What Dog Looks Like a Bear? These 9 Dog Breeds Will Make You Look Twice…

Even though bears might look cute and friendly…

They’re certainly not the most practical of pets.

Fortunately, there are several dog breeds that almost look like bears

So if you love thick, fluffy coats and cute faces, these dog breeds might be the perfect fit.

In this guide, you’ll discover 9 of the best bear-like dog breeds.

Let’s get started.

1. Chow Chow

What Dog Looks Like a Bear? These 9 Dog Breeds Will Make You Look Twice... 3

The Chow Chow is originally from China, and they certainly look very bear-like at times.

Interestingly, the Chow Chow is a very independent breed that keeps to themselves and can be very protective. In fact, it’s important to give them adequate socialization to balance out some of these protective tendencies.

But these traits also make them incredibly loyal, especially to whoever looks after them as a puppy.

One of their most distinctive features is their thick double coat… and yes… it does require plenty of grooming to keep it in top shape.

On the plus side, they’re known for being very ‘clean’ and fastidious. They don’t smell bad, and they’re easy to house train, too.

2. Akita

What Dog Looks Like a Bear? These 9 Dog Breeds Will Make You Look Twice... 4

The Akita breed comes from Japan, and they have a short, fuzzy double coat that sometimes looks surprisingly bear-like. However, this feature also means you’ll need to be ready for some regular brushing.

They’re another example of an independent breed that can be on the aloof-side, but they’ll soon warm up to family members and enjoy plenty of affection.

They aren’t always the easiest breed to train, however.

They’re great watchdogs and guardians, although they’ll need some socialization to ensure they don’t become unfriendly to strangers.

3. Samoyed

What Dog Looks Like a Bear? These 9 Dog Breeds Will Make You Look Twice... 5

The Samoyed started out as a hunting breed, and they’re from the cold climate of Siberia. They have a gorgeous, thick, double-layered coat (that helped to keep owners warm at night).

Their friendly, gentle nature makes them great family pets. In fact, they’re usually great with people, kids, strangers, and other dogs, making them one of the friendliest ‘bear-looking’ breeds around.

It often looks like they’re smiling, too.

In fact, this unique feature helps to protect them in cold climates, as it prevents drool-icicles from forming.

However, their thick coat comes at a price. They shed heavily one or two times each year, and you’ll have plenty of hair to gather up during these times.

Throughout the year, you’ll need to stay on top of the brushing and grooming as well.

4. Great Pyrenees

What Dog Looks Like a Bear? These 9 Dog Breeds Will Make You Look Twice... 6

The big, muscular Great Pyrenees are friendlier than they look… and they give a relaxing, calming influence to any household.

They’re commonly seen with white coats with some added patches (usually grey or tan), and their stocky build means they’re useful as guard dogs. They’re wonderful guardians of their family… and you’ll need to train them to not be overprotective.

They need lots of socialization at a young age to offset these tendencies, otherwise, their unique combination of traits can make them a little unruly.

They’re an intelligent breed, but their independent nature means they’re not easily trained. They have a high energy level, and they really enjoy some regular exercise and daily walks.

5. Pomeranian

What Dog Looks Like a Bear? These 9 Dog Breeds Will Make You Look Twice... 7

The Pomeranian is a popular, small-dog breed that sometimes looks just like cute little teddy bears.

They’re a lively and energic breed that’s great fun to train, and they often seem to think they’re bigger than they really are!

Keep in mind that they can bark quite often, so make sure you’re on good terms with your neighbors before getting one.

Their small size makes them suitable for apartments, and their friendly temperament means they get along well with kids. If they’re socialized with other dogs, then they should be friendly with other pets, too.

Pomeranians come with double coats which adds to their fluffy appearance, but this also means regular grooming is a must. Sticking with a two-to-three times weekly schedule is a good idea.

6. Eurasier

What Dog Looks Like a Bear? These 9 Dog Breeds Will Make You Look Twice... 8

The Eurasier is another bear-like dog with a wonderful coat that comes in several color combos.

They’re a very social breed that loves to be around people, and they don’t cope well on their own. So, if you’re going to be at work all day, the Eurasier isn’t a good match for you.

However, they’re very loyal and alert watchdogs (which also makes them quite wary of strangers.)

They can cope well with a less-active schedule, so you can give them shorter walks to keep them happy. They’re also fast learners who are intelligent and easy to train.

Despite the big fluffy coat, they’re not too difficult to groom. But be aware that they’ll shed a lot twice a year, so you’ll need to keep up with the brushing during these times.

7. Bouvier Des Flandres

What Dog Looks Like a Bear? These 9 Dog Breeds Will Make You Look Twice... 9

The Bouvier Des Flandres is a herding dog originally from Belgium.

They’re a very friendly and affection breed that’s great with kids, and they have plenty of energy to keep up with the fun and play.

The rugged coat keeps them warm in cold weather, but as you’d expect, it requires quite a lot of maintenance, too. In fact, their coat texture can easily get dirty and collect debris, so you’ll need to stay on top with frequent grooming.

But overall, they’re a friendly, loyal, and gentle breed that makes for a great family pet. But they can also lean toward the over-protective side, so they’ll need good training and socialization when they’re younger.

8. Keeshond

What Dog Looks Like a Bear? These 9 Dog Breeds Will Make You Look Twice... 10

The Keeshond is a medium-sized breed that originates from Holland.

They were commonly used as watchdogs for barges, especially during the 17th and 18th centuries.

These days, they make excellent family pets thanks to their playful nature and easy sociability. They’re also known for being great with children, and they like lots of attention.

Despite their big, fluffy coats, they’re usually fine with weekly grooming and tend to shed seasonally. Of course, their coat helps to give them their unique bear-like appearance… although their faces can often look more fox-like.

9. Newfoundland

What Dog Looks Like a Bear? These 9 Dog Breeds Will Make You Look Twice... 11

The Newfoundland is a big, strong, and hardworking breed that was originally used for hauling wood in the forest or pulling nets for fishermen.

They weigh an impressive 100 to 150 pounds, and their size certainly adds to their ‘bear-like’ factor. However, they’re true gentle giants at heart… making them great as family pets, and good with children.

They come in several bear-like colors, including black, white, and brown.

Keep in mind they can be quite energetic, so they’ll need an hour’s daily work (or more.)

Due to their size, they also have a big appetite to match. So it’s best to feed them frequent meals.

Their thick coat also needs regular grooming each day.