The Best Dog Wheelchairs For Small, Medium, & Large Breeds Reviewed (2020)

There’s no denying how heartbreaking it can be when your dog suffers from mobility issues, but regardless of whether they’ve been injured, suffer from a degenerative condition, or have lost mobility due to old age, it’s possible that the best dog wheelchairs can help.

In fact, a well-made, lightweight dog wheelchair could have a considerable impact on your dog’s quality of life. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best dog wheelchairs on the market, and you’ll find solutions that suit small breeds all the way up to bigger dogs. So let’s begin.

Best Dog Wheelchairs For Large Breeds

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Created by veterinarians to suit large dogs weighing between 50 and 80 lbs, K9 Carts have built and tested their dog wheelchair design for over five decades to ensure it’s up to the task.

It relies on a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum material that your dog will find comfortable and convenient to move around, and you can rest assured that it’ll improve your dog’s quality of life and general mobility. Of course, this means your dog can get back to their normal daily living like they used to do during their healthy years.

The design is easy to assemble and adjust which will help your dog get used to the new wheelchair experience, and because of the quality and comfort that it brings to a dog’s life, this wheelchair is highly recommended as a solid pick for larger dogs..

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This Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair aims to achieve the best comfort for each dog, and this particular dog wheel chair model is ideal for large breeds that weigh between 70-180 lbs and have 17-20 inches leg height, although other leg sizes are available.

It’s created to give your dog another chance to walk and live a normal life, and it’s
particularly well-suited to active, big breeds who want to maintain their activity levels and general mobility.

Of course, we all want dog wheelchairs that are easy to assemble and secure to our dog, which is why Walkin’ Wheels have ensured the design is very lightweight and convenient for your dog to carry. The assembly process is fairly intuitive but the instructions will make your job easier, too.

In no time at all your dog will get used to the new experience, and you’ll certainly feel delighted to see your dog’s satisfaction when they’re able to return to their normal activities. The design can fold flat for quick and easy storage and it’s also surprisingly durable which helps to give some confidence in its overall longevity.

New Life Mobility’s adjustable dog wheelchair for big dogs could be your go-to option for your dog’s hind legs rehab. The lightweight and durable construction ensures that it’s easy for your dog to carry, and it’s a stripped-down model that doesn’t come with anything unnecessary.

The design is of great help for a dog with disability or injury, and it should go a long way toward restoring their mobility as they heal and become stronger. It’s also worth noting that there are several different sizes available, so it’s wise to take some careful measurements before you buy, particularly when it comes to hip height and width, as they may vary from dog to dog.

Ultimately, the right size will ensure your dog has the most comfortable experience possible when adjusting to a new wheelchair.

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This large wheelchair from Best Friend Mobility is made from lightweight aluminum combined with a neoprene harness to comfortably fit your dog.

It’s easy to adjust for both height and length (it just requires a hex wrench) to make sure it fits your dog perfectly, and this should go a long way toward giving your dog an improved mobility experience. Interestingly, the model was designed and tested by a K9 orthopedic surgeon to ensure it ticks all of the necessary boxes.

The adjustable features and convenience make it a model that’s easy to like, and it’s also quite straightforward to assemble, although some of the instructions may not be so intuitive at first glance. However, the design is generally quite reliable and should give your dog the extra support they need for maintaining their mobility despite any degenerative illness or injury they may be dealing with.

Best Wheelchairs For Medium Breeds

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The Walkin’ Wheels medium-to-large size wheelchair is approved by veterinarians thanks to its ability to have a positive impact on a dog’s life, and this model comes with several top features that make it an ideal choice for many dogs.

The frame is made out of lightweight aluminum which gives your dog comfort and ease when moving around, and it’s also easy to assemble. Furthermore, it comes with a patented adjustable design which allows it to be customized to your dog’s changing health requirements, so you can adjust the height, length, and width. The dense foam wheels will also provide a comfortable experience for your dog.

Just as you’d expect, these features can be very useful for ensuring your dog has good mobility even if their health is deteriorating, and it’s also easy to keep the design clean as all parts of the wheelchair are washable.

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We all want what’s best for our fur babies, especially if they’re suffering from an injury, and this design from K9 Carts does a great job of supporting an injured or disabled dog. This specific dog wheelchair is for small to medium-sized dogs that weighs 26-35 lbs, although other sizes are available.

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this has been designed to give your dog a lightweight, easy-to-move wheelchair experience that will give them back their freedom.

It’s highly recommended due to how easy it can be to attach to your dog, and it’s also noted for its comfort and convenience which your pooch is sure to appreciate. Importantly, it’s also near-effortless to adjust which ensures it’s comfortable for your dog at all times. While it may take some time for your dog to get used to, there’s no denying that it will help them to get walking again.

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The Walkin’ Wheels medium-sized dog wheelchair uses their familiar vet-approved design, and it’s ideally suitable for medium breeds weighing anywhere from 26-49 lbs and with a leg height of 16-18 inches, although other configurations are available.

It’s both lightweight and durable thanks to its aluminum frame base which will help to restore your dog’s mobility and confidence in no time at all, so once your dog gets used to the wheelchair, your fur buddy can walk and move around freely by themselves. You can also adjust it to better cater to your dog’s needs.

Best Wheelchairs For Small Breeds

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For dogs who weigh 11-17 lbs with 3-6 inches in leg length, this wheelchair from Walkin’ Wheels gives your little fur buddy a second chance at mobility, so your once active little doggo can be back at it again with this dog wheelchair. It’s also worth noting that the design comes in several sizes which are suitable for small dogs and various leg lengths are also taken into account.

It’s warmly received by most dog owners due to its quality and flexibility, and it’s a perfect fit for many smaller dogs. You’ll be impressed by how easy it is to securely attach it to your dog and it’s readily customizable to suit your dog’s comfort and ease.

In terms of usage, it’s great for temporary rehab or permanent use, and coming from one of the best quality dog wheelchair brands on the market, you can rest assured by the quality.

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Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the K9 Carts wheelchair for small dogs will give you great assurance that your dog’s mobility will be improved in no time at all.

It’s ideal for small dogs weighing 16-25 lbs, and the veterinarian-designed wheelchair will give your dog another chance of walking and running again.

With a little bit of patience and time for them to get used to it, they will soon be back and confident about their movement, and it’ll soon feel just like natural leg extensions for your pooch. This model is highly recommended for dogs with disabilities or injuries, and it will help to bring back your doggo’s confidence.

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If you’re worried that a dog wheelchair won’t be suitable or available for toy breeds, then fret not. This model from Walkin’ Wheels is
specifically designed for mini dogs weighing 2-10 lbs with 2-5 inches leg length, although various other leg lengths are also available.

Made to be lightweight and durable, this doggo mini chariot suits small toy breeds very well, and it will certainly help to restore their comfort and convenience when it comes to their day-to-day mobility.

The design is adjustable and easy to assemble while also being compact enough to make it easy for traveling. Bringing back your dog’s confidence is one of the main goals of any dog wheelchair, and it’s safe to say that this mini chariot will soon allow your small breed to move freely.

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If you’re looking for a wheelchair specifically for small dogs, then New Life Mobility offers their adjustable wheelchair which fits the bill nicely. This particular model is extra small in size, and
it’s ideal for your little fur one’s rehabilitation regardless of whether their health condition is temporary or permanent.

It comes with a comfortable harness and a few buckle straps to secure your dog to the wheelchair without any hassle or discomfort, and while it could a challenge to assemble, it’s a proven and tested model that will give back your dog’s walking ability by assisting their legs to move while giving them the extra support they need.

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The Anmas adjustable pet wheelchair comes in 3 different sizes, with this small size being specifically for small dogs weighing 0-5 lbs and with a hip height of 7-9 inches.

It’s designed to be both durable and lightweight, and the aluminum frame comes with some extra adjustment capability to support your dog’s safety and comfort.

In fact, many owners are impressed by its adjustability as it can be adjusted in terms of height, length, and width. Also, the joy and confidence that this wheelchair will bring to your dog is one of the highlights of this wheelchair, as any quality wheelchair is sure to make a difference in your dog’s life when their mobility has been hampered by a health issue or injury.

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For small dogs weighing 9-22 lbs, Sylphid’s pet wheelchair offers a durable, lightweight and comfortable dog wheelchair that your fur baby will love. Its frame is made from lightweight aluminum and the harness is designed for a comfortable and convenient experience.

What’s more, the design is fairly straightforward to assemble and it will adjust easily to your dog’s needs. It’s also sturdy enough to support the weight of your dog without too much trouble. While it’s likely that your dog may need some time to get used to it, your doggo should be happy and comfortable once they’ve figured out how much it can help them with their mobility.

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If you’re looking for a dog wheelchair for temporary mobility assistance or full leg support for your little fur one, then Best Friend Mobility offer this lightweight aluminum dog wheelchair that could meet your needs perfectly.

Everything is easy with this wheelchair – from assembling to adjusting to fitting it securely on your dog, so it’s clear to see why it receives lots of favorable feedback from owners. Ultimately, this style of wheelchair can help to restore your dog’s mobility and it’ll help improve your dog’s activities of daily living.

It uses all-terrain polyurethane wheels along with sealed bearings which give smooth operation combined with long-term durability, and the design is generally simple to look after, clean, and maintain.

New Life Mobility’s adjustable Quaz four wheels dog wheelchair is ideal for dogs who need full-body support or rehabilitation of their forelegs. Its lightweight aluminum frame and adjustable harness are made to be durable for your dog’s safety and comfort, and they also ensure a comfortable experience for your dog.

Mobility is everyone’s priority when it comes to any dog who needs a wheelchair, so it’s easy to see why investing in a wheelchair might help your dog to gain their mobility confidence once more. Of course, the full support design gives a higher level of support that can be crucial for dogs who need that extra helping hand during rehabilitation.