Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog’s Kong Toys

It’s safe to say that Kong toys are a great buy for practically any dog, and if you’ve never given one to your dog before, you’ll be surprised to see how quickly they can become one of your dog’s favorite toys to play with.

Of course, one of the benefits offered by these toys is the fact that you can stuff them with various tasty treats, and this goes a long way toward making it one of the most entertaining toys your dog has!

However, while these toys can be stuffed with Kong’s own paste-like products, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a range of tasty alternatives that’ll give your dog some fun and variety.

In this guide, we’re going to highlight a few of the best treats you can stuff inside your dog’s Kong toys, so let’s take a closer look.

# 1 – Kong Easy Treats

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One of the easiest ways to stuff your dog’s Kong toy is to simply use Kong’s very own products that are specifically designed to fill these toys.

While they certainly aren’t the only option available to you, there’s no denying that these are very convenient indeed, offering you a wide range of flavors that will appeal to any dog, and they are also capable of lasting for a very long time if they’re frozen into the toy as the product description often suggests.

It’s also worth noting that no refrigeration is required for the majority of these treats, which makes them ideal for a long-lasting and versatile treat that will appeal to any pooch.

Furthermore, there are some excellent flavors available, which include pepperoni, bacon and cheese, sweet potato, and even a special puppy friendly version. Ultimately, using Kong’s Easy Treat paste is one of the best solutions for stuffing these Kong toys without any hassle.

# 2 – Kibble

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 3It’s also possible to stuff kibble into many different Kong toys, and while it may not always stay in for too long, it usually possible to purchase different sizes of kibble and find one that best suits the particular toy you’re using.

Because the kibble tends to fall out very easily, this can be useful for encouraging your dog to play with the toy in the early stages when they’re still learning, especially if they aren’t always so persistent when it comes to unlocking the treats.

Most dog owners have plenty of kibble in the house, and using standard food can usually tempt most dogs to play with their Kong toy for longer than they otherwise would, which makes kibble a cost-effective and convenient way to stuff a Kong toy.

# 3 – Canned Wet Dog Food

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 4Most canned food for dogs comes with plenty of moisture, which makes it quite easy to break into smaller chunks and push into the holes and grooves of a Kong toy.

Furthermore, most dog owners will have a ready supply of wet dog food around, so you don’t have to go out of your way to purchase additional treats for your dog’s Kong toys.

Of course, it will also be very appealing to your dog, so it should garner a great deal of renewed enthusiasm for their toy!

# 4 – Peanut Butter

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 5One of the best texture treats for stuffing into a Kong toy has to be peanut butter, so it’s a good option for those toys that have narrow grooves that aren’t too easy to stuff with alternative foods.

However, it’s very important to make sure the peanut butter does not include any xylitol, which is a common sweetener that’s not safe dogs.

With this in mind, you’ll need to check the label on any peanut butter product you choose to use, and if you’re in doubt, it’s wise to give it a miss.

# 5 – Eggs

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 6Using cooked eggs in your dog’s Kong toys is another option available to you, and they’re certainly a tasty treat that most dogs are going to love.

There’s also plenty of great nutrition to be found in eggs, so they are a safe treat for most dogs to enjoy.

You’ll need to make sure the eggs are cooked rather than raw, but there’s a variety of ways to prepare eggs which will give you several ways to use them in combination with a Kong toy.

# 6 – Yogurt

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 7You can certainly use yogurt in the grooves of a Kong toy, and if you purchase the right kind, your dog will benefit from the protein and calcium that is found in high quantities within quality yogurt.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure you’re not using any flavored yogurts that are full of unwanted additives and flavorings which could be unsuitable for your dog. In general, it’s best to stick to plain, low-fat yogurt if you want to add this to your dog’s Kong.

# 7 – Steak

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 8There’s no denying that most dogs will love a few juicy steak pieces, so placing a few lean strips of steak into a Kong toy is a virtually guaranteed way to make your dog more interested and excited.

You’ll need to make sure there are no bones in the meat, and it’s also useful to take off any visible fat as well.

# 8 – Cooked Rice

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 9Rice is fine for your dog to eat as long as its cooked, and it’s a reliable source of carbohydrate that your dog can eat on occasion.

Just as you’d expect, the texture of the rice can play a role in how easy it’ll be to stuff into a Kong toy, but with some practice and experimentation, you should be able to use rice without too much trouble at all.

# 9 – Cooked Oats

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 10Plain cooked oatmeal is another option that’s safe for dogs, and while you’ll want to make sure it’s served only in moderation, the texture can be sticky enough for very convenient placement in a variety of popular Kong toys.

However, you’ll need to make sure you’re using simple, plain oatmeal that doesn’t come with any flavorings or additives which could be harmful to your dog.

# 10 – Ground Meat

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 11Using ground beef in your dog’s Kong toys is an option that many people favor, and the ground nature of the food makes it pretty easy to place in a Kong toy.

Lean ground beef is generally very beneficial as a treat for your dog, as it’s loaded with minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that are all very healthy for your dog to eat.

# 11 – Chicken

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 12Most dogs go crazy for chicken, and it’s a lean meat that offers a number of health benefits to your dog, making it a solid choice for any kind of treat.

Of course, adding cooked chicken to a Kong toy can be tricky, but if it’s shredded into smaller pieces you’ll often be able to add a decent amount to the toy which will definitely get your dog very excited.

# 12 – Turkey

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 13Turkey is another meat source that a dog will love, and just as there’s no flavorings, seasonings, or additives, you shouldn’t have any trouble with using this meat in your dog’s Kong toys.

You’ll need to make sure there are no bones in the meat, and if it’s coated in dressings and butter after Thanksgiving then it may not be as suitable. But in general, turkey is a tasty treat your dog will love.

# 13 – Beef Jerky

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 14There’s no denying that many dogs will become excited when you have beef jerky in your hands, but it’s not very healthy for dogs and should generally be avoided if it’s jerky that’s been created for human consumption.

Primarily, this is due to the high salt content, along with the various preservatives, garlic, and onion powder that goes into its creation.

However, it is possible to buy dog-specific jerky that’s formulated to cater for dogs in a safe way, and these treats can be suitable for a Kong toy.

Of course, you can also find various dog treats that are similar to jerky in texture, and these “jerky-like” treats can be useful for breaking up and slotting into the holes and grooves on a Kong toy.

# 14 – Frozen banana

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 15Bananas come with a wide range of vitamins and minerals that can be good for your dog, and you’ll find things like potassium, vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6 and a whole lot more.

Furthermore, taking the time to freeze the banana will often make it easier to place in the toy, as well as make it last much longer.

While some dogs may not be too tempted by the banana by itself, you can add it to a variety of other tasty treat recipes, or even add a simple dab of peanut butter to increase its appeal.

Different Types Of Cheese

There’s a variety of different cheeses available that are safe for your dog to consume in moderation, and there are several options that work well in Kong toys, so let’s take a closer look at a few of the top choices.

Tasty Treats To Stuff In Your Dog's Kong Toys 16

# 15 – Cottage Cheese

It’s safe to say that most dog’s love cheese, and there are several convenient ways to use cheese-based products to use them in the grooves and holes of a Kong toy.

You’ll want to start off with very small amounts just to make sure your dog doesn’t have a bad reaction to the dairy, but cottage cheese does offer a good deal of protein and calcium, both of which are a useful addition to your dog’s diet.

# 16 – Cream Cheese

Another cheese option is cream cheese, and while it’s generally safe to use in your dog’s toys on occasion, you’ll want to make sure you don’t use cream cheese too often. However, it’s generally a safe product to use, but it could potentially cause a stomach upset if it’s given in large quantities on a regular basis.

Obviously, there’s a respectable quantity of lactose in cream cheese, so you’ll need to pay careful attention to see how your dog copes with it.

# 17 – Cheese Spread

Spreads are certainly a convenient way to fill various lines and grooves in a Kong toy, but you’ll need to be careful about the products you choose, particularly when it comes to any added ingredients they come with.

For example, many cheese spreads come with added garlic flavoring, which means you’ll want to avoid giving it to your dog.

# 18 – String Cheese

The final cheese product you may want to consider for your dog’s Kong toys is string cheese. Just as you’d expect, a quality string cheese product shouldn’t pose any issue for your dog, but you’ll need to be mindful of the additives that may be involved. Aim to purchase a natural cheese that isn’t loaded with unwanted extras.

The Best Stuffable Kong Toys

If you’re going to get the most out of these treats, then you’re going to need a quality stuffable treat toy to use them in. With this in mind, here’s an overview of the best stuffable kong toys that should be suitable for most breeds of dog.

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The Kong Classic is the most popular stuffable Kong toy, and it’s been a bestseller for a number of years now.

It’s available in many different sizes ranging all the way from X-Small to XX-Large, so it’s no trouble to select the right size for your dog. Furthermore, it’s a very affordable toy that’ll fit into practically any dog owner’s budget, and it will give your dog plenty of mental stimulation and entertainment.

Not only can you stuff this toy with a variety of different treats, it works very well with the Kong Easy Treat products in particular. Another nice feature of this toy is the unpredictable bounce it has when it’s thrown, so it’s a good choice for games of fetch as well.

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If your dog is a strong chewer, then you may find that the Classic Kong design won’t stand up to the punishment your dog can dish out.

With this in mind, the Kong Extreme is an excellent alternative, and it’s made from an ultra-tough black rubber that will be able to withstand most damage caused by stronger chewers. Of course, this also means your dog can enjoy using it as a long-term chew toy, too.

It’s available in many different sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large, and you can also purchase it in packs of two for better savings in the long run, and this is a good choice if you have several dogs.

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If you have a younger puppy then there’s no reason why they need to be left out of the fun when it comes to Kong toys.

These smaller, softer Kong toys are far gentler on your dog’s teeth and gums, and it also offers great relief for a puppy who’s going through the teething stage. They’re also available in many sizes, making it suitable for most breeds of puppy.

Just as you’d expect, you can stuff these toys with a variety of treats to add some extra entertainment for your puppy, and this can go a long way towards getting your dog excited about the toy if they aren’t too interested at first.

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Here’s an interesting alternative to the usual Kong Classic design, and it features a number of grooves that are great for stuffing with softer treats. Of course, Kong’s Easy Treat product is ideal for using with this toy, but it certainly isn’t your only option.

In addition to the grooves you can also stuff treats through the center of the toy for added entertainment, and it makes great use of ‘denta-ridges’ which are useful for massaging your dog’s gums and cleaning their teeth.

It’s available in sizes ranging from small to X-large, so it’s important to make sure you pick an option that’s suitable for your dog’s breed, but it’s generally a solid buy that should provide plenty of entertainment and fun for your dog.

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If you’re looking for a conventional bone-like toy that can also a accommodate treats, then this Goodie Bone from Kong is an excellent choice.

It comes in sizes ranging from small to large, and you can also purchase it in packs of two for extra savings. Of course, it comes with the usual classic rubber styling that gives it reliable durability, and it works particularly well with paste-like treats that are easy to fit inside the toy.

The bone-like design makes it very suitable for chewing, and your dog will find it comfortable to hold in their paws and chew for as long as they want to until they’ve satisfied their chewing urge.

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If you have an older or senior dog, then you may find that the regular Kong toys aren’t as suitable for them. However, the Kong Senior is softer in construction, so your dog won’t need to work so hard to have a satisfying chew experience.

It comes in three different sizes, either small, medium, or large, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that’s the right size for your pooch, and you can rest assured that your dog will have a great time chewing on it – especially if it’s stuffed full of some tasty treats.

Overall, this is a top choice for an older dog who doesn’t have the strength or tenacity to tear apart their toys, and the gentler construction will still be satisfying for them.

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If you’re looking for an interactive toy that’ll give your dog a great deal of fun, then this treat-dispensing toy from Kong is an option you may want to consider.

It comes in two different sizes, either small or large, and you can purchase it in packs of two for better savings, which is always a smart thing to do if you’re shopping for more than one dog.

It uses a simple twisting design that makes it easy to open up and add the treats, and you’ll find this design works very well with kibble-like treats that’ll fall out of the holes when the toy is pushed and wobbled by your dog.

Of course, the toy is weighted to give it a nice rocking motion that your dog will find very intriguing, and many dogs will quickly discover that this is their favorite toy to play with.