What Are The Best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair?

There’s no denying how difficult it can sometimes be to tidy up after your dog, especially if you have a breed that’s highly prone to shedding, and even more so when you combine this with a luscious, thick carpet. Of course, owning several dogs together can also have a big impact on the amount of stray hair that collects in your home.

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of vacuum cleaners on the market that are very capable when it comes to dealing with pet hair, so it’s well worth investing in one of these models if you’re looking for something that’ll comfortably handle all the stubborn pet hair you can throw at it.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the vacuum cleaners that are highly rated for pet owners.

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The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete is certainly one of the most impressive vacuum cleaners on the market, and it’s definitely a good buy for anybody who has a dog that sheds a lot of hair, or perhaps anybody who is keeping multiple dogs in the same household.

The vacuum uses a radial cyclonic technology that gives incredible suction power, making it perfect for sucking up all those stubborn dog hairs, and it also has an excellent cleaner head that self-adjusts to the surface you’re using it on, so it’s great for hardwood floors as well.

Of course, the ball technology that Dyson is famous for makes it very simple for steering around the floor, and it’s also a surprisingly lightweight model which makes it very quick and easy for cleaning any area that’s in need. It’s worth noting that the DC41 also comes with a generous five-year warranty for parts and labor, so it’s definitely a good long-term buy for the person who needs to stay on top of their vacuum cleaning because of their pets.

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This delightful model from Dyson is known as the Allergy model, and it’s certainly a great buy for a pet owner who’s looking to make light work of pet hairs and dog dander. It gives you the usual incredible suction power that Dyson is famous for, and it relies on the radial technology which promises to be the most advanced cyclonic tech ever used by the popular brand.

Additionally, it makes great use of a self-adjusting cleaner head that’s very easy to move as well as making it simple to transition between different kinds of flooring, including hard floors and carpets.

It uses a whole machine HEPA filtration system that only expels clean air, and it’s even certified as asthma and allergy-friendly. Of course, this means it’s great for picking up dog hair and collecting dog dander, and it is perhaps one of the best models on the market in this regard.

Here’s an excellent and highly powerful model from the Miele brand, with this particular option being known as the dynamic U1 Maverick, and it comes in a lovely obsidian black color that certainly makes it look impressive indeed.

The design makes great use of swivel neck technology which makes it surprisingly nimble to use on your floors, and it also makes good use of an automatic height adjustment feature that won’t let you down when you’re traversing floors at different heights.

This model also offers a variable suction control which gives it some useful versatility in different situations, and it’ll cope well with a variety of different rugs and carpets without any trouble at all. Furthermore, it makes great use of an air cleaner filter system that promises to retain 99.9% of dirt, dust, and allergens – and it definitely won’t struggle when it comes to pet hair, either.

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Here’s an interesting vacuum cleaner from Shark, and it’s certainly another great buy for anybody who owns pets.

One of the great strengths of this vacuum cleaner is the fact that it’s incredibly lightweight, and it can also convert into a very convenient hand vacuum cleaner that makes it easy for cleaning a variety of different areas in the home, as well as making it useful for vacuuming your dog’s bed as well.

It also comes with a useful pet multi-tool that’s designed to free up those pet hairs that are locked deep into your carpets, and it certainly does its job very well in this regard.

Furthermore, it features Dual Clean technology, which basically involves using a deep cleaning bristle brush combined with a soft brush roll, and this unique combo manages to clean any surface quickly and easily without any readjustment being required. It also gets rid of pet hairs that are deeply embedded in long pile carpets as well, which is great to see from such a reasonably priced model.

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While most robotic vacuum cleaners aren’t usually very effective for cleaning up pet hair, this one seems to be an exception, and it does an excellent job of keeping your home clean without you having to personally do the vacuuming.

Interestingly, you can actually control the device using your phone, and it has a useful app that allows you to set up schedules, receive notifications, and start and stop the device. It uses clever navigation technology that allows it to scan and map your floor area, and it does a great job of covering all of the areas without getting itself into trouble.

Importantly, the performance is surprisingly impressive for a robotic vacuum cleaner, and it does a very good job of removing pet hair from most environments, so it’s certainly worth a closer look if you would prefer a robotic vacuum for your household.

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Here’s a classic vacuum cleaner from the Shark brand, this time coming in the form of their Navigator Lift-Away model, and often receives great praise for its ability to pick up dust and allergens, and it’s also very useful for cleaning up after pets as well.

The upright model is very comfortable and lightweight to use, but it doesn’t sacrifice much power at all, and it certainly gives you enough power to cope with most forms of dog hair no matter how stubborn they may be embedded into your carpet or rug.

Another nice touch is the Lift-Away feature which makes it very easy to separate the vacuum cleaner from the base, and it’s easy to carry up the stairs, as well as great for cleaning other hard to reach places, such as the pet hair that may gather behind cupboards and wardrobes.

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This vacuum cleaner from SEBO is certainly a very high-end option, and it comes with a price tag to match. However, if you’re looking for a professional-grade vacuum cleaner that’s great for getting rid of pet hair in no time at all, then this may be the ideal option for you.

It comes in with an auto height adjustment that helps you to get the right height for the surface, and the belts are guaranteed to last for the entire life of the machine which is an excellent feature to see.

Additionally, it uses a hospital-grade S class filtration system that’s 99.9% effective for allergens, so you can rest assured that it’ll pick up all of the dust, allergens, and dog dander that’s in the environment. Furthermore, the extra features make it easy to clean those difficult to reach and stubborn places.

At the end of the day, this is a powerful and effective vacuum cleaner that doesn’t come with too many frills and hidden extras, but it generally gives you the kind of power and dependability that you can rely on, and it’s certainly a high-end vacuum cleaner that’s built to last.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that this is a commercial-grade item that won’t let you down, even under heavy and regular usage.

If you’re looking for a smaller, handheld vacuum cleaner that gets the job done, then this design from Shark is an excellent choice. It comes in two different versions, either Perfect Pet or Perfect Pet II, with the second option being the one that you’ll want to consider most of all.

In general, this is a surprisingly powerful cordless vacuum that’s great for cleaning up sofas, dog beds, and any other areas where pet hair can gather, and it makes great use of cyclonic technology that gives it a surprisingly powerful suction even for a handheld model.

When it comes to keeping it charged, it uses a convenient charging stand/wall mount and an 18 V battery that gives you plenty of power and longevity, allowing you to achieve several cleaning sessions before charging is required.

Importantly, it uses a motorized brush that’s perfect for picking up those stubborn pet hairs that get stuck into the surface, and there’s even a crevice tool that helps you really get the dirt out of difficult areas.

Overall, this is an excellent handheld vacuum cleaner, and while it doesn’t offer the same kind of power as the more expensive, larger models, it is certainly one of the best handheld models available for anybody who has pet hair to deal with on a regular basis.

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The Hoover brand is synonymous with quality vacuum cleaners, and this WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet model is an excellent option for any dog owner. It uses three channels to create a powerful suction, and it does a great job of getting the surface debris cleaned up as well as making a noteworthy effort on the more embedded dirt including pet hair.

It uses an easy rinse filter that’s sure to last for quite some time, and the use of a HEPA filter means it’s great for collecting dirt, dust, and even pollen down to 0.3 µm, so it’s good for general dog dander as well.

The pet pack comes with a number of extra accessories that make it useful for dog owners, and this includes a turbo tool, an upholstery tool, a telescopic extension wand, and more. Overall, this is a reasonably priced model that’s a good buy for somebody you can’t justify the expense of a more expensive vacuum cleaner, and it generally gets the job done fairly well.

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Dirt Devil is another popular vacuum cleaner manufacturer, and this item is particularly well regarded for its ability to cope with pet hair better than several other models on the market.

It gives you a very powerful suction which is always a good start when you’re tackling dog hair, and the premium brush roll does a great job of picking up pet hair out of stubborn carpets, as well as being able to cope with hard flooring as well.

It comes with a three-stage filtration system that’s useful for cleaning up dust, allergens, and dog dander, and this should go a long way towards making it a useful vacuum cleaner for most households.

Of course, this is an upright, bagless model which is worth bearing in mind before you order, but it’s generally a nice, lightweight and easy to use a vacuum cleaner that’s virtually effortless to move around the home. It’s also known for being very good with cat hair as well as dog hair.

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Here’s a very stylish, lightweight vacuum from Electrolux, and it’s definitely a very good option if you’re looking for a lightweight cordless model.

The nice thing about the cordless design is that your cleaning sessions will become quick and effortless, and this is one of the few models that still manages to generate enough power to make it a reliable purchase for any pet owner.

The washable filter helps you to keep replacement part costs down, and this design manages to provide you with enough suction to cope with most forms of dog hair, and it will cope will practically surface, including hardwood floors.

It comes with a 180 degree swivel feature that also makes it easy to get in and out of various places within your rooms, and the brush roll technology is good enough to pick up most pet hair, especially if you’re willing to give it a second pass.

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Here’s another lithium-ion based vacuum cleaner that’s specifically designed to be a pet model, and it does a great job of cleaning up pet hair just as the name would suggest.

Furthermore, the two-in-one design means that it is both a powerful stick vacuum as well as being a removable hand vacuum, which makes it very convenient for vacuuming a variety of different surfaces, as well as getting those hard to reach places.

It comes with a 14.4 V lithium-ion battery that should give you decent suction for up to 25 minutes before requiring a charge, and it also has a larger dirt bin than most cordless models, which is great for gathering all of the pet hair that you may need to collect during each vacuuming session.

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Here’s a relatively compact yet powerful vacuum cleaner from Miele known as the C1 model, and it tends to receive very positive reviews in regards to cleaning up dog hair in particular.

It uses a six-stage variable speed vortex motor that gives you a surprising amount of power despite its compact size, and it also uses a great filter to keep the dust and allergens stored away inside.

Of course, it comes with a telescopic handle that makes it useful for cleaning floors without having to bend over too much, and this also makes it convenient for cleaning many different surfaces and hard to reach areas.

The 1200 W motor is perhaps one of the best features of this machine, and it gives you a very useful suction that’s ideal for those stubborn dog hairs that other vacuum cleaners may struggle with.

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Here’s another interesting model from the Bissell brand, known as the AirRam cordless vacuum, and despite its unconventional look, it’s a useful item to have, particularly for spot cleaning and dealing with stubborn dog hairs on beds, stairs, and rugs.

It uses a professional grade 22 V lithium-ion battery that will easily give you around 30 minutes of power without any sagging performance towards the end, and the unique design makes it very comfortable to move in and out of tight spots.

It features a multi-surface brush roller that does a good job of collecting dog hairs, and it also has a nice overall shape that makes it easy to clean right up to the edge of different kinds of surfaces.

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The Electrolux brand is known for making some very powerful vacuum cleaners indeed, and this interesting model, known as the Silent Performer, is a great buy if you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that’s on the quieter side. Of course, if you have a dog rho’s particularly scared of the vacuum cleaner, then this is a good buy to cope with this problem as well.

Despite its quieter sound and ability to cause less disruption, it still provides you with a powerful motor, along with a deep and penetrating suction ability that’s ideal for most forms of carpet and rug.

Furthermore, it comes with a HEPA filter that promises to capture a whopping 99.97% of all airborne pollutants, so your home will certainly be much fresher afterward as well as free of dog dander. Of course, it also comes with a crevice tool that helps you get to out-of-reach places, and it’s generally a well thought out item that’s unlikely to disappoint.

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Here’s an interesting model from Bissell that’s known as the Pet Hair Eraser vacuum, and the promising name certainly manages to live up to the mark in most cases. In particular, the vacuum cleaner comes with a number of specialist pet tools that help you to gather up the stubborn pet hair, and it also features a quick-release wand to help you with this task.

Furthermore, it comes with a tangle-free brush roller that’s good for gathering up those masses of pet hairs that can gather in carpets and rugs, and the unique design also promises to prevent the frustrating problem that occurs when hair wraps up around the roller brush.

Another nice touch is the LED-lit crevice tools which help you to spot those embedded dog hairs that are often so easily missed when you are vacuuming carpets and upholstery, and it also uses a smart seal allergen system that helps to keep these allergens safely locked away inside the vacuum instead of spreading around your house.

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Here’s a classic stick vacuum cleaner that’s perhaps one of the most popular cordless options available these days, and it’s also not too bad when it comes to gathering up pet hair too. It comes with a few different options that offer various features, but the standard option comes with an 18 V battery that should give you plenty of longevity with no fade to the power as you get towards the end of the charge cycle.

The operation of the vacuum cleaner is generally quite straightforward, and there are a few handy touches such as the charge gauge, the WindTunnel technology, and the brush roll that manages to cope with carpets and hard floors without any worry at all.

It also offers a surprisingly wide cleaning path for such a compact cordless model, so this is another positive feature. Furthermore, it comes with a generous two-year warranty, which is nice to see overall.

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Here’s a compact cordless vacuum from the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser product line, and it’s certainly a good option if you are merely looking to purchase a smaller, more compact model that’s great for cleaning dog beds, stairs, and other stubborn areas. Of course, it comes with a useful crevice tool that’s ideal for reaching those difficult places, and it generally does a great job of keeping the pet hair in one place, too.

Importantly, it uses a dual-action filtration system, so it’s surprisingly effective at removing allergens and dog dander from the air, and it also comes with a one-year limited warranty which is nice to see despite the relatively low price point it’s available for right now.

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Here is another classic model from the Dyson product line, known as the DC 39 animal, and while it is a slightly older version, it’s still a generally good buy, and it’s also available at a lower price than many alternatives.

It uses Dyson’s famous cyclone technology to give it incredible suction that’s definitely some of the strongest in the business, and the radial technology also ensures that you get unparalleled airflow thanks to the suction power.

The unique design means you can turn on a dime without any trouble at all, and the turbine head is incredibly simple and intuitive to use, requiring minimal bending over or difficult contortions in order to get to those hard-to-reach places.

It’s also nice to see the generous five-year warranty which covers both parts and labor, so you can rest assured that this model is built to last, making it a great buy.

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Here’s an interesting model from the popular Hoover brand, this time coming in the form of the T series WindTunnel Pet Rewind, and although the name is somewhat of a mouthful, it generally lives up to the hype and is definitely a worthy consideration if you’re looking for a cost-effective and efficient vacuum cleaner when you’re tidying up after your pets.

It’s a relatively lightweight item, only weighing in at just under 18 pounds, and it features five different height adjustments that allow you to make it accommodate practically any flooring type you’re dealing with.

A nice touch is the cord rewind feature which allows you to tap the pedal and automatically have the power cord wind itself back again, and this is definitely very fun the first few times you use it, as well as being incredibly useful.

Furthermore, it comes with an additional pet tool that’s specifically designed to help you dispose of those pet hairs, and the upholstery tool is great for getting out pet hairs that may be embedded into furniture as well. Finally, it offers a 12-inch extension wand and a crevice tool to cover all eventualities.

This vacuum cleaner from Hoover is the REACT Professional Pet Plus model, which is a bagless upright design that comes with a number of useful features that make it great for pet owners.

First of all, it uses its uniquely designed adjustment technology which basically involves the use of a microsensor to automatically adjust the kind of floor you’re using a time. Furthermore, it uses the wind tunnel technology to give it a powerful suction that’s great for catching all kinds of dirt and dust, as well as pet hair.

It also makes good use of my multi-cyclonic technology which means there’s no loss of suction, and it provides you with excellent power that should be plenty for most every day uses. Another nice feature is the Hoover app which allows you to have some further adjustment to its performance.

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Here’s another model from Shark that’s perhaps one of the best options if you’re looking for a long-lasting, powerful upright vacuum cleaner that’s capable of making light work out of most forms of pet hair. It comes with a brush system that’s great for a variety of different surfaces, and it also allows you to cope with longer pile rugs and carpets, which is always a useful feature for many households.

Importantly, it comes with an anti-allergen complete seal technology as well as a HEPA filter, so it does a fantastic job at picking up and containing those allergens, dust, and dog dander that could be floating around your environment.

It comes with powerful LED headlights on the nozzle that make it very useful for seeing any areas you miss, as well as helping you to spot those stubborn pet hairs that may not have been picked up on the first sweep. Furthermore, it comes with a handy extendable wand that’s incredibly useful for getting those difficult to reach areas.

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Next, we have the T series Windtunnel pet vacuum cleaner from the Hoover brand, and it’s another excellent option that’s designed specifically to cope with the kind of cleanup scenarios you’ll be facing when you have dogs or other pets in your house.

Firstly, it comes with the powerful WindTunnel technology that’s great for getting rid of those embedded pet hairs and general dirt, and it also minimizes blowback, so it’s useful for cleaning up the mess the first time instead of pushing it around your carpet.

Additionally, it comes with an activated carbon HEPA filter that manages to trap 99.9% of dust, giving you excellent retention of any particles that are floating in the environment, and it also does an excellent job of getting rid of pollens and dog dander as well.

It features a one-touch bag release that’s quick and simple for accessing your bag, and the long 30-foot cord means it’s easy to travel from room to room without having to move around from plug to plug.

Here’s a pet-focused vacuum cleaner from Bissell, this time coming in the form of the Powerglide Pet model that promises to give you excellent suction power thanks to the technology that’s used, and it also works well when it comes to cleaning right up to the edge of any carpet thanks to the streamlined, angular design of the vacuum cleaner.

Additionally, it comes with several useful tools including the crevice tool, the pet tool, along with an extendable hose that allows you to clean difficult areas like the stairs with no worries at all. Interestingly, it also comes with a pet odor eliminator that promises to freshen up the rugs and carpets as well.

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Here’s yet another model from the Bissell brand which is specifically designed to cope with hardwood floors primarily, and the unique design makes it very useful for gathering up fine debris and pet hair on hardwood floors, which some vacuum cleaners can often struggle with.

Additionally, the design allows you to get into tight edges and small spaces without too much trouble, and it also has a full swivel head, making it very simple to get between furniture legs for example. Although it is a hard floor model, it should certainly be able to cope with most short-pile rugs and carpets, and it’s generally a very popular model as well.