Dog Automatic Ball Launchers – A Fun Way To Keep Your Dog Active

If you love to play fetch with your dog, then investing in an automatic ball launcher can be a great idea. Of course, it can get tiring for any pet owner to keep throwing balls for their dog and this only gets worse if you’re dealing with any shoulder injuries.

However,  a ball launcher is an excellent way to keep your dog busy and active without so much hard work on your behalf. In this guide, we’re going to cover both options, so let’s take a closer look.

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The Best Automatic Dog Ball Launchers In 2020

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Is your dog an avid lover of fetch? If so, the iFetch could be a great investment for you and your dog. The design comes in two sizes, along with 3 mini tennis balls which are each 1.6 inch in diameter, and there’s also a hidden storage compartment where the balls can be stored without any problem.

It offers an adjustable launch distance which ranges from 10 feet up to 30 feet, and this means it’s viable for either indoor or outdoor use. It can also be a fun way to improve your dog’s agility and independence as they’ll learn how to play fetch on their own, although supervision is still advisable. Overall, it’s a fun way to let your little doggo enjoy a fun game of fetch and it’ll keep them thoroughly entertained and active, too.

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This automatic ball launcher by PetSafe is an interesting ball throwing machine that ensures safety with its multiple motion sensors, and this feature protects both pets and humans alike from being hit by the ball at close range. The launcher can throw anywhere between 8-30 feet, and it features 9 different distance and angle settings to give you some extra control over the launch.

Since this is an automatic ball launcher, it’s set for a 15-minute rest interval after 15 minutes of play to give your dog a break, and it can be used for both indoors and outdoors. It can load up to 3 tennis sized balls at a time and it’s certainly a fun way to keep your dog active. Furthermore, it has a unique audible alert tone feature that signals to you and your dog when the ball is ready to launch.

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If you’d like to play fetch with your dog but get tired of throwing the ball before your dog does, then this launcher from Hyper Pet could be the right one for you. The K9 Kannon K2 Ball Launcher is both perfect for small and large dogs, and it’s available in 2 sizes, so all you have to do is load the balls and start launching them to get the fun started.

It offers good control over the launch distance thanks to the priming handle design, so the further back you pull the lever, the further the tennis ball will blast forward, giving your dog more distance to cover when they recover the ball.

It has two ball compartments for easier and quicker reloading, and you can just place the nuzzle over the ball and pull the lever for easy operation. The product comes with one K9 Kannon ball launcher and one Hyper tennis ball, although it can be worthwhile to buy some extra balls to go with it.

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Here’s a 20-inch ball blaster from Nerf Dog that can comfortably launch a tennis ball up to 50 feet, and you can adjust the power to vary the distance of the launch, so it’s a versatile option for playing games of fetch outside. The design is simple and straightforward to operate, allowing you to pick up balls with the nuzzle and blast the ball forward by sliding the handle back then pulling the trigger.

It’s worth noting that the design comes in a few different sizes, so if you want something more compact then you may prefer the 16-inch option. But overall, this classic Nerf Dog ball launcher is a reliable choice for enhancing your games of fetch with your dog.

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This ball thrower from Franklin Pet Supply is a fun way to get some extra distance on any ball launch, and it’ll also keep you and your dog active without hurting your shoulders when it comes to throwing the ball.

The design features a comfort grip handle so you can throw it for a longer period of time without any worry.

The complete set includes the launcher and a tennis ball, and that’s all you’ll need to get the most from this toy. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about picking up a slobbery ball, as the launcher is designed to grab it for you.

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Next up, here’s a ball launcher from a brand called Couch Potato. It’s designed to be very simple and intuitive to use, and it comes with 3 mini-sized tennis balls which are 1.5 inches in diameter.

It’s particularly ideal for small dogs, and it can provide plenty of fun whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, it allows you to throw 3 different distances to accommodate your environment, and the machine itself is fairly durable and sturdy to use. And you won’t need to worry about the balls getting stuck inside as it’s made to be highly durable and saliva resistant.

It comes with a wall plug if you intend to use it indoors (and save on the batteries), but if you would like to use it outdoors, then there’s a battery compartment available to.

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Is your gentle giant a fan of fetch? If so, you may want to take a closer look at iDogMate’s interactive ball launcher that’s made specifically with big dogs in mind.

This ball launcher comes with 3 rubber balls which are 2.5 inches in diameter and made from food-grade healthy organic materials that ensure your pet’s safety. There are two ways for you to run this ball launcher. You can either use an AC adapter or rely on the rechargeable Li-ion batteries which can support up to 1,000 launches per charge.

Additionally, the machine can launch the balls by a distance of 10 feet up to 50 feet, and it’s operated with a simple click of the remote control or with the button on the machine itself. In general, it’s a fun machine that works well although you’ll need to make sure the balls don’t get too dirty or too wet as this may affect the overall performance of the launcher.

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This ball launcher from iDogMate is made for puppies and small dogs, and it gives your furry little friend a fun way to play fetch whenever you like.

It launches balls that measure 1.75 inches in diameter and it can launch them anywhere from 10 feet up to 35 feet, and you can easily select these available distances by choosing between the variable settings and keep your pup guessing for each launch.

It runs on both AC adapter or with the rechargeable Li-ion batteries, and both are included when you purchase the launcher. In most cases, you can expect it to provide up to 250 launches on a full charge.

In terms of dimensions, it measures 4.75 inches in width and height, and it’s also possible to use the machine either indoors and outdoors.

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This tennis ball stomper from Nerf Dog can be a fun way to give your dog some extra playtime and activity. One stomp is all it takes to launch the ball up to 50-75 feet high up in the air, and your dog will be eagerly waiting to catch it. The simple design is ideal for all dog breeds and sizes, and it’s certainly a fun and upgraded way to play games of fetch.

This is also perfect for pet parents who have shoulder injuries, and there’s no need to adjust the neck of the toy as it’s angled to achieve optimal loft. The plastic stomper design is sturdy and durable enough to work with any standard sized tennis ball which is certainly convenient, and it includes one tennis ball as part of the package.

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This simple yet effective ball launcher from Chuckit! is a very affordable and well-reviewed option that’s great if you’re looking for a no-frills design that won’t disappoint.

The design enhances your ability to throw a tennis ball, and it will certainly take some of the strain from your shoulders while still allowing you to throw the ball further than you otherwise could.

The launcher comes in several different sizes, so it’s worth checking the measurements and picking a handle that suits your needs. The longer the handle is, the further you’ll be able to launch the balls, and this will be good for bigger breeds who will benefit from the extra exercise.

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Here’s a compact version of the Nerf Dog ball launcher, and with a size of 16-inches, it’s somewhat more streamlined and easier to carry around with you. It still gives you the ability to launch a tennis ball up to 50 feet, and as such, it’s a good option for any size of dog, as you’ll still be able to provide plenty of exercise and activity when you take them out for a walk.

It’s designed to launch standard 2.5-inch diameter tennis balls, but it’s also compatible with Nerf Dog’s sonic balls which can be another fun option to try. Often, it’s wise to buy a few extra balls when you invest in a ball launcher, just in case any balls go missing or you want to keep the activity going for longer with less reload time!

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This slingshot design ball launcher created by Hyper Pet is another fun choice for stepping up your games of fetch with your dog.

The package includes the slingshot launcher along with one ball, and it can launch up to 200 yards, giving your dog some great exercise in the process

The construction of the device feels reliable and sturdy, so it feels that it’s made to be both durable and long-lasting. Ultimately, it serves as a good exercise for you and your fur buddy, especially when you’re aiming to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle for your dog.

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Quarter Mile Cannon has designed this ball launcher for dogs and pet owners who like keeping themselves active outdoors, and with the ability to shoot anywhere from 100-500 yards, it will certainly do just that. You can shoot it straight up in the air and watch as it disappears and reappears in the sky, while your dog excitedly waits to catch/chase it.

The launcher itself measures in at 33 inches long and it can accommodate up to 4 balls at the same time. Overall, this is an impressive and powerful ball launcher that gives you great distance on each launch, but you’ll have to be careful about how you use it due to its power.

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This ball launcher from Chew King truly makes playing fetch simple and easy. The launcher is fully adjustable for extra comfort, and it’s designed to fit balls up to 3.5 inches in diameter. The grip is made to be comfortable, so anybody young or old shouldn’t have any trouble with using it, and it’s specifically designed to prevent stress on your shoulders and elbow, allowing you to play for longer without injuries.

It comes with one launcher and 3 durable natural rubber balls, and one of them even glows in the dark, making it great for playing fetch in those twilight hours. The adjustable launcher head can be altered for soft or hard throws, depending on what you and your dog feel like doing. It’s also dishwasher safe, which gives you a quick and easy way to keep it clean.

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This ball launcher from Outward Hound is suitable for all types of throwers due to its lightweight and easy-to-use design, and the toy also comes with two balls to get you started. The toy allows you to throw the ball as high as 100 feet using their unique Woofie balls which are specifically made to minimize airflow restriction and glide through the air without any problem.

Furthermore, their squishy, pliable texture will make it easy and comfortable for your dog to catch, and they also dry out much faster than your standard tennis ball design. This ball launcher can throw 3 balls at the same time, making it a fun option if you’re playing with multiple dogs at the same time. There’s also no need to get your hands dirty as the balls are easy to pick it up by using the launcher itself.

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Here’s a dual ball thrower from a company called Powzer that’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. The aerodynamic design makes it easy to use, and it’s certainly a good way to keep your dog fit and active while you’re playing. The toy measures 19 inches and can extend up to 29 inches and has an attachable belt clip. It can fling, it can fetch and it can fold for extra convenience.

It also comes with a high vis flash ball which can flash up to 100 hours, and this makes it easier to track the ball when you’re playing outside.