48 Dog Names That Start With M

Looking to name your dog with something that begins with M?

If so, here’s a list of dog names that start with the letter ‘M’,  paired with some insight into the potential personalities that match.

Let’s take a closer look.

Girl Dog Names That Start With M

Maxie: A cute little dog who loves her toys and has lots of energy.

Matilda: A  beautiful, gentle pup. Her coat is soft and silky looking. She gets along well with other dogs and people.

Maybelline: She’s a pretty girl with long hair and big eyes. She’s friendly towards everyone and always wants to be near someone.

Millicent: She’s a lovely lady. She’s calm and gentle around others. She does like to run though!

Molly: She’s a happy-go-lucky puppy. She loves to play ball games and cuddle up next to mommy at night.

Mona: She’s a gorgeous girl with dark fur and dark eyes. She’s super smart (and knows how to get what she wants!)

Myla: She’s a beautiful girl. She’s quiet and shy around strangers but once she warms up to them they love having her around.

Myrtle: She’s a beautiful dog. She’s confident and independent. She doesn’t need much to feel happy and content.

Macey: She’s a beautiful gal with a joyous soul. She’s very sociable and loves being close to anyone.

Madeline: She’s an elegant creature that exudes grace and charm. She’s the perfect partner for any home.

Madison: She’s a beautiful pup who’s always a delight to have around.

Minnie: She’s a pretty girl with a cheerful, playful personality.

Mina: She’s a sweetheart. She likes to snuggle up with you under blankets on cold nights.

Mirabelle: She’s a stunning beauty. She’s playful and loving. She’ll make sure you know it too!

Miranda: She’s a charming young pup. She enjoys playing fetch or tugging on a rope toy.

Misty: She’s a graceful female who will steal your heart away. She’s affectionate and easy-going.

Mitzi: She’s a fun-loving pup who loves to play all day long. She can’t wait until bedtime when she goes to sleep curled up by Mommy.

Moira: She’s a beautiful young dog. She’s outgoing and full of life. She loves meeting new friends in the park.

Minka: A joyful, playful pup who’s always full of energy and ready to play at a moment’s notice.

Maggie: A lovable dog who’s always happy when you see her.

Myla: She’s a beautiful pup who starts out shy, but quickly warms up to new people and other dogs.

Marmalade: A friendly pup that everyone loves because she’s super sweet, cuddly, and fun!

Mary: She’s always happy to see people she knows at the door… and everyone who meets her agrees that she’s absolutely beautiful!

Midge: A super sweet girl who loves to play and run around with other dogs. She’s a big cuddle bug too!

48 Dog Names That Start With M 3

Boy Dog Names That Start With M

Marley: This boy is so sweet and loving. He likes to play fetch and chase balls. He also enjoys playing tug-o-war with his owner.

Merle: He’s a handsome guy with brown fur and blue eyes. He’s always playful and energetic.

Monty: He’s a great boy, always very active and full of life. He can’t wait to meet new friends.

Morgan: He’s a nice boy. He’s good-natured and easy-going. He will make a wonderful companion for any family.

Morris: He’s a handsome young pup. He’s outgoing and fun-loving. He would do best as part of a large family where there are plenty of opportunities to exercise himself.

Murray: He’s intelligent and eager to learn. He could easily become a therapy dog because of his kind nature.

Musketeer: He’s athletic and strong. He’s ready to take on whatever comes his way in life.

Muzzy: He’s a relaxed, handsome fella. He’s quite lively and curious about everything he sees. He’s a bit mischievous too.

Macho: He’s a real charmer. He’s very social and loves meeting new people.

Malachi: He’s a true gentleman. He’s polite, respectful, and courteous. He’s a natural leader.

Mike: He’s friendly and outgoing. He has lots of energy and always seems to be smiling.

Milo: He’s a little rough around the edges but still a total cutie pie.

Milton: He’s a cute pup. He’s affectionate and loyal. He’ll make a fine addition to your family.

Mitch: He’s a cool dude who’s always laid back and mellow. He’s not afraid to show off or try something new.

Mojo: He’s a charming fellow. He’s got a lot going on inside him. He’s adventurous and inquisitive.

Moose: He’s a big kid. He’s boisterous and loud. He’s never short on enthusiasm.

Morrie: He’s a bit reserved at first, but when you give him time he opens up and becomes more comfortable with anyone.

Mortimer: He’s a funny dog. He’s a clown by nature, and he always makes everyone laugh.

Moss: He’s a lovable good boy. He’s gentle and patient. He’s calm and collected and loves to be a lapdog.

Mosh: He’s a smart boy. He’s well-mannered and obedient. He’s a pleasure to live with.

Moses: He has a warm heart and a sunny disposition. He’s a lover of all things outdoors.

Mozart: He’s a talented pup who knows how to entertain others.

Merlin: He’s nergetic and always wanting to play with other dogs. He can be a little naughty at times and chews on everything.

Mayhem: A very good boy, but also sometimes a trouble maker. He loves to chew on toys and horse around with other dogs.