What Are The Best Bike Baskets For Dogs In 2020? Here’s An In-Depth Guide

If you’d like to take your dog for a bike ride, then investing in a safe, secure, and comfortable dog bike basket will be a smart move. These bike baskets are designed to give your dog a safe and enjoyable ride whenever you’re setting out for a two-wheel journey, and they can make all the difference when it comes to cycling with a small dog.

In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best bike baskets for dogs on the market, so you’ll have a better idea about which ones are worth the money. So without delay, let’s take a closer look.

Key Features To Look For When Buying A Dog Bike Basket

No matter which dog bike basket you choose to buy, they’ll always be a few features you’ll want to pay close attention to before you buy.

Security: There’s an element of risk when you’re placing your dog in a bike basket, so you’ll need to make sure there are adequate straps and secure fittings to ensure the basket is stable and securely attached to your bike. Furthermore, some baskets come with additional coverings that encourage your dog to stay in one place, as you don’t want your dog to jump from a moving bicycle or fall out when you encounter the occasional bump in the road.

Comfort: You’ll want your dog to feel relaxed and comfortable in the bike basket, so choosing a design that offers some extra padding can be very wise indeed. However, you can always place a cushion or a purpose-built bike basket liner to add some additional comfort.

Storage: While it may not be essential, it can certainly be useful to have some extra storage pockets on the bike basket. These pockets are ideal for placing treats, toys, leashes, or even water bottles. Furthermore, some bike baskets will still have enough room to carry some of your personal belongings as well.

Durability: It’s a good idea to buy a bike basket that’s built to last, so this will mean choosing a design that benefits from solid construction, strong fabrics, and reinforced stitching and support in any potential weak spots. A well-built bike basket will also increase the security offered to your dog as well as improve the comfort on longer rides.

Which Type Of Dog Bike Basket Should You Use?

There are many different varieties of bike baskets on the market, but the most popular styles are either rear-facing or front-facing. The advantage of a rear-facing model is that you’ll benefit from better handling and stability, although you won’t be able to see your dog without turning around.

Alternatively, a front-facing model lets you keep a close eye on your dog at all times, although the added weight can affect the stability and control over your handlebars. However, it’s certainly possible to get used to the new handling, and being able to see your dog is always a plus.

It’s important to note that bike baskets are best suited for small breed dogs and puppies. So if you have a bigger breed who you want to take with you on a bike ride, it’s better to invest in a bike dog trailer instead.

The Best Dog Bike Baskets For 2020

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The Travelin K9’s Pet Pilot Max dog bike basket carrier can carry more weight than the popular original version, and with its front mesh, it allows for more cooling airflow, too. This basket carrier also gives you a sturdy, no-sway design which offers great stability and safety.

The brackets are easy to attach to the bike and you’ll certainly appreciate that it’s easy to install and fits securely to most bike frames. Another nice feature is that there are lots of colors to choose from, along with those added pockets for storing your doggo’s essentials.

Overall, it’s a decent carrier that’s generally quite durable and versatile. What’s more, you can even use it as a pet bed since it’s well-padded and comfortable enough when it’s laid down.

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What’s great about Snoozer’s Sporty Bike Basket is the chin rest feature which aids your pup’s comfort, and it’s also spacious enough to let your pet sit and lay down comfortably. The canvas material is durable and reliable, while the harness clip in the basket is adjustable to make sure your dog feels safe and secure inside. It also has a metal brace below the basket that rests on the bike’s fork, and this prevents the basket from sagging too low.

The basket design helps to prevent excess movement of your dog while also reducing the area to move around, but this also keeps them safely rooted when you’re moving. Additionally, the design scores some extra points for the pockets which are ideal for snacks, treats, toys, and even a water bottle, which adds some further practicality to the design.

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If you like stylish, handmade inspired products, then the Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket from PetSafe is definitely an eye-catcher. Made from resin wicker, this basket is weather-resistant and has a faux-sheepskin liner that will give your little doggo a comfortable and relaxed space to enjoy while cycling.

The basket has an adjustable safety leash to make sure your pet is safe during the ride, and they can also nap soundly thanks to the sunshade attached to the wicker. However, this basket is ideal for dogs no heavier than 10-15 pounds, otherwise, your dog might experience some bouncing around, especially if you’re riding over cracks or bumps on the road. But given the style, comfort, and safety level, this carrier is still highly recommended, particularly for its uniqueness.

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This expandable pet carrier from Nantucket Bicycle Basket allows you to bring your small dog (or cat) along for a bike ride without too much trouble. The Expandable Rear Pet Carrier is also designed to be unfolded once you reach your destination, giving your dog more space to enjoy.

Of course, the expandable feature will give your dog more room to play or just stretch their paws, but it also keeps your pet safe and comfortable during the entire ride, so you won’t need to worry or glance back to see if they’re still there! However, it’s always smart to avoid road bumps and cracks to prevent distress to your little fur ones.

Another useful feature is the mesh at the top and the back which you can keep open for ventilation. Overall, this is a good choice in terms of safety and comfort for your little dogs.

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For furparents who are fond of cycling and want to bring their furbabies with them, Snoozer’s Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat could be a great option to consider. A key feature of this design is the three-point safety strap that will keep your dog secure and safe inside, and this should give you some extra confidence while cycling with your dog.

The bike basket is best suited for small to medium dogs, and with the three-point harness installed on the carrier you can rest assured that your dog won’t fall out. In general, this dog bike basket gives you a safe and comfortable way to take your dog with you on a bike ride while giving your dog an enjoyable experience, especially for short sight-seeing trips around the neighborhood.

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Travelin K9’s Pet Pilot Original dog bike basket carrier is ideal for furparents who like their dogs to enjoy being the center of attention. It attaches to the front of your bike, so you can easily see and make sure that your dog is safe and calm, and it gives great visibility.

A nice feature of this carrier is the sturdy design which can carry more weight than many alternatives, and the patented handlebar mount also avoids swaying and ensures your bike remains stable. Although the weight of your dog could still have some impact on the handling.

The design also comes with mesh air vents that’ll keep your dog well-ventilated during the ride. Finally, the item is recommended for dogs that weigh less than 10 pounds, so you won’t want to go too far over this limit.

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One of the great things about Petfit’s safety bike dog basket is the dual-purpose design, which means it can be both a bike basket and a pet carrier. It also comes with a safety leash and an adjustable drawstring mesh top which comfortably secures your little one while you’re on the move.

You won’t need to worry about the airflow thanks to the mesh top which allows proper airflow inside, especially during the hot and humid days of summer. It also comes with a clasp for your dog’s harness or collar which adds some extra security. While it’s quite easy to install, it may not be perfect for every kind of bike, so it’s important to make sure you get the measurements right. Ideally, this design is recommended for small dogs weighing 8-10 pounds.

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This traveler pet bike basket from Jack and Dixie can also transform into an over the shoulder carrier, which is a feature that many owners of small dogs will love. It’s very easy to assemble, but it’s still very sturdy once attached to your bike – so if security and comfort are the priority then this carrier won’t let you down. Plus, it comes with storage pockets for toys and treats as well as a water bottle holder.

Another extra strap would also be great, just to make sure pets are well secured, as you’ll never know when you’ll hit a bump or your furbaby gets too hyper and decides to jump out. The carrier is a little heavy and it will be even heavier when your dog is in it, so this can have an effect on the handling if your dog is on the larger side.

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This carrier from Petall gives you a decent option that you might consider if you’re on a tighter budget. It’s designed for small dogs, but it’s also suitable for smaller animals like cats and rabbits as well. And when you’re not riding with your little ones, it can also serve as your bike basket for your groceries, purse, water bottle, etc.

Its multi-purpose design benefits from a waterproof heavy-duty fabric that’s further reinforced with an aluminum support frame, so it offers excellent durability in this regard.

However, with just a drawstring top to secure your pet inside, it could become uncomfortable for your pet to sit or even to move around, particularly on longer bike trips. It can be wise to put a towel at the bottom for extra cushioning, too.

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This sporty looking basket from PetSafe is made from very durable nylon fabric and has enough storage space in the pocket compartments to accommodate your belongings during the ride.

One great feature is the sunshade which allows you to easily adjust the height according to your preference, and it will also keep your dog from jumping out, especially if you have a little fur friend who gets easily excited!

The basket is deep enough so you won’t have to worry about them getting out by themselves to easily, and there’s also a useful tether on the inside as well, for improved security. Another great addition is that the basket can be easily detached from the bracket when you’re not using it.

Keep in mind that this basket could be a bit heavy (especially with your pet inside) and this can lead to a more challenging ride. But having the leash inside to keep your dog from jumping out is a brilliant idea, making it a secure model overall.

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Aoryvic’s wicker bike basket is a nice option for your small dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and all the small animals that you can think of. Just as you’d expect, it’s perfect for traveling, and when not in use as a pet bike basket it can be transformed into a picnic basket, too.

The metal wire top can be detached from the basket to make it work as a basket for your groceries and picnics. Although it’s recommended that you place a towel or a small comfy rug at the bottom of the inside for added comfort, as there is no cushion inside.

You should also bear in mind that the biggest dog recommended for this basket is around the size of the average chihuahua. Pets bigger than this might not have enough space and this could be very uncomfortable for them. So make sure you get the measurements of this carrier on par with the size of your dog, just to make sure you are buying the perfect carrier for your little furry friend.

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This basket liner from Cruiser Candy is a normal bike basket that’s covered with a water-resistant and fade-resistant fabric, and there are several adorable and stylish designs to choose from. It’s a carrier that’s ideal for your small pets, groceries or even personal items if they’ll fit inside. Furthermore, you can easily fold it up whenever you want and tuck it in its zippered case for great convenience.

While it could benefit from some minor upgrades such as zippered or Velcro pockets to hide your valuables, toys, or dog treats, it can be a great addition to any bike basket that doesn’t come with a liner. The stitches are impressive and it’s generally built to last, so it offers a respectable level of durability, although the drawstrings can be a little stiff to use.

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This basket from Hand-crafted by Beach & Dog Co is a rear mount willow bike basket carrier that can comfortably hold up to 25 lbs, making it an interesting option for slightly heavier dogs to try.

Your dog should have plenty of room to sit, move around, and generally stay comfortable thanks to the bigger size. What’s more, it has two seat belts that attach to one or even two dog collars so you don’t need to worry about your pet’s safety when inside.

You may also want to place a padded liner in the basket because the bottom is a bit hard, so a quality liner would make your little one more comfortable. The basket itself is high-quality and with proper TLC it will last for as long as it can, and with its old-school charm it really looks fantastic.

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Ideal for dogs weighing up to 20 lbs, this cocoon pet carrier from DoggyRide can be used as a front or rear bike basket, whichever suits your needs best. It can also serve as a car seat carrier for some added versatility.

It’s sturdy enough to keep your little ones comfortable, safe, and zipped up so they won’t be able to jump out while you’re on the move. Overall, this basket is sturdy and offers a reasonable amount of quality that’s unlikely to disappoint.