76 Best Dog Names That Start With C (You’ll Love These!)

Want to name your dog something that starts with the letter C?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, you’ll find a variety of cool dog names (including both female dog names and male dog names)… plus some insight into the personality that could match the name!

Let’s get started.

Girl Dog Names That Start With C

Cali: Cali is a playful puppy who likes to run through the grass chasing after balls or toys. She can be very energetic when she wants to be… but once she gets tired, she will curl up next to you and fall asleep.

Carrie: Carrie is an energetic pooch who loves to explore everything from the kitchen sink to the backyard. And she’ll always jump off the couch if it means getting closer to her favorite toy!

Chloe: Chloe is an adorable pup who enjoys playing fetch in the park. She loves running around and exploring new places. 

Claire: Claire is a sweet dog who loves nothing more than snuggling on the sofa, but she also has a strong sense of independence. If you’re looking for a name that matches her independent nature, look no further!

Clara: Clara is a sweet-natured young lady who loves being outside exploring new things. When she sees another dog, she runs over to say hello and wants to play for hours on end.

Connie: Connie is a smart and friendly gal who knows how to make friends wherever she goes. This happy girl always has a smile on her face no matter what’s going on around her!

Cora: Cora is a curious pup who loves to investigate every nook and cranny of her home. If there are any interesting smells nearby, she’s sure to sniff them out first before running away excitedly to tell everyone about it.

Courtney: Courtney is a smart young lady who knows how to have fun. She loves to go out hiking with her family.

Cynthia: Cynthia is a cheerful little doggy who loves to chase any toys you throw for her. She has lots of energy and never seems to tire out!

Céline: Céline is a cute and cuddly pup who loves to curl up in your lap when she’s not busy running around. Plus she has the most precious little bark that will melt your heart!

Coco: Coco is an adorable little lady who enjoys playing with other dogs in the park. She always comes back home covered in mud, but she’s so cute that you won’t mind one bit.

Clementine: Clementine is an adorable pup with the biggest eyes you’ve ever seen. She loves to play with other dogs but can be a little timid around new people until she warms up to them.

Candy: Candy is a happy-go-lucky pooch who loves to roll around in the grass outside. She’s always up for an adventure, even if it means getting into trouble!

CeCe: CeCe is a playful young pup who loves to spend her days playing with her toys and running around outside. She’s the friendliest little girl, and she’s always up for hanging out with you!

Carmen: Carmen is a young pooch who loves to snuggle up next to you on the couch. She’s incredibly affectionate and adores being petted.t

Chanel: Chanel is a cute and cheerful mix who loves spending time outdoors. She’s super active and full of life, which makes her perfect for someone who loves the extra exercise!

Chantal: Chantal is an intelligent pup who knows how to get what she wants. If she can’t find it, you’d better believe she will get right up in your face until you give her what she wants!

Caylee: Caylee is an energetic puppy who always wants you to play with her. Hide and seek is one of her favorite games, but she can’t resist chasing after balls or toys. 

Celia: Ceila is a curious pup who loves exploring on walks. She always has her tail wagging and can’t wait to meet any new people or dogs she might come across.

Canela: Canela is a caring and thoughtful pup who loves to spend time with you. She’s always happiest when she’s with her favorite person.

Carina: Carina is a fun pup who enjoys playing in the park. She likes to run around and explore all kinds of different things.

Cookie: Cookie is an adorable pup with fur that always needs brushing. She spends all day lounging around on the couch, but she’s happiest when she has a friend to cuddle up with.

Cecelia: Cecelia is a sweet girl who loves going on long walks. She especially loves to go out in the early morning when it’s still nice and cool outside.

Cara: Cara has been known to get into a bit of mischief from time to time, but she always gives her best puppy dog eyes if she knows she’s about to get in trouble!

Cici: Cici is a soft and fluffy pup who loves to spend time outside. She has spent her whole life playing amongst the flowers and plants, but she’s always up for getting into mischief when no one’s watching.

Cindy: Cindy is a playful pup who loves to meet other dogs and people during her walks. She’s the first one to greet every person (and dog) she sees!

Cassie: Cassie is a pup who knows what she likes and doesn’t like. When she gets tired of something, she’ll let you know by giving you a look that says “I’m done.” But once she starts having fun again, there’s nothing stopping this pup from enjoying herself!

Catrina: Catrina is a friendly and outgoing pup who loves meeting new friends. She’s very social and would love to hang out with anyone willing to take her on a walk.

Carolina: Carolina is an energetic little dog who always wants to go outside and play. She’s happiest when she’s exploring her neighborhood on long walks or even better – playing fetch in the park.

Charlotte: Charlotte is a smart and independent pup who loves hanging out at home. She’s happy to be left alone while you’re busy doing whatever else you need to do, but otherwise, she’ll love to be the center of attention.

Charlyne: Charlyne is a loving and gentle pup who just wants someone to snuggle up next to. She’s not afraid to show affection towards others, so don’t hesitate to pet her when she’s nearby!

Cheyanne: Cheyanne is a lively young pup who loves spending time outdoors. She’s always ready to jump into action as soon as she hears somebody getting ready to go outside.

Chelsea: Chelsea is a cute and cheerful pup who loves being part of the family. She’s eager to spend time with everyone whenever they want some company.

Christine: Christine is a calm and quiet pup who prefers staying inside most of the time. However, she does enjoy taking short strolls along the beach or visiting parks where she can chase down sticks and leaves in the wind.

Celeste: Celeste is a curious and active pup who enjoys running through the grass and chasing after toys whenever you’re willing to play with her!

Cami: Camille is a playful and adventurous pup who loves to explore everything around her. She’s also quite vocal, which means she might make some noise when she meets another dog or human!

Camilla: Camilla is a laid-back and easygoing pup who loves spending time indoors. She’s content to sit back and relax while you work or watch TV together.

Candace: Candace is a confident pup who loves to run around and play all day long. She’s never happier than when she’s jumping off things or trying to catch a ball.

Chai: Chai is a beautiful girl who has lots of energy for such a small puppy. She loves to play tug games and run around outside.

Clementine: Clementine is a sweet and adorable pup who loves to cuddle up close to people. She’s especially fond of sleeping near your feet, so if you happen to leave them lying around, she won’t mind one bit!

76 Best Dog Names That Start With C (You'll Love These!) 3

Boy Dog Names That Start With C

Crispin: Crispin is a handsome boy whose eyes sparkle whenever he looks at his owner. He’s also known to have a big appetite which makes him always nearby whenever snacks are around.

Casper: Casper is a sweet boy who loves to cuddle. He’s happiest when he’s in his owner’s arms and is someone you can always count on to keep you cozy and entertained!

Cello: Cello is an adorable dog with a big heart. He’s always watching over his owners and will happily greet them anytime they come near.

Charlie: Charlie is a charming boy who likes nothing more than sitting by your side and listening to stories about what happened during the day.

Channing: Channing is an adorable pup who loves everyone he comes into contact with. He’s always happy to meet new people or go on a new adventure.

Cody: Cody is a sweet and fun-loving boy dog who has the most adorable face in the neighborhood. He’s always happy to go on walks and eat tasty treats!

Cooper: Cooper is an energetic puppy who loves to run around and play with his friends. He can’t stand sitting still for too long, but he knows to take a break for some snuggling every now and again.

Constantine: Constantine is a smart and friendly boy who loves playing fetch with balls. His favorite toy is probably a tennis ball because it bounces just right for him to get excited about catching it!

Corbin: Corbin is a cute little guy who loves to be held and petted. He’ll even let you pick him up and carry him around wherever you want to go.

Corey: Corey is a cheerful boy who loves being outdoors. He’s very affectionate towards other dogs and humans alike.

Cyrus: Cyrus is a handsome dog who loves nothing more than spending time with his family. He’s a great listener and always wants to make his owner happy (so he gets more treats!)

Cameron: Cameron is a sweet boy who loves to cuddle up close to his owners. He’s also very smart and has the most beautiful eyes in all the land.

Chance: Chance is an adorable pup with big ears who never ceases to make his owners smile. He sticks by their side no matter what they’re doing.

Christian: Christian is an intelligent little pup who learns new tricks quickly. He enjoys learning from others and getting involved in any activity that involves running around and having fun.

Clarence: Clarence is a lively boy dog who loves to chase anything moving. He’s not afraid to try something new and doesn’t hesitate to jump headfirst into whatever situation presents itself.

Cole: Cole is a handsome boy who would make any owner proud. He loves to play with his friends and try new things, but he always looks forward to spending time with his family.

Colton: Colton is a playful young boy dog who loves to spend time outside exploring nature. He’s curious about everything and isn’t shy about trying new things.

Collin: Collin is a lovable boy who loves to hang out with his doggy pals. He’s eager to learn new skills like jumping through hoops and chasing toys, and loves treats at any time of day.

Cornelius: Cornelius is a loving boy who adores attention. He’s always ready to sit next to someone while they read books together or watch TV shows.

Chandler: Chandler is a charming boy who likes to keep busy. He loves going on adventures with his human companions and will happily follow them anywhere.

Chipper: Chipper is a happy, lighthearted pup who has the energy to go for days on end. He’s always up for anything and can never sit still for too long!

Chase: Chase is an energetic little pup who loves to run around and play with his friends. But when he needs to rest, he does so without complaint.

Chester: Chester is the best pup you could ever hope for. He’s always watching out for his family, and he loves to cuddle up on the couch whenever he gets the chance.

Chowder: Chowder is an adorable pup who loves to explore the world around him. He’s always smiling and cheerful, and can brighten up anyone’s day!

Carson: Carson is a small pup with a big heart. He’s known for being the cutest little thing around, and he knows it too!

Caden: Caden is a friendly puppy whose favorite pastime is playing fetch. He’ll bring back every ball he finds, even if it means crawling under furniture just to get it.

Cain: Cain is a gentle soul who loves to snuggle up against people as much as he loves to be petted. But this little guy also loves to have fun and will always be ready to cheer you up.

Camden: Camden is an energetic boy dog who loves to play games with his buddies. When he wants some quiet time, however, he’ll curl up by your side and take naps until he’s ready to start again.

Carlos: Carlos is a sweet-natured boy who enjoys hanging out with his humans. He’s very affectionate toward everyone he meets and his enthusiasm for life is contagious.

Carter: Carter is a cute and outgoing boy who loves to play tug-of-war with his friends. His curiosity leads him everywhere, which means that no matter where he goes, there are bound to be lots of interesting sights to see.

Carlyle: Carlyle is a smart and inquisitive boy dog who loves learning new tricks. He’s always willing to try something new, whether it’s climbing into boxes or taking part in agility training classes.

Connor: Connor is the kindest boy you’ll ever meet. Although he may not say much, he definitely communicates what he feels with his soft brown eyes.

Callan: Callan is a small pup with a big heart. He’s sweet as can be and always knows how to cheer up his family. He’s also very smart and enjoys any games you come up with!

Calvin: Calvin is a playful pup who likes to keep busy doing whatever comes along. Whether it’s running through the park or chasing after balls, he doesn’t mind getting dirty once in a while.

Crown: Crown is a very curious pup who would love nothing more than to see every inch of the world around him. While he loves his siblings, he has an even stronger bond with his family.

Cupid: Cupid is a happy-go-lucky pooch who loves spending quality time with his human companions at every opportunity!