Furbo Dog Camera Review – Here’s Our Thoughts

If you’re looking for an entertaining dog toy that’s fit for the modern technological age, then the Furbo is definitely worth a closer look.

The toy comes with many fun and clever features that make it a great buy for many pet owners, especially if you’re looking for a way to communicate and interact with your dog when you’re out of the home.

In this review, we’re going to dig into the key features that the Furbo Dog Camera offers, what we like about it, and we’ll also learn more about what other owners have to say about it.

What Is The Furbo?

There’s no denying that being separated from your dog can be a challenging time for both owner and pet, but remote interaction can be the next best thing when you can’t physically be in the same room with your pooch.

With this in mind, the Furbo gives you a way to remotely interact with your dog thanks to the unique features it provides such as the camera, microphone, barking alerts, treat tossing abilities, smartphone notifications, and more.

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# 1 – HD Camera With Night Vision

One of the best features of the Furbo is the high-quality camera which lets you see your dog in high definition, and it’s able to live stream directly to your computer monitor or smartphone without any trouble.

Furthermore, the camera gives you a 160 º wide-angle view, and it even comes with night vision capability, so it works in low light conditions as well. Just as you’d expect, this feature is fantastic for keeping a closer eye on your dog when you’re not around, and you’ll also get to see your dog receive their treats.

# 2 – Two-Way Audio

Another key aspect of the Furbo is the two-way audio feature which allows your dog to hear you through the device. You can use this to call your dog over to the Furbo, allowing you to reassure them or generally talk to your dog while knowing they can hear you.

Additionally, the 2-way ability means you can hear your dog, and the ‘barking sensor’ is specifically designed to activate when it detects your dog barking.

So, if anything spooks or upsets your dog when you’re away, you’ll have a notification to your smartphone which gives you the opportunity to respond to your dog straight away.

# 3 – Treat Tossing Ability

A fun feature of the Furbo is the ability to toss treats for your dog, and it’s certainly an aspect of the device that many dogs finding appealing, too.

Of course, there’s a variety of ways you can use this function, so you can set it up to dispense treats at a certain time or you can play games with your dog remotely using the smartphone app.

The treat dispenser can accommodate around 100 treats at a time, and they’ll need to have a diameter of around 0.4 inches to work optimally.

# 4 – Real-Time Smart Alerts

The Furbo comes with a selection of fantastic alert and notification systems that make it a truly multifunction device for any pet owner.

The Dog Activity Alert will let you know when your dog’s movement has been detected, so you’ll be able to spot if your pet is pacing around due to agitation or separation anxiety. It can also detect jumping movements, so you’ll know if your pooch is jumping up on the couch when nobody’s around.

There’s a Dog Selfie Alert which takes a picture when your dog’s face is pointing toward the camera, so if your dog has approached the Furbo looking for you, then you’ll receive a picture to your smartphone.

Finally, it comes with a Person Alert which will show you when a person comes into view of the camera, such as a pre-scheduled dog walker, or even an intruder or an unexpected guest.

# 5 – Event Tracking & Diary System

Another interesting feature is the event-based cloud recording system which will keep a log of anything that triggers your dog to bark, so you can find out if there’s anything bothering your dog during the day when you’re not around.

There’s also a ‘Doggie Diary’ feature which gives you a daily highlight around 60 seconds in length, which will show you the times your dog has moved, barked, or otherwise been active in some way.

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What Others Are Saying

The Furbo has certainly gained a lot of attention over recent years, being featured on various TV shows such as Ellen, as well are receiving positive and enthusiastic write-ups from Wired, BuzzFeed, and many more publications, too.

But most importantly, what do real dog owners and buyers of the Furbo have to say?

Many buyers report that they’ve had plenty of fun and games with their dog thanks to the Furbo, and it’s often a great way to get the entire family involved – especially the kids – who will have a great time thanks to the interactivity the device offers.

For dog owners who aren’t able to spend all day with their dogs, the Furbo gives you a perfect way to enjoy more contact with your dog, and while it isn’t the same as being in the same room with them, it does give you a reliable way to watch, treat, and communicate with your dog no matter where you are in the world.

Who’s It Best For?

There are many ways to use the Furbo, so it’s a surprisingly versatile device that can offer a range of benefits to many different pet owners.

If you’re often out of the house due to work commitments, then there’s a good chance that you and your pet may be missing each other. In this case, the Furbo gives you a great way to communicate with your dog and make sure they’re okay.

Alternatively, the Furbo can be a great deal of fun even when you’re in the house thanks to the treat dispensing feature, and it can be the source of fun and games for the entire family.

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Final Thoughts

While there are various pet webcams on the market that may provide similar features, the Furbo is easily one of the leading options currently available.

It gives you a selection of carefully thought-out features that are fantastic for helping pet owners stay in touch with their pets, and the simple set-up and connectivity make it easy to use for the technophobes among us.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and reliable way to stay in touch with your dog when you’re out of the house, then the Furbo will be an excellent investment for you.

Where’s The Best Place To Buy The Furbo Dog Camera?

There are a few different places when you can pick up the Furbo, but one of best places to find a great deal will be on Amazon. Of course, if you have a Prime account then you can benefit from the quick shipping, and it also gives you an easy and generous returns policy if you’re unhappy with the product for any reason.

Last update on 2023-05-30 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API