Why Does My Dog Lay on Me? The 5 Biggest Reasons Why…

Dogs are man’s best friends. They’re loyal, loving, and always there for their owners.

However, sometimes they may exhibit behaviors you don’t really understand.

For example, perhaps your dog always wants to lay on top of you?

From a dog’s point of view, this behavior is natural and understandable… but to humans, it can be a little confusing. 

So what’s it all about?

In this guide, you’ll find all the answers you seek.

Let’s begin.

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Wants To Lay On Top Of You

1: Your Dog Seeks Attention

Dog’s naturally seek attention from their owner, and this isn’t a bad thing (unless the behavior has gotten out of hand lately).

They’ll often use proximity to get attention for their mother, and as it’s rewarded and reinforced over time, they’ll come to rely on this technique to get your attention.

They may also do this when they want something from you.

Perhaps they’ve realized you have a tasty snack they’d like you to share, for example.

2. Your Dog is Protective

A dog will express their protective tendencies in a variety of ways, and staying close or even lying on you could be a part of this behavior.

It’s particularly common if you have other dogs in the household, as they may use this to attract all of your attention away from any other dogs who are nearby.

3. Your Dog is Affectionate

When you have a strong bond with your dog, they’ll be even keener to appreciate this bond by staying close to you.

And lying on top of you is close as you can get, right?

What’s more, many dogs will creep up toward your face and lick you to show just how happy and content they are with you! Aren’t you lucky?

4. You Feel Comfortable

There’s no denying that lying on you may feel very comfortable, warm, and satisfying to your dog.

Not only can they spend quality time with their owner, but there’s also the added benefit of using you as a cushion!

But of course, it’s the least you can do when it comes to keeping your pooch happy!

5. Your Dog Seeks Security

It’s worth noting that dogs evolved as pack animals, and this would involve staying close to each other for safety (and also to stay warm).

So it’s natural for this tendency to arise when your dog is feeling close to you. 

Furthermore, when your dog was a puppy, they would have been cuddled up with their siblings at the same time, so from a very young age it feels normal and natural to snuggle up together with other members of the “pack”.

Why Does My Dog Lay on Me? The 5 Biggest Reasons Why... 3

Why Does My Dog Sleep on Top of Me?

The main reason why your dog sleeps on top of you is for the feeling of safety, comfort, and security it provides.

It’s an instinctive trait that stems from your dog’s ancestral connection with being part of a pack.

It’s also a sign of affection and trust.

After all, if your dog didn’t feel like he can trust you, then he wouldn’t risk falling asleep on top of you.

Should I Let My Dog Sleep With Me?

It’s quite natural for dogs to sleep with their owners, and it’s been a common occurrence throughout history.

Not only did this provide protection for the dogs, but also for the owners themselves. (After all, having a dog nearby is an excellent early warning signal if any trouble is afoot).

Sleeping together also provides comfort and warmth for both owner and dog… and the exchange of body heat is certainly beneficial in colder climates.

But should you let your dog sleep with you?

Ultimately, the decision lies with you. 

Research shows that 45% of dogs sleep in the pet owner’s bed… so you’re not alone if this is your preference.

Why Does My Dog Have to Sleep Touching Me?

If your dog insists on making physical contact while sleeping near you, it’s another sign of the affection they have for you… along with the security and feelings of protection and safety it gives them.

It’s also common with dogs who experience separation anxiety, as they like the sensation of having you close by, so they know where you are as they sleep.

Why Does My Dog Lay His Head Over My Neck?

For one thing, this position may feel very natural and comfortable to your dog, depending on the size, shape, and positioning of how they’re lying down.

But again, it’s another symbol of closeness and affection.

Many owners love this position, too (It’s almost like your dog is giving you their version of a hug!)

What Does It Mean When My Dog Lays Its Head on My Leg?

When your dog rests their head over your leg, it’s another sign they’re comfortable and trust you.

Being so close gives them reassurance and security.

If your dog lays their head on your lap or thigh, it can also mean they want some attention and care.

They need someone to look after them, and they’ll be more likely to come closer to you if you give them what they need, so this behavior becomes reinforced over time.

In other cases, it could mean your dog wants to play, or communicate their needs in some way.

Why Does My Dog Insist on Sleeping With Their Butt in My Face?

While this may seem like odd behavior to us humans, it’s worth noting that when dogs are together, they may naturally sleep in opposite directions.

But when you remember that dogs have a protective instinct, it makes sense to use this sleeping position to look out for each other… so threats can be seen in either direction.

Furthermore, this position shows your dog trusts you very much, because they’re willing to sleep without having to keep an eye on you!

Why Do Dogs Sleep on My Belly?

For your dog, sleeping on your stomach or belly means being able to see everything around them, which helps protect against predators.

They also enjoy feeling safe and secure knowing there’s nothing between them and the ground below.

This position allows them to get up easily if needed, and it keeps them warm during cold weather.

Additionally, many pet owners find this position comforting and relaxing as well.

Do Dogs Lay on You Because They Love You?

Dogs don’t always do things just because we ask them to.

Sometimes they choose to show their appreciation through actions such as laying next to us at night.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they love us though – sometimes they simply want comfort from our presence.

So whether your dog sleeps on you because they love you, or because they like the warmth and security of snuggling up beside you… it’s safe to say that laying on you means they trust you and like to be close!  

Do Dogs Have a Favorite Person?

It’s normal for dogs to gravitate toward a favorite person in the household, and it’s often the person who makes the most effort to feed them, spend time with them, and bond with them.

Interestingly, this favorite person will often be the person who has a similar personality, too.

For example, if your dog has a quiet temperament and doesn’t like to be the center of attention… they’ll usually spend time with the more reserved member of the family.

On the other hand, if your dog loves to socialize and interact with people all day long… then they’ll probably prefer spending time with the outgoing members of the family.

If your dog seems particularly attached to one particular person, try not to take it personally!

How to Keep Your Dog from Laying on You

In some cases, you may not want your dog to keep laying on you, and you’ll need to actively discourage them from engaging in this behavior.

Your dog may have become overly attached and needy, or it’s causing problems in your daily life when your dog’s always trying to lie down on you.

If this occurs, you should first make sure your dog isn’t suffering from separation anxiety, which could be the trigger underlying the clingy behavior.

Next, you can try basic training techniques to alter your dog’s behavior.

You can start by teaching them the “off” command. 

It’s also wise to remove any potential rewards your dog is receiving when they lie on you.

For example, if you give them a treat or shower them with praise and petting when they lie on you… then the principles of positive reinforcement reveal why your dog will continue this behavior indefinitely until something changes.

But if you don’t reward the behavior, and perhaps get up from where you’re lying, or distract them with a different activity, then you can reduce the behavior over time. 

Finally, if your dog continues to insist on laying on you despite these efforts, talk to your vet or dog behaviorist about ways to train the behavior out of your dog so it’s less of a problem.

Final Thoughts

Laying on someone is usually an affectionate gesture between two animals.

It’s perfectly natural for dogs to seek physical contact with humans, especially during times of stress or discomfort… or simply to seek security and share affection. 

There are many reasons why your dog might choose to do this, with the main ones being:

– They feel safer being near their owner.

– They need reassurance after experiencing stress.

– They enjoy having company.

– They just really like you.

The bottom line is that as long as your dog feels comfortable and enjoys being close to you… then they’ll often decide to lay down on you… or simply rest their head on your shoulder while you watch TV together.