Is Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Any Good? Here’s Our Thoughts

If you’re curious to learn more about Whole Earth Farms dog food and whether it lives up to the hype, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the key dog food products currently available from this company, and we’ll also learn more from real dog owners who’ve given this particular brand a try. So, without any delay, let’s get straight to it.

The Manufacturer

The Whole Earth Farms brand is a relative newcomer to the dog food market, but the food is actually manufactured by Merrick, who is a bigger and more popular pet food company that you may already know about. However, the Whole Earth Farms product line is somewhat more budget-oriented and sold without the Merrick name on the packaging.

Interestingly, these blends still offer many of the same features you’d expect to see from a well-reviewed, high-quality dog food product. However, the line is somewhat limited when it comes to the different choices available, as the line only carries a handful of different products. Fortunately, the few products available do manage to hit the mark most of the time.

High-Quality USA-Sourced Ingredients

Regardless of any marketing hype that may surround a dog food product, the quality of the ingredients you’re getting will always be the most important factor when you’re deciding which brand is best for your dog.

It’s reassuring to know that all of the ingredients within the Whole Earth Farms product line promise to come entirely from the USA, with no ingredients being sourced from China or anywhere that may have questionable quality standards.

Furthermore, you won’t find any low-quality additives or fillers, nor will you find any soy, corn, wheat, or artificial preservatives that may not be good for your dog’s long-term health.

Is Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Any Good? Here's Our Thoughts 3

Your Dog Will (Probably!) Enjoy It

While it’s impossible to account for the tastes of each individual dog, there’s no denying that most dogs will take to the dry kibble products very quickly indeed, and they can be an effective choice for fussy eaters as well, according to many buyer reviews that seem to back up this claim.

Of course, the high-quality ingredients (and the lack of any unappetizing additives) goes a long way toward making sure your dog has an enjoyable experience at dinner time. It also has a fairly strong aroma, which further helps to entice a picky eater (although the aroma may not be something the owner appreciates in quite the same way!)

A Versatile Product Line

While you won’t find a mind-blowing array of options to choose from within the Whole Earth Farms product line, it’s safe to say that they manage to cover most of the key bases, so there’s an option for most different breeds (including those of the smaller variety), as well as overweight pets who could benefit from a weight-loss formula.

Additionally, there are a few different wet food options available which most dogs will thoroughly enjoy, and these can be used as either toppers/mixers or as the main part of your dog’s daily dinner.

The Best Products

Now that we’ve covered a few of the most important things to know about this particular brand, let’s zero in on a few of the top products that tend to get the best feedback from dog owners.

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This grain-free dry dog food formula from Whole Earth Farms is perhaps their most popular offering at the moment, and it certainly manages to tick many of the boxes you’re looking for when shopping for a quality dog food product.

Importantly, the first ingredient comes in the form of protein, and the type of protein used will vary depending on the flavor you pick. The flavors include chicken and turkey, salmon and whitefish, along with turkey and duck. For a poultry-free recipe, it’s worth choosing the pork, beef, and lamb option, which is a top choice for any dog that doesn’t get on well with poultry-based products.

Another key feature is the lack of grain used in the formula, as this greatly helps to ease your dog’s digestion, especially if they tend to be sensitive to grain. You won’t find any low-grade additives or preservatives either.

In general, you can also expect to see a well-balanced blend of wholesome ingredients which include sweet potatoes, blueberries, peas, alfalfa, and salmon oil in addition to the primary protein.

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If you have a small breed dog, then it’s worth taking a better look at the small breed formula that’s designed to accommodate the nutritional needs of a smaller pooch.

Just as you’d hope to see, the formula offers the same reliable quality when it comes to the ingredients, and it also comes with all of the key vitamin and mineral support your dog needs within any particular life stage.

Of course, the small breed focus means that the kibbles are on the smaller side, which makes it easier for a smaller dog to eat without any discomfort or struggle, and this will be important for encouraging picky eaters, too.

In terms of flavors, you can pick from three different options, either chicken, salmon and whitefish, or the pork/beef/lamb option for a poultry free alternative.

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If your dog is getting to be a little on the overweight side, then it can be a good idea to transition them over to a “healthy weight” formula, which will focus on lowering the calories while still giving them a tasty meal that covers all of the most important nutritional bases.

With this in mind, the Whole Earth Farms Healthy Weight formula is an excellent choice thanks to its overall focus on high-quality ingredients, and importantly, it still features protein as the first ingredient.

According to the label, it comes with chicken meal as the main ingredient, followed by dried potatoes, peas, dried sweet potatoes, chicken fat, and more. There’s also a range or added vitamins and minerals to keep the nutritional value high.

The ingredients promise to be sourced from reliable sources, and there’s nothing questionable sourced from places like China, where the standards may not be quite as high as the US. Furthermore, the blend is suitable for all breeds, and the 35% reduction of fat helps to keep the calories lower without depriving your dog or making them feel too hungry throughout the day.

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It’s safe to say that adding some tasty wet food to your dog’s dinner will greatly enhance its appeal for your pooch, but the added cost can make it somewhat prohibitive for some budget-conscious pet owners.

However, the Whole Earth Farms “Hearty Stew” canned food gives you a 12-pack of tasty wet canned food at a very reasonable price indeed, and with careful use, it’s not too difficult to make it last for quite a while.

Importantly, the ingredient composition is generally very good, and it comes with a protein source as the first ingredient, along with a selection of nutritious vegetables like peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes. It’s worth noting that there are a range of flavors to choose from as well, including duck, beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, and turkey – so there’s something for every dog here.

There’s also a nice range of vitamins and minerals included in the blend, so you can rest assured that it’ll give your dog a well-balanced meal with nothing missing. Additionally, the product promises to be made exclusively in the US, with no ingredients sourced from China.

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Here’s another canned food option that comes with a few different flavors, and it’s also suitable for dogs at any life stage, with a specific recipe available for puppies as well.

The recipe is entirely grain-free which is great news for any dog with a sensitive digestive system, and in addition to the primary protein, it comes with a nice selection of fruits and veggies to pack plenty of nutrition into the mix.

Just as you’d expect, this wet food works well as a topper over kibble, or it can be served as a meal in its own right, depending on how you choose to use the food (and how long you want it to last).

What Are Buyers Saying?

In general, the buyer feedback tends to be very enthusiastic for each of the key products within the Whole Earth Farms lineup.

The products often receive praise for their high-quality ingredients in relation to the overall cost, meaning that it’s one of the few budget-focused brands that do a good job of competing with the high-end dog food products without breaking the bank.

While the meat protein ratios may be slightly lower than the costlier brands, it’s still a good option for many dog owners, as it leaves out some of the worst offending additives and preservatives that you might find in lower-priced dog food, and still offers a good, hearty meal that your dog is likely to appreciate.

Furthermore, the dry kibble and wet food products tend to receive positive evaluations from most dog food analysis websites, making it a solid and reliable choice for most dogs to try.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Whole Earth Farms dog food products are an affordable and well-balanced option for most dogs, and even though they may be a lesser-known brand, it’s clear to see that they’ve been winning excellent feedback from the vast majority of buyers for good reason. So, if you’re searching for a new dog food formula for your pooch, it may be worth giving this brand a closer look.