Can You Use Baby Wipes On Dogs? (Be Careful!) Here’s What You MUST Know First

Can You Use Baby Wipes On Dogs? (Be Careful!) Here's What You MUST Know First 1

So, your dog is all muddy (from that morning romp in the park)… or perhaps you’ve found remnants of their dinner all over their mouth. (oops).

They’re not quite dirty enough to need a bath.

But no self-respecting dog lover can leave their dog in this messy state…

Yet all you have available are baby wipes.

The question is: Can I use baby wipes on my dog? Are these baby wipes safe to use?

In this guide, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for. 

Let’s begin.

The Risks Posed By Baby Wipes

While it’s true that baby wipes are gentle on the skin… they’re formulated for the pH level of a human’s skin – not dogs.

Worst still: many baby wipes come with added ingredients that aren’t good for your dog.

Baby wipes often contain fragrances and moisturizing ingredients that aren’t suitable for canines. 

Additionally, certain ingredients like propylene glycol can sometimes be found in baby wipes, and this can be quite uncomfortable for dogs, particularly if it becomes ingested.

If you’re in a tight pinch, you’ll get away with using a baby wipe from time to time, as long as it has minimal inappropriate ingredients and isn’t used on sensitive areas.

Look for wipes that are formulated for ‘sensitive skin’, as these will often leave out the most problematic ingredients, particularly propylene glycol.

But at the end of the day, it’s best to pick a pet wipe product that’s been specifically designed to accommodate the needs of your dog. 

These products are formulated for a dog’s pH level, and they’ll leave out the unwanted ingredients that could cause trouble.

Dog Wipes Vs Baby Wipes: What’s The Difference?

Pet wipes are excellent for giving your dog a quick clean… especially between bath times. 

For example: Many owners find these wipes useful for cleaning their dog’s paws after a walk. 

Ultimately, it’s a great to keep some pet wipes around, even if it’s only for this purpose.

Of course, you’ll still need to give your dog regular baths (depending on how often they require cleaning).

But a collection of quality pet wipes really helps to keep your dog clean without giving them a full bath so frequently.

The 4 Best Pet Wipes For Dogs

If you’re looking to buy some pet-friendly wet wipes, these won’t let you down.

Each option gives you a safe and effective way to keep your dog clean in between bath times.

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These grooming wipes from Pogi’s Pet Supplies come in a large size that measures 8 by 9 inches. They’re also thick enough to get plenty of use out of each one… even if your dog has a thick or dirty coat.

Important: They’re designed to be hypoallergenic, so there’s no problematic use of fragrances, alcohols, parabens, or any other harsh chemicals that are bad for your dog.

However, there are a few beneficial conditioning ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera, and Hawaiian Awapuhi… which helps give your dog a healthy shine to their coat without agitating their skin.

These wipes are available in either 100 or 400 pouches. Both options give great value for money.

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These doggy bath wipes come with two different scent choices, either honey sage or spring water. Both scents are gentle and pleasant without being too strong, and they shouldn’t cause any sensitivity to your dog.

They work well for cleaning away dirt and debris, and the alcohol-free formulation keeps them mild and gentle on your dog’s skin and coat. There are also a few moisturizing conditioners included which add some extra value to the wipes.

They measure 8″ by 7″, which is large enough to get some reasonable use out of each one. 

These wipes are very affordable, so they’re a great option if you’re on a tighter budget.

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If you’re looking for some gentle, hypoallergenic wipes for your dog, these grooming wipes from Earthbath are great.

They’re free of fragrances or anything that’s likely to trigger allergies, although there are a few scented options if you want something to add a little fragrance into the mix.

The wipes come in a large size of 8″ by 7″, and they’re also nice and thick… which makes them useful for wiping away mud and dirt from your dog’s paws. They also contain aloe vera and vitamin E.

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These wipes from Pet MD feature a non-stinging antiseptic that’s useful for treating abrasions, skin issues, or bites.

They also come with the added benefit using chlorhexidine and ketoconazole… which offer antiseptic and antifungal benefits.

They’re useful for cleaning areas that are sensitive to infection, such as folds in your dog’s skin, which is ideal for certain dog breeds.

DIY Baby Wipe Alternatives For Dogs

What if you don’t want to use baby wipes or pet wipes?

Are there any DIY doggy wipe alternatives you can use? 

Why, yes, there is!

Simply apply a little water to an old towel and wipe your dog down. You can even use some dog-friendly shampoo to improve its cleaning power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Baby Wipes To Clean My Dog’s Face?

It’s best to avoid using baby wipes around your dog’s face. If there are any troublesome ingredients in the wipes, they’re most likely to affect your dog’s sensitive facial area.

Instead, wipe their face with a damp towel or use a proper dog-friendly pet wipe.

What About My Dog’s Paws?

Your dog’s paws are generally quite hardy, so a baby wipe on this area shouldn’t be such a problem. But again, it’s better to use a damp cloth or appropriate doggy wipe if possible.

Or Their Ears?

A dog’s ears can be sensitive. It’s better to use an appropriate ear cleaning product or doggy wipe.

Maybe Around My Dog’s Eyes?

The eyes are a sensitive and vulnerable area. As such, you shouldn’t use baby wipes around this area. Instead, use a doggy wipe or damp cloth.

Surely I Can I Wipe My Dog’s Butt With Baby Wipes?

It’s not a good idea. The area is sensitive, and if your dog licks the area, they could ingest chemicals like propylene glycol that are found in baby wipes. Use a proper doggy wipe product instead.

Can I Use Baby Wipes on My Puppy?

Puppies can be sensitive, so it’s best to use only dog-friendly wipes on them. It’s better to keep the baby wipes away.

Can I Use Unscented Baby Wipes on My Dog?

While unscented baby wipes will have fewer problematic ingredients… they’re still no comparison to canine-friendly pet wipes.

What Baby Wipe Chemicals Are Unsafe for Dogs?

Propylene Glycol is a bad ingredient for dogs. Additionally, many fragrances and certain moisturizing ingredients could cause irritation. The pH formulation is also not designed with dogs in mind.

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