Are Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats Any Good? Here’s Our Review

It’s safe to say that we dog owners love to spoil our dogs more often than not, but it’s important to make sure we’re giving them appropriate treats that won’t upset their overall diet (or lead to canine obesity!) As always, moderation is a key thing to keep in mind with any dog treat.

Of course, it also goes without saying that you shouldn’t be feeding your dog the same kind of tasty treats we humans enjoy. But with the right type of dog treat, you’ll be able to reward or spoil your dog without too much concern.

In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at one of our favorite dog treats made by Old Mother Hubbard, so let’s get straight to it.

Who Are Old Mother Hubbard?

There’s certainly an interesting backstory behind the Old Mother Hubbard company, and they’ve been producing oven-baked treats for dogs since 1926, making them one of the oldest dog-related companies around.

These days, the company is part of a wider network of dog food companies headed by WellPet, who make a range of well-known dog foods and treats. In fact, the same company is behind other well-reviewed products such as Eagle Pack, Holistic Select, and Wellness.

The Product Line

Now, the Old Mother Hubbard treats come in a range of options that are loved by most dogs, so let’s take a closer look at the main options available.

Importantly, they come in several different size choices which include mini, small, and large biscuits, so there’s something here for every breed of dog, no matter whether you have a larger breed or a smaller one.

Additionally, they come in different sized boxes, so you can buy them in smaller taster packs in the form of 20-ounce bags, bigger boxes that weigh 3.5 pounds, or really stock up by purchasing the largest box of 20-pounds.

Just as you’d expect, the larger sized box gives you the best value of money, so once you know which flavor your dog (or dogs!) prefer, then you can pick up a larger supply without any trouble.

They also tend to stay nice and fresh for quite some time, although it helps to ensure they’re kept in an airtight container, or at least ensure the box is kept tightly shut when you’re not treating your pooch.

When it comes to the flavors, there’s a vast array of options available, so here’s a breakdown of each flavor and what they’re primarily comprised of:

There’s also a puppy-specific formula that is chicken flavored and comes with some extra vitamins and minerals which are well-suited to helping a puppy’s healthy development.

Finally, there’s an assorted option that gives you a selection of the most popular flavors which are great for giving your dog some added variety, as well as helping you to discover your dog’s favorites if you’re new to the overall brand.

Another interesting option is the Old Mother Hubbard Fruit-Ins treats, which come in two flavor choices – either honey, apple, & bacon or honey, oatmeal, & blueberries.

The unique feature of these snacks is the duo-layer, which means that the treats have a crunchy texture on the outside followed by a softer, fruity inside – and this added texture is something many dogs will find enjoyable and satisfying.

The ingredients are generally natural, so you won’t find any unwanted additives or preservatives in these treats, either.

Are Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats Any Good? Here's Our Review 3

The Major Ingredients

Just as you’d expect, the ingredients can vary somewhat depending on the flavors you choose, but there’s certainly a general theme that focuses on using natural ingredients, so there are no artificial additives that would detract from their overall quality.

Furthermore, the treats are all oven-baked, which helps to keep them healthy, and there’s a range of textures available (ranging from soft and chewy to crunchy), so there’s really something for any dog here.

In most of these treats, you’ll find whole wheat flour, oatmeal, and wheat bran, so this means that they’re primarily carbohydrate-based snacks. While this may not be ideal, they’re unlikely to cause any trouble for your dog if they’re used as an occasional treat, but you obviously wouldn’t want to give your dog only these treats as their main source of nutrition!

The nutritional analysis comes in at 12% minimum protein, 7% crude fat, 5.5% max fiber, and 11% maximum moisture. Although these numbers may vary slightly depending on the exact flavor you pick.

In terms of calories, the treats vary depending on the size. The mini is 8 kcal per piece, the small is 33 kcal, and the largest size is 138 kcal per piece. However, it’s important to check the label for your specific choice of biscuit, just to make sure.

Of course, these treats would be better if they had a stronger focus on protein-based ingredients, but for an occasional treat (as they’re intended to be) they shouldn’t cause much of a dietary issue for most dogs.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Old Mother Hubbard treats are tasty and cost-effective treats that most dogs will love, and they’re versatile and appealing enough to be used in a range of scenarios, so you can use them as a training reward or simply as a treat to spoil your dog with occasionally.

They’re also a great alternative to give your dog when they’re begging for a piece of whatever tasty treat you’re enjoying, but know that you shouldn’t give to your dog!

The reviews from most dog owners are very positive indeed, and while the ingredients could be improved by having a stronger focus on protein, they will still function well as treat to give your dog occasionally, while giving you great value for money.

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