61 Dog Names That Start With G

Have a new addition coming to your family in the form of a pup?

If so, you’ll need to come up with a name!

In this guide, you’ll find a selection of cool dog names for males and females, so there’s something for everyone. 

Let’s get started.

Girl Dog Names That Start With G

Gracie: Gracie is a beautiful young puppy who likes to be spoiled, especially when it comes to tasty treats and new chew toys!

Ginger: Ginger is a cute pup who loves being outside, running around, and exploring the surroundings. She also loves meeting new friends and getting lots of attention from her owner.

Georgia: Georgia is an adorable girl pup who always goes above and beyond to make her owner happy. No doubt, she’s a true sweetheart.

Gigi: Gigi is an active puppy who loves playing fetch and tug of war with her best friend. She sometimes likes to chew on things, so watch out for her!

Goldie: Goldie is a cute dog with a busy life! She loves going for long walks in the park and playing fetch with her owner.

Greta: Greta is an energetic pup who’s always happy and so full of life. She loves all the attention she gets from her family and even likes to be groomed!

Gwen: Gwen is a playful pup who always seems to be thinking about something fun to do. She loves playing with her toys and is definitely a silly girl at times!

Ghost: Ghost is an adorable pup who enjoys getting some love from her family. She’s also quite stealthy, so watch out when she’s sneaking up on you!

Gina: Gina is an intelligent pup who likes to snuggle with her owner under the blankets. She loves playing with her toys and is a lot of fun to be around.

Glenda: Glenda is a lively little pup who loves spending time outdoors with her owners. She can’t wait to meet new people and play games together.

Godiva: Godiva is a pretty pup who enjoys many adventures. She loves hanging out at home or taking trips to visit other dogs.

Guinevere: Guinevere is a curious pup who loves to learn new tricks. She’s also a great listener and will follow commands without fail.

Gwyneth: Gwyneth is a smart-looking pup who loves to spend time with her owner. She’s also a bit shy but once she knows that someone wants to pet her, she becomes more outgoing!

Gwendolyn: Gwendolyn is a lovely female pup who loves to cuddle. She’s also friendly with other dogs and doesn’t mind sharing her food treats.

Gwennifer: Gwennifer is a friendly pup who loves to hang out with her human companions. She’s also a fast learner and quickly picks up new skills like how to sit down and stay still.

Giselle: Giselle is a smart pup who loves to learn new tricks. She’s also quite the character and always likes being in the spotlight when it’s time to show off her new abilities.

Gloria: Gloria is a sweet pup who likes to spend her days cuddling up under the blankets. She also enjoys spending time with her owner and going on walks with them!

Giada: Giada is a cute puppy who loves being around people. She also likes to chew on things, so just be careful she doesn’t eat something that isn’t good for her!

Gianna: Gianna is an adorable pup who loves to snuggle with her owner. She also enjoys watching TV and playing games outdoors.

Grace: Grace is a quiet but caring pup who will always be there for her family members whenever they need her. She’s also a quick study and learns everything easily.

Gretchen: Gretchen is a playful pup who loves to run around and play with her toys. She’s also very smart and can pick up on new skills pretty quickly.

Gracelyn: Gracelyn is an adorable pup who loves playing with her friends. She especially going for long walks around the park.

Graysie: Graysie is a happy pup who likes spending her days cuddling with her owner. She also has quite an appetite and loves eating all sorts of yummy treats!

Gretel: Gretel is a sweet pup who enjoys helping out in the yard. In fact, she spend so long outside with the flowers, she never wants to come indoors!

Gale: Gale is a pup who loves adventure. She’ll go anywhere as long as she gets to explore along the way.

Gabby: Gabby is an adorable little pup who just wants to be pampered by her owner. She’s very sweet and easygoing, which makes her a great friend for any of her favorite humans.

Gem: Gem is a sweet pup who loves staying active by chasing after balls and running around in the backyard!

Geraldine: Geraldine is a beautiful girl who loves getting attention from everyone. She’s also a loyal companion who won’t leave your side no matter what you’re doing.

Gladys: Gladys is a very happy pup who loves spending time with her owners. She likes running around in the park, but sometimes she likes to escape from her owner’s watchful eye!

61 Dog Names That Start With G 3

Boy Dog Names That Start With G

Gunner: Gunner is a sweet pup who loves to play fetch with his family. He’s also very obedient and always does well in his obedience classes.

Grady: Grady is a playful young pup who loves to run around and explore his surroundings. He’ll even try some of your favorite foods if you let him.

Garrett: Garrett is a loving pup who gets along very well with his family members. He’s also a bit shy at first, but he warms up fast once he knows someone really cares about him.

Goliath: Goliath is a strong boy pup who loves spending time outside with his owner. He can sometimes be shy, but he warms up to people quickly.

Gordon: Gordon is an inquisitive dog who likes to learn new things about the world around him. He also wants to make sure that everyone notices him, too!

Graham: Graham is a playful boy who loves to take long walks with his owner. He’s also a quick study and learns new commands very easily.

Gene: Gene is a cheerful pup who loves meeting other dogs and playing games with them.

Goofy: Goofy is a funny-looking pup who loves making his owner laugh with his unique ways.

Gung Ho: Gung Ho is a smart boy who knows how to work hard and earn rewards. He’s also a bit stubborn but that doesn’t stop him from trying everything once.

Gus: Gus is a fun-loving dog who loves playing games and going on trips with his family. He also likes to play with toys and run around on the beach, but most of all he enjoys cuddling up close to show affection.

Guy: Guy is an adorable pup who wants nothing more than to snuggle next to his human friends. He’s also friendly towards strangers and will happily greet anyone who comes near him.

Gideon: Gideon is a well-behaved boy who loves spending time outdoors. He also likes playing games with kids in the neighborhood, but his favorite thing to do is playing catch with his owner while they’re on walks.

Gizmo: Gizmo is an intelligent pup who always tries to do his best. He loves being around people and playing with anyone who is willing to have fun with him!

Grayson: Grayson is a sweet boy dog who likes spending time with his family, especially his owner’s children. He also likes going for walks and playing with other dogs.

Grant: Grant is a quiet boy pup who likes to spend his time alone or with his family. He’s also very smart and has learned how to sit, give high-fives, and shake hands!

Gary: Gary is a loving boy who prefers to stay at home. He likes tucking himself in bed for the night and cuddling up close with his family members.

Garfield: Garfield is a very loving pup who loves being around people. He also enjoys playing fetch, going on walks, and eating snacks!

Gannon: Gannon is a smart boy dog who knows how to show affection. He’s also very gentle and loves playing games with his owner!

Giles: Giles is a quiet pup who likes staying indoors and relaxing. He’s also very intelligent and has learned many tricks, such as sit, roll over, shake hands, play dead, crawl, beg, and more!

Gilbert: Gilbert is a playful puppy who loves running around and chasing after balls. He also loves getting into mischief when no one else is watching.

Glenn: Glenn is a friendly boy pup who loves hanging out with friends and having adventures together. He also loves playing tug-o-war with his owner and will never let go until he wins!

Godfrey: Godfrey is a calm boy dig who loves spending time with his owners. He can even learn new things quickly if given enough practice.

Godwin: Godwin is a cute little guy who loves taking naps and snuggles. He’ll happily curl up next to you and fall asleep right away.

Gregory: Gregory is a handsome boy who loves spending time outside with his family. He loves swimming and playing with his chew toys while you watch TV in the evenings.

Greyson: Greyson is a funny boy pup who loves doing anything that makes his parents laugh. He also loves playing hide-and-seek with his food treats.

Grover: Grover is a happy boy who loves exploring everything around him. He’s also very curious about what goes on around him and will try just about any game you come up with!

Gunther: Gunther is an intelligent pup who loves learning new tricks and playing games with his friends. He’s also very active and energetic so it won’t be long before he learns all of your commands.

Gunnar: Gunnar is a fun-loving boy who likes going on adventures and exploring new places. He’s also very protective of his family and he’s also very loyal and trustworthy.

George: George is a good-tempered boy who loves being around his family. He also likes playing with toys, going on walks, and chewing on chew toys!

Gerald: Gerald is a smart pup who knows how to show affection. He also loves belly rubs and snuggling up with you.

Gareth: Gareth is a funny boy who likes making people smile. He also loves playing with his toys and going on walks with his owner.

Gleeson: Gleeson is a spirited pup who can be shy at first but warms up pretty quickly if given the time to get to know someone. He likes playing with his best friend and chewing on his favorite toy.