape which ensures they stay safely secured to your floor protection tray. Of course, this tape really helps to keep them in one spot, particularly if your dog is inclined to push them around or pull at the pad with their paws.

Each pad comes with 6 layers which give them impeccable absorption ability, and it also works very fast, turning urine into a gel without much delay.

Furthermore, the pads come with a built-in attractant to ensure your dog will return to the same location over and over, and this certainly helps to house train your dog over time.

# 2 – Petphabet Potty Pee Ultra-Absorbent Pads

What's The Best Puppy Pee & Potty Training Pad? (+ Floor Trays & Holders!) 4

These puppy training pads from Petphabet come in two size versions, either the 23″ by 24″ size or the 22″ by 23″, with the later coming in a darker color which helps to hide any urine stains.

They are capable of holding around 3 cups of liquid in each pad, making them fine for small to medium-sized breeds, and they also benefit from a pleasant lavender scent, along with some odor neutralizing properties to keep them smelling fresh all day long.

# 3 – Four Paws Wee-Wee Standard Puppy Pads

What's The Best Puppy Pee & Potty Training Pad? (+ Floor Trays & Holders!) 5

This bag of 22″ by 23″ pads from Four Paws are a popular option for many pet owners, and they come with a number of features that make them a reliable, cost-effective choice.

The pads use 5 layers of absorption which make them fantastic for regular use, and they should last throughout the day in many cases.

The design also comes with a plastic border which better helps to ensure no liquid escapes the pad after use.

# 4 – Simple Solution Dog Training Pads

What's The Best Puppy Pee & Potty Training Pad? (+ Floor Trays & Holders!) 6

These training pads from Simple Solution come in three different package sizes which include 50, 100, or 200, and it’s also possible to purchase them in standard or ‘extra-large’ size.

The absorbent power is just as good as you’d hope to see, and they should be somewhat more absorbent than many competing brands. In fact, they promise to hold around 7 cups of water without any trouble at all thanks to the 6-layer construction.

Another nice feature is the built-in ‘attractant’ which aims to encourage your dog to use the pad rather than pee anywhere else in the home, and this can go some way toward helping you house train your dog.

# 5 – AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads

What's The Best Puppy Pee & Potty Training Pad? (+ Floor Trays & Holders!) 7

These training puppy pads from the AmazonBasics line are a safe bet for many dog owners and they’re also very affordable. They’re available in a wide range of package sizes, making it convenient for stocking up in advance, and there are also two different sizes to choose from.

The regular size measures in at 22″ by 22″, and the 1.5″ plastic border around the pads make it easy to attach to most holders as well as reducing the risk of any ‘overflow’.

The absorbent core is just as reliable as you’d hope to see, and it will quickly convert any exposed liquid into a gel which helps to prevent leaks.

# 6 – Top Dog Deluxe Puppy Pads

These deluxe puppy pads promise to be one of the most effective options on the market thanks to their ability to absorb twice as much liquid and do so in half the time.

Interestingly, these black puppy pads are designed to keep your dog’s urine discreet, so you won’t be staring at a yellow urine stain at all. They also feature carbon technology for reducing any odor, and this helps to keep your room smelling fresh even after the pad has been used.

It’s worth noting that the pads come in two sizes, either ‘large’ or ‘gigantic’, so they’re versatile enough to cope with most breeds and potty configurations. Overall, these are some excellent potty pads that offer exceptional quality.

# 7 – Thxpet Pet Puppy Training Pads

What's The Best Puppy Pee & Potty Training Pad? (+ Floor Trays & Holders!) 8

These absorbent potty pads from ThxPet come with a 5-layer design in order to provide the maximum level of absorbency, and they promise to hold up to 5 cups of water without too much worry.

They feature a plastic lining to further ensure that they won’t leak and this goes a long way toward making sure your floor stays fresh and clean, too.

Furthermore, the design offers some degree of odor control as well, which aids their ability to keep your home fresh. In terms of dimensions, these pads measure in at 22″ by 23″, making them an adequate size for most pad holders.

# 8 – Go Buddy Super Absorbent Pet Training Puppy Pads

Here are some puppy training pads from a company called GoBuddy, and they give you great value for money, coming in a size that measures 22″ by 22″ and giving you 120 pads per box.

The design aims to be durable, consisting of 5-layers for respectable absorbency, combined with a tougher top layer that features a non-woven fabric that should be able to withstand some scratching and tearing without too much concern.

However, the bottom layer uses a polyethylene film that gives it a reliable lining to protect your floors or carpets from any moisture seeping through.

# 9 – American Kennel Club AKC 150-Pack Training Pads

What's The Best Puppy Pee & Potty Training Pad? (+ Floor Trays & Holders!) 9

These training pads by American Kennel Club come in several size choices as well as various scents and package sizes, which gives you plenty of options to pick from.

The scents are excellent for keeping the pad a little fresher, and you can choose from ‘fresh’, lavender, or lemon scents. The standard training pad size is 22″ by 22″, but it’s also possible to buy a giant version that measures in at 30″ by 28″.

There are 6 layers to each pad, which gives you plenty of absorption power, and they’re unlikely to leak at any time. In fact, the absorption power promises to be higher than many competing brands.

# 10 – All-Absorb Training Pads

What's The Best Puppy Pee & Potty Training Pad? (+ Floor Trays & Holders!) 10

Here’s a popular brand of training pads which come in packages of either 100, 200, or 400 – which makes them an affordable option for anybody who wants to stock up on larger numbers of pads.

The construction promises to give you a quick-drying surface that’ll soak up urine with no trouble at all, and the absorbent core will turn the urine into a gel while being capable of containing up to 3 cups of liquid.

Furthermore, the design features built-in attractants to encourage your dog to pee on the pads, and they also come with odor neutralizing properties, too.

# 11 – Petphabet Puppy Pads

These impressively high-quality puppy training pads come in a larger size of 34″ by 28″, making them a good choice for anyone who’s looking for a pad that’s larger than the standard.

They promise to contain a whopping 10 cups of liquid without any worries, and they’re also supposed to be 200% more absorbent than similar pads, so even though they’re on the costlier side they offer you a great lifespan per pad.

Additionally, you can purchase them in ‘carbon’ form, which gives you a quick-drying black carbon construction which also tends to be more ‘discreet’, seeing as they won’t show up any yellow urine stains.

# 12 – Paws & Pals Puppy Training Potty Pee Pads

These compact 22″ by 22″ pads from Paws & Pals are another example of a reliable, cost-effective pad that won’t let you down.

You can purchase them in larger packs of either 150 or 100, but you can also get a small package of 30 pads, too. They’re ideal for indoor use, and they offer a respectable level of absorption that should make them last for quite a while.

The simple, no-frills design is perfect for most dog owners, and the size means they fit nice and easily onto most popular and common floor tray protectors.

# 13 – Best Pet Supplies Puppy Training Pads

What's The Best Puppy Pee & Potty Training Pad? (+ Floor Trays & Holders!) 11

These puppy training pads from Best Pet Supplies come in a generous 36″ by 28″ size that makes them great for dog owners who need something a little larger than standard, and they also benefit from an ‘extra thick’ design.

Each pad comes with a 5-layer design which helps to protect the pad from tearing too easily, as well as ensuring that no urine gets through the pad.

These pads also come with a diamond embossed quilt pattern on the surface which helps to ensure the urine spreads more evenly which allows you to get full use out of each pad.

# 14 – Hartz Scent Eliminating Gel Dog Pads

These training pads from Hartz come in three different size choices, either 21″ by 21″, 30″ by 21″, or 30″ by 30″ – giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

Additionally, you can buy these in a very wide range of package sizes, ranging all the way up to 200, but starting at just 14, which is great for traveling purposes or stocking up in advance.

The pads use a ‘flash dry’ technology which simply means they’re very absorbent and fast acting, while the plastic backing underneath each pad helps to ensure your floor is safely protected from any spills.

They also feature an odor control feature, which helps to keep things smelling a little fresher after use.

# 15 – Favorite Floor Protection Training Pads

What's The Best Puppy Pee & Potty Training Pad? (+ Floor Trays & Holders!) 12

These pads from Favorite come in a size of 22″ by 23″, meaning they can fit into most standard floor protector trays without any hassle, and they also offer a reasonable level of absorbency.

The material is flexible enough to make for easy use, and this makes them nice and easy to flatten out over a tray floor protector, and they come with a film backing for added security in this regard.

The absorbency is generally very quick and reliable, and they’re affordably priced for a package of 100 per order.

# 16 – Gardner Pet Super-Absorbent Potty Pee Pads

These super absorbent training pads from GardnerPet can hold around 3 cups of water each, and the quilted core goes some way toward helping them reliably lock in the moisture until they’re discarded after use.

Furthermore, the quilted design also helps them to dry quicker as well.

Another nice feature of these training pads is the fact that they’ll change color to let you know they’ve been used, which the company calls the ‘wetness indicator’.

In terms of dimensions, they come in a fairly standard size of 22″ by 22″, so they’ll fit into most trays without any worry.

# 17 – True Pet Love Extra Large Pet Wee Pads

These extra large pet training pads from True Pet Love measure in at 28″ by 30″, giving you a reliable option for anyone who needs a larger pad.

The absorbency power is also very impressive, with the 5-layer construction being able to hold around 6 cups of fluid without much hassle at all. The absorbency is also very quick and fast acting for further peace of mind.

Each package gives you 50 pads which should last for quite some time thanks to the larger size and absorption power, and the built-in attractant also helps to keep your dog returning to the pad rather than peeing anywhere else in the home, so this contributes toward house training.

# 18 – California Pet Supply Dog Training Pads

These training pads come from California Pet Supply, and they’re available in packs of either 50 or 100, with the size measuring in at 60cm by 60cm, or 23.6″ by 23.6″.

The pads benefit from a top layer that uses a fast-drying technology to ensure that no puddles are left behind, and the no-drip core also means you can easily roll the pad up after use without worrying about any drops going over your flooring.

In terms of absorbency, you can expect each pad to comfortably contain around 3 cups or more, making them ideal for most dogs.

They’re also very reasonably priced, making them a cost-effective option for many pet owners to consider.

The Best Washable Pee Training Pads

If you’re looking for an alternative to the disposable pee potty pads, then it’s worth taking a closer look at a few of the washable options on the market. In particular, here are two excellent options that generally receive great feedback from buyers.

# 1 – Simple Solution Washable Puppy Pad

This training pad from Simple Solution aims to be a fully reusable option, allowing you to wash the pad many times without any degradation of quality.

It makes great use of a stitched design that will effortlessly lie flat on the floor or in your floor protection tray, and its soft and durable nature means your dog will have no trouble using it as their preferred pee location.

It has a multi-layered absorbent core to ensure that it soaks up all the urine, and it also relies on a slip-resistant backing that keeps it located in one place without sliding around the floor. It also measures in at a generous 30″ by 32″, too.

# 2 – Pet Kindness Washable Pee Pads

These washable pee pads from Pet Kindness come with 2 pads along with a travel size pee pad, and it gives you great value for money overall.

The absorption ability is very good indeed, and the poly/rayon construction should ensure that the pads won’t leak after they’ve been used, so you won’t have to worry about puddles forming underneath.

The pads are also very easy to wash and maintain, and it’s recommended to wash them in the machine up to 90C, and the brushed polyester will dry very quickly.

The Best Potty Pad Holders

If you’re going to be using puppy pee pads in the home, then it’s often worth investing in a floor protection tray or pad holder. Why? Simply because this will make it easier to secure the pad in one place as well as ensure your floor or carpet is safely protected from any spills. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the best pad holders currently available.

# 1 – Petphabet Puppy Training Pad Holder

Here’s a pad holder that comes in two sizes, either medium or large, and it snaps into frame firmly to give you great support for the pad itself.

The design of the holder helps to ensure the pads stay safe and secure, and importantly, this means that the pad shouldn’t sag or tear when it’s picked up after use.

Furthermore, the holder is very easy to use, and you can simply unlock the clips, lift the top, secure the pad in place, and rest assured that the pad will stay in one spot thanks to the rubber feet at the bottom.

# 2 – IRIS Pet Training Pad Floor Tray

This training pad floor tray comes in a wide range of sizes, making it easy to pick a version that’ll be suitable for your dog, and it’s worth taking a closer look at the dimensions to make sure you’re picking the best size for your needs.

It’s available in several different color choices as well, and the design does a good job of holding the pad securely without any worry.

A nice feature of this design is the high polish finish, which makes it incredibly easy to clean and keep in hygienic shape, and the rubber feet ensure the base is fully non-skid, so your dog won’t be able to push it all around the floor.

# 3 – OUT! Floor Protection Dog And Puppy Pad Holder

Here’s a floor protection pad holder that can comfortably accommodate either regular or large pads without any difficulty, and the simple no-frills design makes it a popular choice for many.

It comes with raised edges all around the pad holder, and this goes a long way toward ensuring it contains any urine that’s on the pad.

Additionally, the simple folding design makes it easy to set up and lock in place. It relies on a corner grip system that’s effective for making sure the pad doesn’t slide around the holder, too.

# 4 – Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty Holder Tray

Here’s a popular and uniquely designed ‘indoor dog potty’ which offers some additional protection for your pads, as it uses a perforated grate that allows your dog to pee on it directly, with the pad collecting the urine underneath.

Of course, this design often allows you to save money on training pads because your dog won’t be able to chew or tear at them, particularly if they’re going through the teething process.

The design is generally best suited to smaller pets, such as small breed dogs, puppies, and even cats.

# 5 – Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray

Here’s another excellent training tray that offers great protection for your floor, and it works with training pads to ensure any urine is kept safely away from your flooring.

It’s available in three different colors (brown, green, pink), and it benefits from a quality construction that should last for quite some time without any concern.

The mesh frame that goes over the pad helps to keep the pad firmly in place, and it also prevents your dog from chewing the pad as well, which should help with ensuring the pad lasts longer than usual.

# 6 – ANYPET indoor Training Toilet

Here’s another indoor dog training toilet which allows you to keep the training pad underneath a plastic mesh, which not only helps to make the pad last for much longer, but it also helps you to prevent your dog from chewing the pad when they’re teething.

It comes in a few different color choices, including pink, green, and light green, while the sturdy construction is reliable enough to last for a long time indeed without any worry.

Overall, the size of the product makes it best-suited for smaller breeds or cats, and it offers a respectable level of convenience that makes it a top choice for many owners.

# 7 – All-Absorb Silicone Pad Holder

What's The Best Puppy Pee & Potty Training Pad? (+ Floor Trays & Holders!) 13

Finally, here’s a simple silicone pad holder that comes in several packages to give you value for money, but the simple design is certainly a popular solution for many people.

The pad holder measures in at 23.5″ by 23.5″, but it’s equally possible to use it for storing training pads that are smaller.

Of course, one of the best features of the pad holder is its ability to be rolled up and stored easily, so it’s great for traveling purposes. The silicone construction also makes it incredibly easy to clean it up after use, and it’s also fully waterproof, so it’ll protect your carpet without much concern.