What’s The Best Door Scratch Protector For Dogs?


If you’re like most owners with high energy breeds… you’re all-too-familiar with the sound.

You’ve only just closed the door… But your dog’s clawing at it already.

Perhaps you’re worried about your dog’s claws.

And you’re worried about your door, too.

After all, there’s only so much scratching it can take before permanent damage sets in.

In this guide, you’ll learn the reasons behind your dog’s scratching… and you’ll also discover the best door guards on the market.

So, let’s get to it.

Why Does My Dog Scratch at the Door?

It’s wise to address the underlying cause if you want your dog to stop scratching at the door.

One of the most common reasons why a dog scratches at the door is due to separation anxiety… particularly if you’re out of the home for large portions of the day… or spending time in a different room away from them.

When your dog feels lonely, bored, or excluded… they’ll scratch to get out.

After all, they want to be reunited with you.

But even though a door scratch protector will keep your doors safe, it’s important not to neglect the reasons why your dog is scratching in the first place.

If it’s separation anxiety, see if you can arrange for them to have some company. Many dog owners find hiring a dog walker helps… because it gives your dog some extra stimulation (and helps to keep them tired!)

Alternatively, taking your dog for a walk or having a play session can help burn off excess energy in a healthier way.

If they’re bored, buy an interactive toy or a stuffable treat toy.

The Dangers of Door Scratching

Scratching at the door can be dangerous.

Your dog can easily hurt themselves if they’re persistent.

They might damage their paws and claws, not to mention the risk of wooden doors giving your dog splinters.

As such, it’s a good idea to invest in a door guard for the safety of your pet (and to protect your door!)

The 6 Best Scratch Protectors for Doors

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This scratch shield comes in a wide range of sizes… so it’s worth taking a few measurements to ensure pick one that’ll be suitable for your door.

It’s easy to install on your door, and it comes with 6 pairs of Velcro hook and loops that give you a snug fit.

Importantly, the shield is shatterproof and surprisingly flexible.

You can also customize the size with some careful trimming, which ensures you don’t have the shield overlapping your door and frame (if you don’t want it to.)

Most people find the shield works well to discourage scratching and gives the door added protection it needs.

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Here’s a big, tough door scratch guard that’s built to protect your doors well… and it promises to be two times stronger than their original design.

It’ll comfortably fit most standard doors, and you can trim it with scissors to get the perfect fit.

There’s no complexity when it comes to installation, either. You can simply hook it over a door handle, so there’s no fastening or hardware required. Although it comes with hook and loop fasteners if you want to stop it swinging around.

A nice feature is the dual-surface design. One side is smooth, which means there’s barely any sound. But the other side is textured, which makes the scratching louder – useful for training purposes.

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Here’s a versatile scratch protector that’s tough enough to handle most scratching.

What’s more, you can install it on a variety of doors and furniture… as well as anything else you’d like to protect from scratching claws.

The protection comes in the form of industrial-grade vinyl that’s 12 mm thick.

One of its big advantages is how you can use it on so many surfaces.

For example, people have successfully used it on glass and metal doors, as well as fabric materials such as leather furniture and more.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from cutting the material down to size, so you can get the perfect fit for any areas that could benefit from the added protection.

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Here’s a door scratch shield from ClawGuard which promises to be a simple, convenient, and effective solution for stopping your dog from scratching up your doors.

The simple design means it fits most conventional, standard-sized doors without any trouble. And you can trim the shield to your required size (any household scissors work.)

Size-wise, this guard is best suited for small to medium-sized dogs. If you have a bigger dog, try their ‘heavy-duty’ version instead. This one is best for light scratchers only.

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This scratch protector protects the carpeted area that surrounds a door.. so it’s useful for dogs who scratch this area rather than the door.

It comes with a simple grippy hook and loop fastener that makes it easy to attach to your carpet without much hassle. And the 30-inch design is big enough to cover all of the vital areas.

The surface is tough, and even though it’s comprised of a 1 mm polycarbonate material it’ll still protect your carpet from most kinds of scratching.

The clear material means you can still see your carpet, so it doesn’t create much of an eyesore, either.

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Here’s another option from the Petfect brand that comes with 2-pieces, with one part designed to protect a carpet and the other focused on protecting the door.

The guards are easy to install… and you can use the hook and loop fasteners to set up the guards without any worry, and this allows you to remove them just as easily, too.

These guards are made from a polycarbonate material that’s more durable than many alternatives, and it’s also more flexible than a standard hard plastic design.

Car Door Scratch Protectors (Protect Your Car, Too.)

Does your dog scratch the car door?

If so, investing in a suitable car door protector is a smart move.

Here are the best options.

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This option from K&H Pet Products is an excellent option choice.

It comes with a versatile design that’s quick and easy to install. And it fits either rear or front doors. You can also access all the key features of your window with the cover on, too.

You can expect the material to do a great job at protecting your door from the dog’s claws, and the construction quality is good enough to last.

The product comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for further peace of mind.

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This pet car door cover from Nac & Zac gives you another option for protecting your door from scratches.

It comes with a simple one-size-fits-all construction that works with most car doors.

There’s no PVC used in the material, but it’s still fully waterproof… and it’s suitable for use in the washing machine.

It’s also easy to install, giving you two different methods to try.

Purchasing this option gives you two covers, one for the left door and one for the right, so it’s a cost-effective solution for protecting your car interior when you’re out with the dog.

How Do You Get Scratches Out of a Door?

Fixing or replacing your door can be expensive… so using a guard or protector is a smart investment.

But what can you do if there are already a few scratches showing on the door?

If you have a wooden door, you could use an orbital sander to smooth it out… then use some wood filler to mask the marks.

Afterward, painting or staining the door can remove any final trace of the scratches.