Where Can I Find A Lion Mane Dog Costume?

If you’re looking for a fun, playful, and creative costume for your dog that won’t be too uncomfortable or intrusive to wear, then the lion mane costume or wig is a fantastic choice that’s well worth considering for any occasion.

Regardless of whether you’re dressing your dog up for Halloween, a photoshoot, or practically any other special occasion, it’s often possible to find a lion mane costume that’ll look great on any breed and size of dog.

In this guide, we’re going to highlight some of the best dog-friendly lion manes on the market, all of which can be affordable and conveniently purchased online. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the options we’ve picked out.

The Best Lion Mane Costumes

# 1 – Pet Krewe Lion Mane

Where Can I Find A Lion Mane Dog Costume? 3

Here’s a well-reviewed lion mane costume from Pet Krewe that certainly has a great look that’ll be charming on any dog, and it can fit neck sizes ranging from 13 inches to 32 inches for great adjustability.

The costume is durable and well made, and overall, this lion mane is a great option that’s a good choice for many dogs, and it comes with a premium feel that makes it worth the money.

# 2 – Wotefusi Lion Mane Pet Costume

Where Can I Find A Lion Mane Dog Costume? 4

Here’s a lion mane costume that’s available in three different sizes, either small, medium, or large, along with two different color variations which include light brown or red brown.

The costume comes with not only the lion mane, but it also comes with a lion tail to complete the overall look.

It relies on an elastic adjustment which makes it easy to attach and adjust on your dog, and as long as you’ve picked the right size, your dog should feel fairly comfortable while wearing it for short periods of time.

The costume is made from a wool-like material that’s very smooth and soft to touch, so there shouldn’t be too many problems here.

# 3 – Gaboss Lion Mane Costume

Where Can I Find A Lion Mane Dog Costume? 5

Here’s a stylish looking lion mane costume which is available in several different colors for some added variety, so you can choose from dark brown, yellow, white, or black.

The costume is made from a polyester and faux fur material that offers a reliable level of quality, and it’s generally quite smooth and durable.

Additionally, you can wash the costume with warm water and soap while letting it air dry.

You can also adjust the costume without too much difficulty, which makes it easy to get a comfortable yet snug fit for your dog.

# 4 – Animal Planet Lion Dog Costume

Where Can I Find A Lion Mane Dog Costume? 6

Here’s a lovely looking lion dog costume that comes with a unique and distinct look, and it even comes with ears for some extra detailing, which is sewn directly into the mane for added convenience.

The costume is comprised of a 50% polyester and 50% acrylic faux fur mix, and it has an elastic band that circles around the face opening to give it a snug fit.

It’s worth noting that it’s available in many sizes, including extra small, small, medium, and large.

As you can see in the product image, it also benefits from two different colors for some added visual interest, making it a great looking lion mane overall.

# 5 – Tomsenn Dog Lion Mane

Where Can I Find A Lion Mane Dog Costume? 7

Here’s a lion mane from Tomsenn that’s available in brown or brown/black, and it comes in a size that’s best suited to medium and large sized breeds.

The neck size should fit most dogs from 60 cm to 80 cm, to be more precise.

The quality of the construction is durable and made from wool that should last for quite some time, and it’s also pretty easy to clean as well, so you should be able to get some reasonable use out of it, too.

# 6 – Beloved Pets Original Lion Mane

This lovely lion mane costume from Beloved Pets comes in several different shades of brown to give you some extra choice when it comes to picking a version that’ll suit your dog.

It’s made from quality material, and it’s nice and lightweight, as well as being durable enough to wash without destroying it.

The sizing is adjustable to some degree, and you can usually make it fit medium or large sized breeds without too much worry.

# 7 – 6Miles Adjustable Dog Lion Mane

Where Can I Find A Lion Mane Dog Costume? 8

This lion mane costume from 6Miles features an adjustable design that ranges from 23 inches to 32 inches, and it’s also surprisingly light weight, weighing in at around 130g.

It’s made from a soft and comfortable fur-like material that most dogs shouldn’t find too bothersome, and it also comes with some cute ears to complete the overall lion appearance.

The ears are also built into the costume directly for added convenience.

# 8 – Dogloveit Lion Mane Pet Costume

Where Can I Find A Lion Mane Dog Costume? 9

Here’s a cute looking lion mane wig that’s made by DogLoveit, and it comes in a medium size that should fit any neck ranging from 26 to 30 cm.

The style of the costume comes with ears as part of the design, and the fur looks great as well, giving you a nice outfit for a reasonable price.

Overall, most buyers are happy with the fun and playful appearance this costume delivers, and it shouldn’t be too unpleasant for your dog to wear either.

# 9 – Gimilife Lion Mane Costume

Where Can I Find A Lion Mane Dog Costume? 10

This colorful and bright lion mane comes with two different color choices to pick from, either red/brown or light brown, both of which look great on any dog.

It’s also available in two sizes, either medium or large, and the faux fur looks good on either side while the polyester makes it durable and easy to maintain. The outfit comes with ears as part of the design, and it also comes with a tail for added charm.

The outfit can be adjusted around your dog’s neck without difficulty, and the drawstring makes it quick and easy to do.

# 10 – Gaboss White Lion Mane Costume

Where Can I Find A Lion Mane Dog Costume? 11

Here’s a fun lion mane costume from Gaboss which comes in several different colors, including white, brown/yellow, dark brown, and a lighter brown.

Furthermore, each costume comes with ears as part of the overall design, and the faux fur polyester offers respectable quality, which makes it ideal for occasional use.

It’s also smooth and soft to the touch, as well as being washable for keeping it in clean shape. However, you’ll need to wash it with just mild soap and warm water.

# 11 – Rwm Iccker Lion Mane

Where Can I Find A Lion Mane Dog Costume? 12

Here’s a playful and fun costume from RWM that gives you plenty of fur for the mane, leading to a majestic looking costume that will look good on many breeds of dog.

The design is fully adjustable, varying from 16″ to 30″, allowing you to achieve a comfortable fit for most different dog breeds as long as they aren’t too small.

The woolen wig design is soft and silky to the touch, so it should also feel very comfortable for your pooch as well, and it’s also durable and washable as well.

Interestingly, the costume comes with a generous 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

# 12 – Joy4Pets Lion Mane

This lion mane costume is designed to be suitable for both medium or large breed dogs, and the construction of the outfit is very convincing and high quality, giving you a great overall ‘lion-like’ effect.

Additionally, the package comes with a frisbee as part of the deal for some added value, and it’s also possible to wash the quality lion mane in the machine without destroying it, which isn’t always the case for many similar costumes.

# 13 – SunGrow Lion Mane Wig with Ears

Here’s a costume from SunGrow that gives you a thick, luscious mane for your dog to wear, and it’s a great option for both parties and photoshoots, as well as special occasions such as Halloween.

It comes with some stylish ears to add to the overall charm of the outfit, and this certainly helps to add something unique to the outfit.

It also benefits from some degree of adjustability in the sizing, with a circumference of around 28 inches, making it best for medium to large-sized breeds in particular.

# 14 – Pet Krewe Lion Mane Costume

Here’s an adorably cute lion mane costume that’s designed for cats or small dogs, so it’s one of the few options that’ll cater to those smaller breeds like Yorkies, Maltese, and similarly small dogs.

The adjustable mane manages to stay nice and secure on your dog without too much worry, and it also uses a Velcro strap that further helps it to stay put, but without causing your pet any discomfort.

# 15 – RosyLife Lion Mane Wig

Here’s another costume option that comes in a smaller size for cats or small breed dogs, although there’s also a larger option for bigger dogs that has an alternative design.

These outfits are certainly very affordable, but the fur and polyester are still of a reliable quality that makes it a charming outfit overall.

The product listing mentions how the colors may vary a little from the ones displayed in the product images, but you can generally expect to receive a cute and stylish little lion mane that’ll look great on any smaller dog.

# 16 – Looching Lion Mane Dog Costume

This lovely lion mane outfit comes from Looching, and the size can accommodate a neck girth from 60 cm to 80 cm.

The costume is made from quality fur and polyester materials, which is also durable enough to survive machine washing.

The color comes in a light brown that’s shown in the picture, although there’s also an alternative dark brown version to consider as well.

# 17 – Sporer Lion Mane

This high-quality lion mane outfit comes in three different color choices, either light brown, black, or white – and it also comes with the option of ‘ears’ or ‘no ears’ to give you some further choice over the design and which version you’d prefer for your dog.

It should be able to fit around the neck of most medium to large-sized breeds, and it measures in at 23.62 inches to 31.50 inches, which gives you some idea in regards to how much adjustability it has for your dog.

# 18 – Bassion Dog Lion Mane

This delightful lion mane outfit from Bassion comes in two options, with one option giving you a tail and ears, and the other simply includes the ‘mane’ part of the costume.

It gives you a reasonable degree of adjustability that varies from 60 cm to 80 cm, and it has furry side flaps that attach via a Velcro piece that goes under the chin, and this can also be further adjusted to get a better fit for your dog.

The design generally fits quite well, and most dogs will be happy to wear the outfit without too much concern. The optional ears and tail also help to complete the look.

# 19 – lcfun Lion Mane

Where Can I Find A Lion Mane Dog Costume? 13

Here’s another cute and smaller sized lion mane costume that’s a good choice for smaller breeds and puppies, and it certainly helps to make your dog look like an adorable lion cub.

It uses an adjustable design that relies on a Velcro adjustment for convenience, and this also helps you to get an adequate fit on your smaller pooch.

The mane is made from a soft combination of faux fur and polyester, and this ensures that it’s soft to the touch and comfy to wear. It can also be cleaned with a handwash for keeping it in great shape. Furthermore, it can function as a useful scarf for cold weather, too.

# 20 – Thedogloveit Lion Mane

Here’s a great lion mane costume that features a lovely golden color for a true lion look, and it looks very impressive on the right kind of dog, as you can see from the product images.

It can be adjusted from 60 cm to 80 cm, and it’s made from a soft fur and polyester construction that’s impressively durable, and it also means it can withstand washing as well.

There are furry flaps on the side of the mane which make it easy to adjust under your dog’s chin, and it’s generally a stylish and comfortable kind of design that won’t disappoint.

# 21 – DIBBATU Lion Mane

This lion mane costume comes from a company called Dibbatu, and it’s available in two different colors, either red/brown or standard brown, both of which look great.

It’s made from a faux fur and polyester with a focus on quality, and it’s certainly a durable option that’s worth paying a few extra dollars if you want a quality costume for your dog. It’s possible to wash the costume with warm water and mild soap, and it’s not too tough to keep it in great shape.