What Are The Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers?

If you have a strong, tough chewer then you already know how much of a nightmare it can be when you’re shopping for new chew toys – especially if you want them to last for longer than a few minutes!

Unfortunately, many of the chew toys you’ll find in your local pet store just won’t cut it, and while some of them may be able to delay your dog’s destruction ability for a short while, it’s often hard to find something that can really withstand the punishment that a tough chewer can dish out.

With this in mind, we’ve set out to discover a selection of tough toys that will almost indestructible, or at the very least, toys that will put up a longer fight than anything else on the market. So, let’s take a closer look at the suggestions we have for you.

The Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

Goughnuts Indestructible MAXX Power Stick
  • THE LAST CHEW TOY YOU'LL NEED: Large toy designed for aggressive chewers 60-120 pounds by mechanical and polymer engineers obsessed with your...
  • MULTIPLE SIZES PERFECTLY FIT YOUR POOCH: We have sizes for every type of dog jaw and chewing intensity. After many years designing chew toys, we...
  • SAME RUBBER THE ASTRONAUTS USE – SERIOUSLY, our reinforced natural rubber is designed by engineers that make rubber for spaceships and...

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Here’s another toy from the Goughnuts brand, and this option is perhaps one of the toughest toys you’re ever going to find on the market right now.

It comes in a few different styles and designs, most of which are best suited to larger and tougher breeds. Obviously, one of the main features on offer here is the incredible durability, which allows it to be very long-lasting regardless of how strong your dog is when it comes to chewing.

Interestingly, the toy uses a patent pending visual safety indicator that lets you know when the toy is still safe for your dog to chew, and this certainly lends the cautious dog owner some further peace of mind – especially if your dog has always made light work of their toys in the past.

In general, it seems to score great reviews from owners of dogs who have previously managed to destroy most of their other toys.

West Paw Design Tux Stuffable Chew Toy
  • DURABLE DOG CHEW TOYS FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS: Keep your friendly Fido busy and entertained with this dog chew toy from West Paw that features...
  • INTERACTIVE CHEW TOYS FOR DOGS: If you have dog or playful pup who loves to gnaw and chew at home, safeguard your furniture by giving him this...
  • STIMULATING DOG CHEW TOYS: Prolong play with this mentally stimulating dog chew toy that can be filled with kibble or treats. Once the treats are...

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The West Paw dog toy manufacturer is another great example of a company that makes hard-wearing and incredibly tough toys that are ideal for dogs who are stronger than average.

It comes in both small and large sizes, as well as several different color options, and it also has the capability of holding treats which are dispensed over time, so as you’d expect, this adds a great deal of further entertainment for your dog to enjoy.

In terms of construction, it’s made from safe non-toxic materials that shouldn’t cause your dog any harm, and it should be able to withstand most punishment that your dog can dish out. It can also be used in the dishwasher without any trouble.

Goughnuts Original Chew Ring
  • Medium green ring, designed for aggressive chewers from 30-70 by mechanical and polymer engineers.
  • Measures 5 inches in diameter with a 1.75 inch cross section. DIfferent sizes available for larger/smaller dogs. If unsure of sizing, size up for...
  • Original Rubber is tough and durable. Tougher rubber available for extreme chewers. Floats like an ice cube

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Next up, we have this ring chew toy made by Goughnuts, and it comes in a range of colors and a simple one-size-fits-all design that’s sure to give your dog plenty of fun.

As you’d expect, it is a very hard-wearing toy that promises to be indestructible, and it also comes with a fair guarantee to back up this claim. Simply put, if your dog is capable of chewing through the outer layer of the toy and exposes the inner red layer, then you can get a replacement from the creator without any hassle.

Of course, most dogs will struggle to put any marks on this toy no matter how hard they try, making it the perfect option for a tough, strong chewer. What’s more, it’s a great option for strong puppies who are going through the troublesome teething stage, too.

West Paw Design Hurley Bone Chew Toy
  • DURABLE DOG BONES FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS: If your pampered pooch is an aggressive chewer, then you’ll love the durable shapeand bouncy,...
  • DOG BONE FOR WATER OR LAND: This durable dog bone chew toy is floatable and perfect for playing catch or fetch while in the water or on land.
  • SAFE ALTERNATIVE TO WOOD STICKS: It’s natural for dogs to want to carry wood sticks around the yard, but this dog bone chew toy is a safer...

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Here’s another toy from the West Paw brand, and it’s available in three different sizes, namely Mini, Small, and Large – so it’s no trouble to choose one for your particular breed.

It’s a well-constructed toy that can withstand long chewing sessions without much worry, and it also comes with the reassuring 100% guarantee against dog damage, which lends some additional confidence when you’re shopping for a tough, aggressive chewer.

The toy is made from safe BPA and Phthalate-free materials that are entirely nontoxic, and it’s also fine to put the toy in the dishwasher to keep it clean. Ultimately, this is a well-made toy that’s unlikely to let you down, and its simple design and good construction means it scores great reviews from most buyers.

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co Nearly Indestructible Dog Ball
  • SUPER SAFE No toxic BPAs. No phthalates, latex or heavy metals. Nothing bad for her to chew on or ingest. Instead—simply high-quality...
  • TOUGH STUFF Rocco proof! Personally tested, pounced upon and thoroughly chewed by Rocco, our resident toy shredder, and found to be virtually...
  • PLAY BALL! Just the thing for your playful pup: hours of tail-wagging, fetch-able fun. And stylish too, in sophisticated navy (2.5” ball) or...

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There’s no denying that a high-quality, durable ball toy is a great option to have in your dog’s toy chest, but it’s not always easy when you have a tough chewer.

However, this toy from Rocco & Roxie Supply Co manages to tick all of the boxes when it comes to durability, and it also comes in two different sizes, making it easier to pick one that matches the size of your dog.

It’s made from safe materials that won’t cause any harm to your dog, and the thermoplastic elastomer material certainly doesn’t disappoint in terms of toughness, so it’s highly unlikely that your dog will be able to cause any real damage to it.

Nylabone Ring Power DuraChew Toy
  • TEXTURED RING SHAPE – Unique shape with enticing textures is easy to hold and satisfies dogs' natural urge to chew
  • MADE OF DURABLE NYLON – Long lasting dog chew toy challenges even the most aggressive chewers and discourages destructive chewing
  • MADE IN THE USA – Dog chew toy is proudly made in the United States

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The Nylabone brand is certainly very popular, so there’s a good chance you may have seen some of their toys or even tried them with your dog in the past. However, some of their toys are designed to be more durable than others, and this Dura Chew Ring is a great example of this fact, and it also happens to be a good choice for any dog that’s a strong and persistent chewer.

The toy offers plenty of diverse texture which goes a long way towards keeping your dog happy and entertained while they’re chewing, and it also comes with the added benefit of chicken flavoring which further occupies your dog.

Overall, the toy is made to be hard-wearing, and it generally does a good job at this task, making it suitable for stronger chewers of all breeds. It’s also a very affordable toy, so it’s a safe bet if you’re on a tight budget, too.

TC Joy Ball With Rope
  • Only provide high-quality and durable pet supplies and designed for better interactive toys for dogs
  • Made of natural rubber which is solid and soft for pet’s teeth and health
  • Durable dog toys perfect for fetching and great for large dogs

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If you’re looking for a simple, interactive toy that will allow for some fun and games with your tough chewing dog, then this ball and rope toy from TC Toy is certainly worth a closer look.

It is made from a durable natural rubber which is safe and fairly gentle on your dog’s teeth, and it’s also freshly scented, as well as being very easy to keep clean.

Of course, you can use the toy in a number of ways, so you can play tug-of-war games, fetch games, and plenty more. It’s also well-constructed compared to many similarly designed toys on the market, so even though it may be a little costlier, it’s generally worth the money if you’re shopping for a toy with these features.

In general, the ball part of the toy is very durable, but you won’t want to let your dog chew the rope for too long, as this part won’t be as resilient to a strong chewer.

KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy
  • POWER CHEWING DOGS: The natural KONG Extreme black rubber formula is created to be tough and durable for power chewing dogs.
  • GREAT FOR STUFFING: The stuffable KONG Extreme Goodie Bone is even more enticing when stuffed with KONG Easy Treat or Snacks. The patented Goodie...
  • MENTALLY STIMULATING: The Goodie Grippers extend the mind-occupying treat challenge and encourage interactive play.

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The Kong toy manufacturer has often received great reviews from us, and for very good reason. In general, the products are all of a very good quality indeed, as well as being remarkably affordable, too.

Specifically, this toy is part of the “extreme” range which specializes in delivering high quality and extremely durable toys that most dogs will certainly struggle to destroy unless they’re unusually strong and powerful compared to most dogs.

The toy is constructed using a natural rubber that is entirely non-toxic, so it won’t cause your dog any health problems, but it still manages to be strong enough to withstand a great deal of punishment no matter how strong your dog is when it comes to chewing.

Another neat feature of this toy is its ability to hold a few treats inside, which greatly enhances the appeal of can offer your pooch. It’s also available in two different sizes, either medium or large.

OneIsAll Durable Dog Bone Chew Toy
  • Made by durable nylon,safe non-toxic,tough and durable.
  • Chewing help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar,effectively cleans teeth to promote oral health soothes discomforts from teething.
  • Irresistible Bacon Flavor,smell good. Your dog must love it !

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Here is another bone-shaped toy that promises to be virtually indestructible, therefore making it highly suitable for the most aggressive chewers out there.

It comes in three different sizes, either small, medium, or large – and it’s made from a durable nylon material that is both non-toxic and tough enough to withstand strong showing.

Interestingly, the product also comes with a bacon flavor that is sure to enhance the appeal it can offer your dog. While the toy isn’t one of the cheapest options on the market, it manages to give your dog a reliable and hard-wearing toy that should last them for quite some time.

Many people find that it is surprisingly durable, and the aroma is also quite strong which is great news for your dog, although some owners may not enjoy it quite as much!

West Paw Design Qwizl Puzzle Treat Toy
  • DURABLE DOG CHEW TOYS FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS: Keep your friendly Fido busy and entertained with this dog toy puzzle that features a hidden treat...
  • INTERACTIVE CHEW TOYS FOR DOGS: If you have an aggressive chewer at home, safeguard your furniture by giving him this brightly-colored chew toy...
  • MENTALLY STIMULATING DOG TOYS: Prolong play with this mentally stimulating dog toy puzzle that extends the life of expensive dog treats and is...

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Here’s another toy from the West Paw toy manufacturer that comes with the same great durability you would expect from the company, but it also comes with an added puzzle dimension that gives it some great appeal for any dog that can benefit from the additional mental stimulation.

The puzzle element is quite simple, but it certainly helps to make the toy more interesting over a long period of time, and you can simply stuff a variety of different treats throughout the center of the toy which your dog will work free as they play.

As always, the toy comes with a 100% guarantee against damage, so the manufacturer is certainly very confident in its ability to withstand most tough chewers. However, if your dog does manage to cause some damage, they will happily refund or exchange your purchase without any hassle. The toy is made from safe materials throughout and it’s also priced very reasonably considering the overall lifespan it’s likely to have.

Yusen Rubber Bouncy Ball Dog Toy
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE - Absolutely fantastic toy for LARGE BREEDS dog puppy less than 70lb, never fade
  • MILD ELASTICITY - Avoid destroy when u throwing and great choice for game of toss and fetch
  • PETFECT SIZE - 6.5cm/2.6in standard tennis size for dog puppy chewing/playing/chasing

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Here are a well-reviewed and affordable rubber ball toy that offers a satisfying bounce that makes it a useful choice for anyone who wants a bouncy ball to use when playing fetch with the dog.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the ball is very well constructed, verging on the indestructible, so most dogs will certainly struggle to do any sort of damage to it.

The ball is a standard tennis ball size which makes it suitable for most dogs, apart from the smallest of breeds. What’s more, the ball easily floats in water, which can come in handy depending on when you’re likely to play with your dog, and it can also serve as a usual distraction come bath time.

KONG Extreme Rubber Ball
  • POWER CHEWING DOGS: The natural KONG Extreme black rubber formula is created to be very durable for power chewing dogs.
  • FETCH TOY: The extreme bounce makes this ball a great choice for fun games of fetch with lots of interactive play and exercise.
  • PUNCTURE RESISTANT: Your dog's health and safety is a primary concern at KONG. This toy is puncture resistant for continued safe play.

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Kong is always a great company to turn to when you’re looking for a reliable, cost-effective dog toy, and this ‘extreme’ rubber ball is a top example of this fact.

It happens to be one of the most affordable options listed in this guide, and it’s made from a quality puncture-resistant rubber that makes it live up to the ‘extreme’ name just as you would hope.

It’s available in several sizes ranging from small to large, so you should be able to pick a size that will suit your dog, especially if they are somewhere between medium and large in size. Overall, the vast majority of buyers are very happy with this ball, and it definitely represents solid value for your money.

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Here’s a durable toy that comes in a number of interesting shapes and configurations, ranging from the bone shape that’s pictured in this guide, all the way to T-Bone Steak designs and even an interesting ‘UFO’ shape.

It comes in two main size categories which include small/medium and giant/large, which makes it straightforward to find the size that’s right for your dog.

Now, it’s worth noting that this is a ‘made in China’ toy which some people may have concerns about when it comes to quality, although the majority of buyers haven’t had any issues according to the user reviews.

The toy is made from a tough nylon material that makes it capable of taking a great deal of chewing without any worries, and it generally seems to hold up well over time, too.

KONG Extreme Dog Toy
  • INSTINCTUAL NEEDS: The KONG Extreme black rubber toy helps satisfy dogs' instinctual needs and provides mental stimulation. Healthy play is...
  • FETCH TOY: The KONG Extreme's unpredictable bounce makes for exciting games of fetch and other interactive play with your pet.
  • POWER CHEWING DOGS: The KONG Extreme black rubber formula is created for power chewing dogs.

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Kong is a brand that will rarely disappoint you, and this dental chew uses a popular design that makes it very easy to stuff treats inside, which does a great job of increasing the appeal it can offer to your dog.

The toy is very hard-wearing thanks to its high-quality, durable construction that uses the classic black rubber compound that’s used for most toys within the Kong Extreme product line.

Ultimately, this means it shouldn’t let you down even if your dog is a strong chewer. The material is also non-abrasive and non-splintering, which means it’s generally very safe for a dog to chew on for an extended period of time.

It’s worth noting that the toy can be quite versatile as well, as the unique shape makes it bounce in some unpredictable ways, making it a good choice for playing fetch with.

West Paw Design Bumi Tug-o-War Play Toy
  • DURABLE DOG TOY FOR GENTLE CHEWERS: Delight dogs in all stages of life with this dog tug toy that stretches to twice its length and offers fun...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PET PLAY TOYS: Play fetch and interact with your canine companion during pet exercise with this lightweight dog play toy that...
  • AIRBORNE PET TOYS: Motivate your furry friend to run hard and play hard with this dog tug toy that is lightweight and flings far into the air for...

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The Zogoflex toy from West Paw is a great example of a hard-wearing, durable toy that can be used for plenty of fun and games with your dog, as well as being engaging enough to give your dog enjoyment even when they’re left to chew it by themselves for a while.

It comes in two different sizes, several bold and bright colors, and the stretchy nature of the toy makes it very fun to play games with your dog. Of course, the toy is also backed by the usual 100% guarantee against dog damage which this manufacturer provides for their creations. Ultimately, this gives you great peace of mind when you have a tough chewer to cope with.

Monster K9 Indestructible Dog Ball
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE - our unique rubber formula is made from the toughest, industrial strength natural rubber; heavy duty shock absorbing...
  • AGGRESSIVE CHEWER APPROVED - this industrial strength natural rubber ball has been tested and approved by German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Mastiffs...
  • PERFECT SIZE - The size of a baseball (7cm diameter) makes it easy to throw and the perfect size for any medium or large sized dog; if your dog...

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If you’re looking for a fantastic dog ball that promises to be virtually indestructible, as well as being able to back up this promise with a lifetime guarantee, then this ball toy from Monster K9 is certainly worthy of a closer look.

The ball is constructed from a tough, high-grade material that comes with excellent puncture resistance, making it near-impossible for your dog to do any serious damage to it. However, it still manages to be bouncy and shock-absorbing by design.

Of course, one of the best features offered by this toy is the generous lifetime guarantee, which the company is happy to honor if you own a dog that has the power to put any wear and tear on the ball.

In terms of size, the ball is roughly the size of a baseball, which makes it easy for most dogs to pick up and carry around without any trouble.

Goughnuts TuG Interactive Dog Toy
  • The GoughNuts Tug Toy was designed to address the simple but serious issue of SAFETY. The GoughNuts TuG was designed knowing that safety and fun...
  • The Goughnuts Tug Toy is an interactive tough, durable product
  • The GoughNuts TuG is for larger dogs. The Tug is 11 inches length, 6 inches in width, and has a 1.5 inch cross section

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The tug toy is another staple design that’s always fun for playing interactive games with your dog, but this isn’t always easy when you’re dealing with a strong, powerful chewer who can make light work of the average rope or tug toy.

However, this solution from Goughnuts is an excellent choice for the more powerful breeds, particularly if they’re also quite large, too. The toy is 11 inches in length and 6 inches in width, and the tough construction means it’s unlikely to break or cause your dog any discomfort while playing.

Of course, it’s also important to make sure you, as the dog owner, is safe when using a tug toy with a powerful dog, and this toy is one of the few options that also takes this into account with its design.

If you’re looking for more of a traditional ball and rope toy that will still but able to cope with a tough chewer, then this toy from Legendog may be worth a look.

It comes in a convenient pack of 3, and it uses a solid rubber ball rather than a standard tennis ball, which means it should be somewhat more durable than average. However, the ball is still around the size of a tennis ball, which is always a handy size for your dog to play with.

Of course, toys like this may not be fully indestructible when it’s in the jaws of a real powerhouse chewer, but it’s certainly a step up from the typical ball and rope toy, making it a good choice for most owners.

StarMark Everlasting Fun Ball
  • Virtually indestructible treat dispensing ball
  • holds up to a cup of food
  • extremely durable dishwasher safe material

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Here’s a treat-dispensing ball toy that’s designed to be a little more durable than average, and it seems to deliver on this aim pretty well indeed.

It can hold around one cup of food, so there’s enough space to load it up with a decent quantity of treats, and the hardwearing construction can withstand most forms of chewing without incurring any real damage.

Of course, the ball may not be destruction proof against the most powerful of chewers, and there are some buyer reviews which show their dog has managed to break parts of it off eventually. But compared to most treat-dispensing balls, this is an option that should last longer than most.

What Are The Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers?