What Are The Best Toys For Puppies?

When it comes to buying toys for your new puppy, it’s important to make sure you’re buying the kind of toys they can safely play with. This means no choking hazards, minimal chance of breakage, and of course, it’s equally important to make sure your puppy will enjoy playing with the toy, too!

In this guide, we’re going to show you a broad range of puppy toys that we’ve found to be suitable for puppies of all breeds, and you can rest assured that they’ll provide a great deal of fun for your precious puppy. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look.

The Best Puppy Toys

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Kong makes some fantastic toys for dogs, and many of them are perfectly suited to puppies as well. The ‘Cozies’ squeaky toy is a great example of this, and it’s something that virtually any puppy will like.

The toy comes with a minimal amount of filling, which is great news for those times when your puppy manages to tear or rip the toy. However, the toy is reinforced with an additional layer of material which reduces the chances of this happening by quite some margin.

It comes in a variety of sizes and designs, and seeing as the toy is very affordable, it’s often nice to buy it in several different versions so your puppy has a wide range of interesting toys to play with. Ultimately, this is a great toy that comes at an even better price, and it’s something that any puppy is sure to have fun playing with, making it a great addition to any puppy’s toy chest.

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Next, we have another great toy from the Kong brand, which follows the original popular design that many people associate with the brand.

These toys are an excellent pick for dogs of all shapes and sizes, but this particular version is highly suitable for puppies as well, thanks to the gentle rubber formula that’s used in the construction of the toy – making it a fantastic toy for a teething puppy.

Of course, these toys are a wise choice for keeping a restless puppy entertained for quite some time, primarily because you can stuff treats inside the toy which will occasionally fall out while your puppy plays with it. You can optionally purchase the ‘Kong easy treat’ product as well, which gives you a convenient squirty formula that fits well into the internal grooves of the toy.

Interestingly, these toys are widely recommended by dog trainers and veterinarians alike, as they make for the perfect ‘redirection’ tool when your dog is teething or chewing something they shouldn’t be. They also have an unpredictable bounce to them, so they’re useful for games of fetch, too.

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Another well-loved brand in the dog toy industry is Nylabone, and this popular toy is certainly a good option for any puppy. It comes with multiple chewing surfaces that are sure to tempt your puppy – and most importantly – give them something permissible to chew on when they’re going through the uncomfortable teething phase.

What’s more, the different surfaces of the toy are useful for keeping your dog’s teeth clean and free of tartar buildup. The toy is also surprisingly resilient, so it’ll handle the tough chewing of larger breeds in most cases.

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Here’s another top puppy toy from Kong, which comes at a very generous price along with a couple of different color options that are fairly similar to each other. The toy contains a squeaker to help keep your puppy interested, along with an additional squeaker in the package which you’ll find useful if the original squeaker stops working, helping you to get some extra longevity out of the toy – always a nice touch.

Many dog owners praise the toy for its durability which is good news, as it’s safe to say that many small, affordable dog toys such as this struggle to last more than 5 minutes, especially if you have a tough chewer. However, the durable construction of this toy means it’s durable enough to give you good value for your money over the long run.

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If you’re looking for a quality ball-like toy for your puppy, then these SsqueakAir balls from Kong are a great choice. They come in packs of three which results in excellent value for your money – and the surface texture is very similar to a tennis ball – so it’s pleasant for any puppy to handle, chew, or carry around.

As you can see from the picture, they come in a range of colors for some added variety, and the addition of an internal speaker is useful for keeping your puppy interested and focused on the ball.

It’s worth noting that these balls are medium size, which means they’re around the same size as a standard tennis ball. However, there is a smaller version made by Kong, which is better suited to smaller breeds, so keep this in mind before you place an order.

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This dog toy set from Outward Hound comes with multiple size options, making it suitable for any breed of dog – and there are also three distinct style options which include bees, squirrels, and birds.

Regardless of the option you choose, you will receive three individual toys in the shape of an animal, along with a centerpiece that’s shaped like either a plush tree trunk, a beehive, or a birdhouse. Each of the animal toys are well constructed and come with a squeaker inside, which helps give the toys some added appeal.

As you’d expect, this toy is especially useful if you have more than one puppy, as it’s a quick and easy way to give them multiple toys to play with for one low price, and without inspiring any jealousy between them.

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If you are looking for an excellent puppy toy starter kit, then this option from Lobeve is a great investment. The kit gives you a total of 10 different toys which include squeakers, flying disc toys, a puncture-resistant ball, chew ropes, and more.

In general, the kit is best suited for small to medium-sized breeds, and it certainly gives you excellent value for your money considering how many different toys you’ll receive when you make your purchase. All of the toys are of reliable quality, making it a great starter purchase for anybody who is looking to fill out a new puppy’s toy chest in one quick buy.

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The Chuckit! Indoor Ball is a great toy for any owner who likes to play with their dog indoors, and the soft nature of the ball means it isn’t going to damage your walls or any of the possessions in your home.

Of course, the softer texture of the ball also makes it suitable for puppies, who will definitely have a great time when it comes to playing fetch indoors (especially on those cold, rainy days when playing outside isn’t very likely!) In fact, for this reason alone, it’s a great toy to have in your arsenal.

The ball is around 4.7 inches in diameter making it rather large overall, but it can be picked up and carried by your dog quite easily thanks to the soft nodules that surround the toy. Ultimately, this is a simple yet reliable toy that will quickly become one of your puppy’s favorites.

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Another great toy for playing fetch or tug-of-war is this soft toss ring that’s sure to become another favorite for your dog.

The toy is easy to hold, even for a puppy, and it comes with an added wrinkling sound which will go a long way towards keeping your puppy’s attention when they are picking up, carrying, and generally playing with the toy. Of course, it is also suitable for playing indoors, which is another plus on those cold, rainy days.

In general, this is another toy that’s best suited to smaller breeds, as the toy could be vulnerable to being chewed up rather quickly if a bigger dog is left to their own devices. Obviously, this also applies to a small dog if they are a persistent chewer. On the other hand, it’s always possible to keep this toy for playing fetch only, which is something that many owners may choose to do.

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It’s safe to say that most puppies love to chew, especially in those early puppy stages when they may be teething. With this in mind, purchasing a textured chew toy is always a good investment, and the products by Nylabone are often highly rated.

This particular toy uses a durable nylon construction that should last for a very long time indeed, while still giving your dog the all-important satisfaction they feel when they chew on something.

The toy comes with a variety of textures to keep your dog entertained, and it can withstand the toughest of chewers. It’s also worth noting that the toy comes in a variety of flavors which include bacon, liver, chicken, peanut butter, and ‘original’ – which further adds to the chewing appeal. Overall, this toy is an excellent investment that any puppy will come to appreciate – especially when they’re teething!

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This fun pig-like toy is sure to be a hit with any small dog or puppy, and while it may not be able to withstand the punishment dished out by a powerful, larger breed – it certainly has enough resilience to cope with most small puppies, thanks to the double stitching that helps to make the toy tougher than an ordinary plush toy.

What’s more, the toy features a whopping five squeakers throughout the limbs and head, so it will definitely keep the attention of your puppy if they enjoy squeaker toys. The toy is also roundly shaped, which makes it easy to play fetch with, as well as easy if your dog to carry around.

Interestingly, some reviewers find that the product doesn’t withstand tough chewing, whereas other people find that it’s virtually indestructible – hence the rather ‘mixed’ rating.

But in general, the toy is best suited to smaller dogs and puppies whereas a larger breed may cause more damage than you would like. If you make your decision with this fact in mind, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this toy.

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This keyring toy from Nylabone comes in three different sizes, all of which are best suited to smaller dogs. It comes with raised bristles that can help keep your dog’s teeth clean, and the variety of different textures help to massage your dog’s teeth and gums which provides some relief during the teething phase as well.

Unlike many of the Nylabone toys, these keys are softer, which makes them easier on your dog’s teeth, but this also means they may not last under persistent, high-power chewing. However, for a puppy, they should be fine – although it’s wise to keep an eye on your puppy in case they do happen to break off a piece of their new toy. Many owners find the toy is ideal for a puppy who is teething, although a stronger chewer may be able to make light work of this one.

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This small, affordable ‘Binkie’ toy from Kong is another good option for a puppy who is teething, as the soft yet durable natural rubber helps to soothe your puppy’s gums as well as promote healthy chewing behavior on a suitable object.

The toy comes in three different colors, and it’s specifically designed to accommodate a teething puppy – although it will happily suit a puppy at any life stage. It’s worth noting that the toy uses Kong’s popular non-toxic rubber, and like most toys in the Kong product lineup, it scores well in user reviews as well.

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If you’re looking for a toy that will keep your puppy occupied for quite some time, then this treat dispensing toy is definitely a top pick.

The toy easily twists apart to allow for easy filling, and as your puppy plays with a toy it will occasionally drop a treat which certainly makes for a fun time from your puppy’s point of view. Of course, you can also add other treats such as peanut butter into the grooves which will keep your dog entertained further still.

It comes in three sizes, extra small, small, and medium – and it’s also gentle on a puppy’s teeth, making it suitable for chewing during the teething process. Many dog owners praise the toy for its ability to occupy a dog for quite some time, and it will quickly become one of your puppy’s favorite toys when they discover the joy of getting a treat during play.

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This interesting toy from Kong is an activity ball that allows for the addition of snacks and treats to increase your dog’s desire to play with the toy as well as the enjoyment they experience from it. What’s more, this toy can help to boost your dog’s intellectual development as well.

You have a choice of pink or blue, and it comes in two different sizes, either small or medium. As you’d expect, this is a great toy to choose for an intelligent breed, but most dogs will find the toy highly entertaining due to the treat-dispensing feature.

In particular, many owners find that it’s a great toy for an energetic dog or virtually any smaller breed who need some entertainment. So, if you’re looking for a high quality, engaging toy for your puppy, then this is a great investment.

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One of the most frustrating aspects of giving your puppy a plush toy to play with is when they finally manage to break it open and scatter stuffing all around your house. Ultimately, this means that choosing a stuffing-free toy such as this plush snake is a much better solution to the problem – so even if your puppy does manage to break the toy over time, there will be a minimal amount of mess to clear up.

Fortunately, the toy comes with an “invincible” squeaker which promises to keep squeaking even if it becomes punctured, and it uses a tough inner lining which makes it highly difficult for your puppy to rip in the first place. In addition to this, it uses reinforced double layered seems, too.

You can choose between three squeaker, six squeaker, and 12 squeaker options which also increases the length of the toy, and the bright and bold colors are sure to keep your puppy’s attention. The toy is also great for playing fetch as well.

Most owners are thrilled with the toy, although there are the occasional reviews that say their dog managed to destroy the toy, so it may not be the best option for an aggressive chewer – especially if they’re left alone with the toy.

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This cute looking hedgehog toy is another great addition to any puppy’s toy chest, and it comes with a variety of ways to make noise – which goes a long way towards holding your puppy’s attention. It comes with a squeaker and rattles, which creates many sounds to enthrall your puppy, and the soft faux fur design also makes it gentle on your puppy’s teeth.

Now, while the toy is fairly durable, it’s certainly possible for a tough chewer to tear this toy apart given enough time – so it’s best to ensure your dog has something else to chew other than this toy when they’re left alone.

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The Kong tire toy is always a popular choice, and this version is specifically designed for a puppy, which is a better alternative than the bigger version whenever you’re shopping for a puppy.

As usual, the design of the toy allows you to stuff it with treats (which your puppy is sure to enjoy) and the natural ‘teething’ rubber is gentle on their teeth, while still giving them something to chew on to reduce the discomfort of teething.

Of course, you can use the toy for playing games with your dog, or leave them to their own devices and allow them to chew on it all day long. Thanks to the quality natural rubber construction, it’s very unlikely that your dog will be able to damage it to any significant degree.

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If you’re looking for a quality dental chew toy, then this option is a great buy. It comes with a genuine bacon flavor that most dogs will find quite enjoyable, and the design helps to keep your dog’s teeth clean while they’re chewing, which is always a nice added benefit.

What’s more, the design makes it convenient for your dog to pick up and carry around, as well as making it easy to play games of fetch or tug o’ war. The toy is very hard-wearing, with many people finding the toy is truly indestructible – so it’s a good option for a tough chewer who needs something that will last for quite some time.

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This affordable dog toy comes with a useful design that allows you to lodge treats and food inside the toy to increase the fun and thrills that it offers to your puppy. What’s more, the non-toxic rubber material makes it a good item for your puppy to chew while their teething, without causing any damage to their teeth or gums.

The ball comes in a variety of colors for some added choice, and it’s also fairly resilient – so your dog is unlikely to cause any damage to the toy by chewing on it regularly.

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Here’s another toy that uses a similar groove design but in the shape of a dumbbell, which gives your dog multiple textures to chew on and an easy way to carry the toy around with them. The grooves on each end of the dumbbell are perfect for holding treats or biscuits, and the overall texture of the toy helps to keep your puppy’s teeth nice and clean.

The toy comes in two different colors, and while it is a little more costly than some of the other toys listed in this guide, it is certainly a hard-wearing and reliable item that should last your dog for quite some time to come. Overall, this is the great toy that many puppies will quickly come to love, especially if you take advantage of the grooves on each end of the toy which allows you to store treats.

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Another excellent toy from the Outward Hound brand is this plush stuffing-free frog, which is essentially very similar to the previous snake option we listed earlier in the guide, albeit with a different design.

The toy comes with the option of either 4 squeakers or 6 squeakers, and these squeakers also promise to be ‘invincible’, which means they will continue to squeak even if they become punctured – which is obviously great news for those tough chewers out there!

Of course, it doesn’t contain any stuffing inside which makes cleanup easy if the toy does manage to get ripped or torn, although the reinforced seams make this far less unlikely, especially compared to a standard plush toy. This toy is available in two different colors, either green/purple or orange/pink, both of which are very bright and colorful indeed.

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This cute hedgehog chef toy is surprisingly affordable, and while it doesn’t offer the same level of durability as some of the most expensive brands out there, it’s certainly a high-quality toy that’s a great option for playing fetch indoors thanks to the soft exterior. What’s more, the soft material means it’s comfortable in the mouth of a puppy, and it shouldn’t cause their teeth any problems, either.

Of course, the huge selling point of this product is the design itself, and it is certainly very fun and cute. In fact, it’s worth pointing out that there are a variety of different hedgehog designs from this brand, with various outfits to add further interest, and it can be fun to collect them all.

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Next, we have this adorable hatchling dog toy which is perhaps one of the cheapest on our guide, but it’s also surprisingly good value for money. There is a wide range of different designs featuring different animals and even multipack purchases that will allow you to collect more of these toys for less of your money.

While the toy is useful for playing fetch and generally entertaining your dog, it also allows you to stuff the toy inside the egg base, which gives your dog the challenge of pulling it out. Many owners like to stuff a few treats inside the egg as well, to make the toy even more fun for your puppy to play with. Additionally, there’s no stuffing inside the toy so there won’t be any mess to clean up later – and there’s even a squeaker inside, too.

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If you’re looking for an interactive toy that will keep your dog entertained for quite some time as well as stimulate your dog’s intelligence, then this interactive IQ treat is a great investment. The toy works by allowing you to fill it with a variety of treats or food, and as the ball moves around it will dispense these treats occasionally.

However, one of the best things about this toy that you can adjust the difficulty level, which means as your dog improves their ability to release the treats, you can make it a little bit harder each time, which goes a long way towards keeping them fascinated by the toy.

Obviously, by gradually escalating the difficulty of the puzzle element, you’ll make the toy last for many months or even years. In many cases, this kind of toy can quickly become your dog’s favorite, as there’s no denying that adding treats to the equation increases the appeal of virtually any toy in the mind of your puppy!