The Best Enzymatic Cleaners For Dog Urine – Your Ultimate Guide

One simple fact of life that all dog owners must accept is that accidents happen. It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently adopted a new puppy and are working on housebreaking or if your older dog is struggling with a medical condition, at some point you will have to clean up dog urine in your home.

Thanks to the many advances made in science and the cleaning industry, pet owners now have a plethora of cleaning products to choose from, including urine cleaners that contain enzymes.

What Is An Enzyme?

An enzyme is a biological agent, often a protein, that helps to speed up chemical reactions. For example, digestive enzymes help our bodies to break down the food we eat so that it can be absorbed easier.

Why Have Enzymes Been Added To Cleaning Products?

When used in a cleaning solution, enzymes are supposed to help break down the offending substance. Specifically, proteases work to break down protein-based messes, lipases help to break down fat-based messes, and amylases work on spills and stains that are carbohydrate-based.

Ultimately, this means that the substance being cleaned up will eventually be broken down over time by the enzymes used in the cleaning product, removing any trace that it existed in the first place. Think of it as decomposition.

When added to cleaning supplies specifically meant to tackle dog urine, this can really help to eliminate odor left behind! When the odor is removed, pets are less likely to urinate again in the same spot.

Which Dog Urine Cleaning Products With Enzymes Are The Best?

There are many wonderful enzymatic cleaners available on the market today. Here are the top-rated enzymatic cleaners for dog urine:

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The Carpet and Rug Institute has given the seal of approval to this bio-enzymatic cleaner. When sprayed on a urine stain, the bacteria and enzymes included in this formula attack the ammonia and organic matter, continuing to work until the urine has gone.

This cleaner can be used on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, litter boxes, kennels, carriers, all pet living areas. What’s more, the formula is both pet and child friendly!

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An amazing bio-enzymatic formula that can be used on fabrics, carpets, and hardwood floors, Urine Destroyer is highly-rated and has been for years. Upon contact with urine, the enzymes included in this product go to work.

The product is scented so those with a sensitive nose should check to ensure they enjoy the scent before purchasing this product.

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According to the company, Sunny and Honey pet Stain And Odor Miracle will work on carpet, tile, hardwood, pet travel bags, bedding, crates, and even car upholstery. Pet owners can even use it to deal with messes and odors related to drool and feces. Like the other cleaners on the list, the enzymes included in this cleaner start working as soon as they come into contact with the mess.

This product is also scented, pet owners may want to check the scent before purchase.

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This amazing product has been awarded USDA BioPreferred designation and is a certified biobased product. The liquid contains micro-organisms and enzymes to attack uric acid crystals, urea, and proteins.

This product is completely safe for children and pets.

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Specifically designed to work on all types of pet urine, the best part about this cleaner is that you don’t need to scrub or blot. Simply apply!

That being said, this product shouldn’t be used to soak hardwood floors since the liquid is left to stand and could cause damage.

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This product is 100% safe for children and pets, contains several types of bacteria and enzymes designed to break down urine, and has one of the best scents on the market! The company only uses natural essential oils like rosemary and eucalyptus to scent their products!

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Resolve is well known for making great carpet cleaning products. Their latest cleaning product, urine destroyer, includes enzymes! It can be used on all flooring, including carpets, hardwood, and tile.

Tips For Applying Enzymatic Cleaners

There are a lot of great enzymatic cleaners available on the market. Here are a few things to keep in mind when applying these cleaners:

1. Test A Small Area First. Some cleaners can cause discoloration so be sure to test a small section before tackling the entire area.

2. Other Cleaning Products Can Delay Success. If you used other cleaning products prior to applying an enzymatic cleaner, the enzyme and bacteria may take longer to work. Prior to applying the enzymatic cleaner, rinse the area as best as possible with water and let it dry completely. This may help to remove other cleaning products that could impact how the enzymatic cleaner works.

3. Check To See If The Cleaner Needs To Be Diluted. Often, enzymatic cleaners will be diluted simply because pet owners are used to cleaning products, like carpet shampoo, that comes in a concentrated formula. Unless the instructions specifically say to dilute the product, don’t!

4. Steam Cleaning Or Shampooing May Have Spread The Urine. If you used a carpet shampooer or steam cleaner prior to purchasing the new cleaner, that action may have helped to spread the urine throughout the carpeted area. This means you may have to treat a much larger area than you think. Hot tip: You can use a black light to look for urine spots – you might find a few you didn’t even know existed!

5. Cleaning The Surface Isn’t Enough. If you have carpet, the urine has likely soaked into the padding below the carpet. This is why many products recommend thoroughly soaking the area where your pet has had an accident.

6. Enzymatic Cleaners Take Time. The amount of time it takes for enzymes to break down a urine stain depends on the size of the stain and how old it is. It can take up to 80 hours or more for a homeowner to notice a difference. Just know that the enzymes are hard at work!

It’s always important to follow the instructions on the product label to ensure that you get the best outcome possible.

My Dog Is Housebroken – Why Are They Peeing In The House?

Having a dog continue to urinate inside is frustrating for any pet parent. Here are a few reasons why your dog could be having accidents:

1. Illness: A urinary tract infection, kidney infection, kidney stone, bladder stone, or muscle issue could be causing your pet to eliminate in the house. It’s important to rule out all possible health issues if your pet regularly has accidents.

2. Submissive Behavior: Some dogs pee to show that they aren’t a threat. This submissive peeing can be overcome with training.

3. Anxiety: Separation anxiety can cause a dog to inappropriately urinate in the home.

4. Marking: Marking is most commonly seen in dogs that haven’t been altered, particularly male dogs. This is often a response to seeing an unfamiliar animal in or near the home.

5. Marking Unfamiliar Objects: Occasionally a pet, even a neutered pet, will mark a new object that has been introduced into the home. This is often because it smells of another animal. Another common issue is male dogs choosing to “water” new plants (or Christmas trees)!

Whatever the cause, many dog owners hunt for a cleaning product that will remove both the urine and the odor that can come with it. After all, no one likes a smelly house! If you’ve been looking for a urine cleaning product, consider a cleaner that contains enzymes.