Soothing Music For Dogs – The Best Options For Relaxing Your Dog & Reducing Anxiety

If you’re looking for some calm and soothing music for dogs, then this guide will present a number of well-reviewed options that should give you reliable results.

Soothing music can have a great impact on your dog’s anxiety, and there’s a wide range of sounds available which feature classical piano music, nature sounds, white noise, and more. Additionally, many of these audio tracks have been trialed by everyday dog owners, dog shelters, and dog behaviorists, often with positive and enthusiastic feedback.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the top solutions currently available.

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Here’s a popular and well-reviewed audio CD from the ‘Calm Your Canine’ series, and it features a collection of tracks that have all been performed by the award-winning concert pianist, Lisa Spector. Importantly, the classical music performed on this album has all been carefully tested on over 150 dogs in various clinics, shelters, and homes to ensure it has positive results for a range of relaxation and anxiety-reduction purposes.

Of course, there are plenty of interesting reviews that reveal the positive impact it can have on a dog’s behavior, particularly when it comes to easing anxiety-related behaviors for your dog. Furthermore, the use of a concert grand piano has been shown to reduce a dog’s anxiety around twice as effective as an alternative relaxation track.

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Here’s a unique solution for keeping your dog calm with soothing music which relies on a pre-loaded micro SD card along with a Bluetooth speaker that you can pair with your digital device. Of course, it comes pre-loaded with suitable music that should help to keep your dog calm, reduce separation anxiety, soothe travel anxiety, and also mask any sounds that could encourage your dog to bark.

The device comes with the ability to playback for up to 8 hours wirelessly, and it also has a built-in repeat mode that ensures it won’t end prematurely. Several reviewers praise the device for its compact and convenient size, while most buyers have had positive experiences with the product overall. For added convenience, it’s possible to charge the device with the included USB charging cord, and you’ll also be able to use the included lanyard to hang the unit where you want it.

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Here’s a collection of calming music for pets that should give relief to cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens. It’s possible to download the track individually for excellent value, or you can purchase the entire album from Amazon Music. You can also preview each track so you’ll have a better idea of what you’re getting.

In general, the tracks cover a nice range of sounds that should help to relax your pet and keep them calm when something might spook them, and the convenient MP3 format allows you to play the tracks in a variety of ways using your computer, smartphone, Bluetooth speaker, and more.

Overall, the buyer reviews are largely enthusiastic about the quality and effectiveness of these tracks, and they should have a noticeable calming effect on most pets, particularly during stressful times such as loud outside noises, fireworks, separation anxiety, and similar issues that might otherwise upset your pets.

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Here’s an audio CD from WholeTones that gives you over an hour of music that’s tuned to a frequency of 396Hz which they claim is proven to help keep dogs calm. It’s also designed to be played continuously to give many hours of calm relief to your pet and help to reduce separation anxiety.

While the music may not be as entertaining and varied as other products, some people have had great success with the concept behind the WholeTones frequency, with a number of buyers commenting on how it’s helped to give their dogs relief from anxiety while cutting back on excessive barking.

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This collection of soothing tracks comes with the option of an audio CD, an MP3 download, or streaming on Amazon, and it offers a range of relaxing classical music that works so well for keeping pets calm and at ease.

Several of the reviews comment on the audio’s ability to soothe nervous and scared dogs, encouraging them to be much quieter if they’re barking or being very vocal. Additionally, the music is quite pleasant to listen to in its own right.

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The ‘Through A Dog’s Ear’ series often scores great reviews from buyers, and it’s clear to see that it’s one of the leading options when it comes to soothing music for dogs.

It’s available in 3 different formats, either audio CD, MP3 download, or online Amazon streaming. Furthermore, you can preview each track on Amazon to get a better feel for what the music is like.

It gains great feedback for helping nervous and anxious dogs, with several reviewers saying that the music helps to reduce signs of separation anxiety in particular, along with other stress-based behaviors.

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Here’s an excellent collection of soothing classical music that should do a great job or reducing your pet’s anxiety, and it’s comprised of both piano and string music which gives you a nice blend of relaxing music to enjoy.

Additionally, you can preview the music on Amazon to get a better idea of what you’ll be getting. You can also choose to purchase the product in either CD, MP3, or streaming formats. Many reviewers are delighted with the selection of music presented on this CD, and it works well to keep dogs calm in a variety of circumstances.

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Here’s a selection of 7 audio tracks that are available in either audio CD, MP3, or streaming formats, and it’s possible to preview many of the tracks on Amazon to get a better sense of what the tracks sound like. The audio has been created and designed by Dr. Lee R Bartel, who is known for creating several different sound therapy products for both animals and people, many of which score positive feedback from the vast majority of consumers.

This particular audio product holds a respectable average Amazon rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 at the time of writing, albeit based on just 10 unique customer reviews at the moment. However, the feedback is generally quite enthusiastic regarding the quality and effectiveness of the tracks when it comes to keeping pets calm.

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This collection of anxiety-reducing tracks for dogs comes with a focus on white noise, which helps to block out any background sounds that might startle or spook your dog. Of course, each track also has added sounds from nature such as rain and beach sounds for added relaxation benefits.

The product is available for streaming on Amazon, as well as MP3 and audio CD formats as well. In terms of the Amazon buyer reviews, the ratings are somewhat mixed at the time of writing, although the score is based on a fairly low number of reviews. However, the relaxation benefits are apparent for many dogs as well as their owners.

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Here’s an older CD from 2004 that nonetheless scores great reviews, and gives you an interesting selection of tracks that should work to keep your dog calm and somewhat distracted from separation anxiety and other stressful events that may be going on outside.

The product is now available in CD, MP3, and streaming formats, and you can also preview many of the tracks before you buy, so you’ll have a better indication of what you’re getting for your money.

The buyer reviews on Amazon score the product well, with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 based approximately 70 customer reviews at the time of writing. Some reviewers are pleased with the range of natural sounds on the CD, although others may find it too distracting at times, yet the preview should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Free Calm Soothing Music For Dogs

While soothing music CDs and MP3s are an excellent choice for many, it can also be useful to try some free options on YouTube as well. For example, here’s a popular audio track that aims to soothe separation anxiety.